Hounds and Companion in Training

IMG_6049As of one year ago, Scout and I have ran our marathon together to raise money for Kent Animal Shelter…..this year at this time we are planning to run the course again but on November 6th 2016, and this time we will be training with and running with Liberty and Sierra!!

We have a lot of training all around before we conquer the 26.2 mile course we have planned for November! We hope to share all our training, and how you can train for your next event and everything with you until then- whether its talking tips, training schedules, safety suggestions….or anything related to running our marathon…..in the meantime…..we have also have several smaller races that we are preparing for…..the first being the 5 mile Doggy Dash with Sierra (www.nyctri.com/doggydash) in NYC! then following that a few 5k’s that Liberty and Scout will run with Pam. Yes our training will be included in the marathon training…..we hope to virtually train with you for your next race and want to hear about your experiences as well.  So please comment with your experiences below as often as you can!

We will be running our marathon not just for us but for all the animals at the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, NY (where we will be ending- yes, our finish line)……You can donate at crowdrise.com, just click here…Doggone Marathon

We are thinking of running in the American colors, or Army fatigues or PT uniform…..and carrying an American flag somehow…..oh wait, I’m hands free…..and small flags can be attached to each of my dogs……details will be worked out by November!!

We will be starting fairly early, to avoid any or all traffic along most of the course…..

So this is the first of many blogs about our training for our upcoming races and or runs…….

We hope you join us back here while we plan and train for our events leading up to the big Doggone Marathon!

Until next time,

have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

Pam AKA the Dog Runner

A little history lesson……

With this years pending elections, we want to help others educate themselves before going to the polls so this new blog will be hopefully a weekly blog to do just that….RELAX people, we will only let Pam help us in our research and type up what we have to put out there….her opinions will not be allowed!! We will only go on facts, history and present……and well try to put things together to make sense of this political mess that America is in this year, ya gotta admit one thing the candidates are keeping things interesting if anything, and anything can happen!……

We will not be endorsing any candidate although our favorites may show through here and there!

We will begin with our favorite of all time, I wonder if you’ll be able to guess why he was our favorite president?!?!??!?!

Ok, lets begin shall we…..first let it be known that we are American Foxhounds- yes, i said American Foxhounds- the breed was one of, if not the the first breed to be bred in here in USA!


Now the father of our country- GEORGE WASHINGTON himself was president from 1789-1797, he was commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. And he presided over the convention that drafted the US Constitution! He had great leadership qualities, and oversaw the creation of a strong, well financed government that maintained it’s neutrality in the French Revolutionary Wars.  Mr Washington also won the acceptance and respect of all Americans of all types!!

It’s gotta be told that George Washington also loved his dogs…..he bred hunting dogs….and wanted to breed a superior breed…..ok, here we are a little biased! The AMERICAN FOXHOUND! English and French foxhounds were brought over for Washington! He owned 36 Foxhounds some of them were named……Sweet Lips, Tipsy, Tipler, Chloe, Searcher, and Drunkard!

By the way the American Foxhounds were bred to run and chase foxes not kill them!

So yes, we will be going back to the beginning of American presidential history in these blogs….we do not claim to be history teachers but we will try to bring the facts in hope that we can help people learn what American truly means and where we have come from and how we have changed from then until now, and how the idea of Making America Great Again! which we are totally for because it’s not just our human ancestors but out ancestors as well…..

Ok, that is a little history about our founding father, stay tuned for more information……in future blogs……

Until next time, have a happy, healthy tail waggin’ and it’s gotta be said patriotic day!

Scout and Liberty, the American Foxhounds!!


May 1-7 Be Kind To Animals Week AND National Pet Week

In honor of Be Kind to Animals Week and National Pet Week, we will be starting our month long educational series on living a holistic lifestyle with your dog, actually it applies to all animals. Being Vegan myself I personally chose to bring my animals/ dogs along with me in my lifestyle. WAIT, before you poo poo on my choice, let it be known that lots of other Vegans do the same thing and all of our animals live long and healthy lives right along with us!

