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Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

By October 9, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Exercise, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog


Training resumed today…..and we did a new pose for you to do with your dog!…..Your dog will be making sure you get the proper stretch for this…..the proper twist motion if you will…

A good thing to do, which Pam did was to twist and treat the dog! Once you twist your body and are looking where you need to, have that treat ready and TREAT the dog!

Try it, I know your dog will love it, I did! And so did Scout!

This pose was a similar pose that Pam did in the Army although I think it was called something else and the leg on the floor was held straight out. So she says……

This is a great stretch for runners, try it and have your dog with you to guide you in the twist!

See you tomorrow,


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1500 crunches will be reached today……

By October 9, 2015 Exercise, Nutrition, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

So the last few days I’ve been doing my 500 crunches a day, plus my situps, pushups, and squats and oh yeah PLANKS!……

Anyhow- today I will have reached 1500 crunches and be up to a 2 min plank!….How awesome is that?!?!?!?……I know all my hard work will pay off soon!…….I can feel the burn as I come up to do another crunch or situp…..or feel the burn as I hold a plank!……..Yep, it’s only Day 3…..and today I am starting to feel good about my challenge…..

ab goal

Today YIKES, I’m going to share with you some measurements that I hope to update with new measurements throughout the challenge……Oh by the way, I say I hope to continue this challenge throughout the month of October- actually through the first week of November BUT if all continues the way things have been going I may continue it through the rest of the year, only time will tell on this though