Living holistically means knowing what makes up the best nutrition or what we eat- even though I literally hate the word DIET, I will use it to describe the chosen eating lifestyle of us all….now this can mean VEGAN, this can mean RAW, this can mean “the SAD diet” or about 100 or at this point more than 100 different dietary theories. Living this way also means having a healthy home environment (part of the pack and family).Minimizing stress whenever possible. Socialization and training (this means both you and your dog- turn off the phone, the mobile devices and what not and interact with your dog and possibly others around you- hey, if you have to practice by just going up to others and saying Hi!, do it , let your dog sniff some butts…today more and more dogparks are opening up so go out and utilize them that’s what they were created for (just remember to bring those poop bags and pick up after your dog- hint, most dog parks will have a supply of bags right in the park!…it’s a step in the right direction! and EXERCISE…..there are so many things you can do with you dog….whether its letting your dog out in the backyard and playing a game of fetch, learning some agility obstacles together (you can make some homemade obstacles easily and inexpensively!), going for a daily walk, a run, participating in session of Doga or Pupilates. Just to name a few things you do to EXERCISE with your dog!….Hey you can even play a game with your dog as you do sit-ups, or pushups, etc……Be creative, because just having your dog present in your exercise routine can add so much for both of you!

On that note, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam AKA the Dog Runner


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

So in honor of the month we will be sharing some information on living a healthy and happy lifestyle…..so get ready for a month filled with some awesome information for you and your dog or you and your human companion…..living holistically with your dog is easy and has so many benefits for all! So starting tomorrow we will begin with the foundations of living a holistic lifestyle together, and as a certified holistic health coach I am qualified to bring you thins information. I of course must state I am not a doctor and must advise you to also work with your doctor and veterinarian to complete your personal lifestyles for the best PERSONAL results!!

So as we rest up tonight and get ready for the beginning of a great month of awesome information ahead to get all our followers and readers living the best that they can, we hope you get a great night’s sleep and wake bright eyed and bushy tailed to begin a new lifestyle of health and wellness……and yes, physical fitness and sports are all a part of our month of info ahead, so as you wake up and go to let the dog out- why not go for a walk or a short run with your dog or dogs instead of just letting them out in the backyard!

On that note, get a good night sleep and we’ll see you tomorrow,

Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam AKA the Dog Runner!


Canine Good Citizen- CGC!

FullSizeRender 3The American Kennel Club awards canines a mark of Canine Good Citizen to deserving canines who exemplify skills and behaviors that make them well good well behaved citizens of their communities!

With millions of dogs living in millions of households, the dog is more popular than ever! However not all people are raising and training (i.e. working with….) their dogs to be well behaved! (Personally I think it’s the people that need the adjustment but our dogs read our behaviors and act accordingly!) So the AKC came up with CGC to solve a lot of the problems of the not so well behaved! So this hooman, will be working with each of her dogs to certify each of them as CGC dogs!……

the CCG tests consists of 10 parts…..including:

1- accepting a friendly stranger

2- sitting politely for petting

3- appearance and grooming

4- out for a walk

5- walking through a crowd

6-sit and down on command/ staying in place

7- coming when called

8- reaction to another dog

9- reaction to distractions

and 10- supervised separation

while these are the 10 areas tested for CGC your basic sit, down, stay commands are all part of these and should be worked on first and foremost……

To start our training, Liberty, Scout, Sierra, Justice, and Candycane will all work with me on the sit command or behavior and be expected to perfect it before moving on with the next behavior to be learned…..

In future blogs we will be talking about the exact ways we will be training each and every behavior,

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner

What’s new?!?!


So this past Saturday Liberty ran her first ever race…..we started a few minutes early to avoid the crowd at the start…..but running her 5 miles she did very well indeed even with Pam holding her back. Yes I Pam, the dog runner will admit Liberty could have come in first place if it wasn’t for Pam holding her back and telling her to stay to the side (as Liberty kept looking at her like okay, I’m on the side if I go over anymore I’ll be in the woods, the water, or running across someones property and you tell me where running on the road!) Also the last two miles Liberty kept watching our rear as she is still trying to overcome some timidness! At the end crossing the finish line was intimidating to Liberty as there were loads of people surrounding it!

Now onto the new…..All of us will be training to be CGC’s….we want to blog each and everyday about our training and what it means to be a CGC and the process and everything about it! We also hope to do a periscope series on it all as well……

Oh yeah our next big race is Sierra’s race- the NYC AMC Doggy Dash (www.nyctri.com/doggydash) in July…..basically the same as Liberty’s race but in Manhattan!

Pam is also going to be starting a training period of pushups, sit-ups, and running of her own….as well as living by the Raw till 4 lifestyle…..

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,


(the dog runner)

D is for Doggy

D is for Doggy…….

Today, it started out FREEZING so Pam took her time getting her tail moving….maybe if she actually had a tail- ok anyway……

It’s me Scout…….we finally got out for a walk, the temps weren’t too bad but there was a little chill….Pam wore two long sleeve shirts and long running pants so she was warm out there while Liberty and I had our vests on……Sierra ran between us when she needed to keep warm…..and Pam has to order our new vests! www.agreendog.com

D is for doggy because a runners best running partner ever is their dog, wait a workout partner in general including doga, pupilates, walking, swimming, running, agility you name it we’ll be there for you at a moments notice and be happy to accompany you as well- oh did i mention we’ll keep you safe if you do the same for us?!?!

So as you can see D is for doggy…..and rightfully so, tune in tomorrow for E!

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,




FullSizeRender 6IMG_6023


DSCN2284Doga pose....

C is for Calm and Control…..

Since coming to live at my new home with my new pack, I must admit I’ve learned to remain a little calm over time BUT I still have my tail chasing and barking moments. What helps me is knowing my new pack is a few feet away…..I like to be with them as much as possible….However I need to calm down and realize that I am not in possession of the humans around me and that I need to SHARE them with my fellow canine pack members! If I cannot learn this soon Pam has told me she will have no choice other than giving me up! And I do truly love Pam, Scout, Liberty, Candycane, and Sierra. I am a big German Shepherd that can first be scary to all and along with the rest of my pack we all need to learn to live with one another nicely, I want to be invited up onto the bed to sleep comfy cozy like…..and my pack wants that too. Liberty just wants to give me kisses and run and play with me and Scout and Sierra just want to run and play with me…..Monty and Benji just want to run and play too…..It’s all about remaining CALM and taking each moment by moment!……Pam is trying to walk us all on leash around the yard together to get us used to be close to one another and walking nicely together and not getting in each others way…..we all like to tie Pam up in the leashes and to watch her try to get out of them, this is funny to watch any human in this predicament!

I can be calm and under control and I have to show more of this to my pack….I think I can do this….what do you think?!?!?

ok, so that is my blog of the day……C is for Calm and control…..

Until my next blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,


PS- Let me live up to my name and bring Justice to my pack and myself in our living arrangements! After all Liberty and Justice are what the country is Scouting for …..Sierra-ously!


Gramps too!













B is for Benji’s Big Adventure of the Day

On Thursday, we moved our weekly walk from Saturday to Thursday because of impending rain and inclement weather……but I decided to save the blog for today……it worked out nicely for the challenge because B is for Benji Big Adventure of the Day…….

Thankfully we have Sundays off from the challenge……yippee!!

Pam actually hates weekends, maybe she’ll explain that one day in her own blog but this is my blog and I just wanted to share my walk and how it went……

First I usually don’t lead the walks but I did on this walk……I also made friends with a tree check out the photos below…….



Yes Monty came along during my walk….we get another walk in this week for Monty’s day but we’ll see!


Basically it all depends on how Pam is feeling….again without going into details she has been feeling a little funny and wants to go to the ER to have them check things out…..of course dealing with the VA in any fashion is stressful in itself……but if she could have an Xray or MRI done or blood tests, etc done to see if everything tests out good or bad- honestly she hopes something comes up on one of these tests, instead of everything being normal, because then she can do something……because doctors today are WORTHLESS, and unfortunately veterinarians who are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD cannot take on hooman patients. So at the very least pictures of her insides and reports of her system and all can tell her what is going on……

So that is about my adventure of the day on Thursday that  I wanted to share with you!

Until next week, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

and find a challenge for yourself to accomplish,


A is for Activity

I’m taking on a blog challenge where the first is A and the last day of the month is Z…..I think it’ll be fun…….so let’s get started…….

A is for Activity!!

Keeping active is key to a good happy and healthy life. Whether its you or your dog…..so why not get active with your dog……

Get a good pair of shoes on, a leash on your dog and head on out the door……



If going for a walk or a run is not really an option there are other things you can do…..for instance you can clear some space in your home to work out and get out your doga mat (no that’s not a typo I said DOGA NOT YOGA!) and do some dog assisted Yoga, i.e. DOGA! so are ya ready for some Downward Dogs, or Cobra moves…..or maybe some simple meditations…..even if it’s about learning how to breathe properly for the day, your still engaging in activity for your lungs, your mouth- nose……your whole body breathing the way you should be- we all breathe so shallow lets learn to breathe again……your heart, your lungs, your whole body, your mind, will be so grateful…..and your dog will learn to be in a more peaceful, stressful environment and be happier too! Tell your dog ok, there’s peace in the room! I bet they’ll love life with you that much more!

Image 11-13-15 at 6.19 PM

Ok, so this is my blog for April 1st…….a little late but as they say better late than never…..

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam AKA thedogrunner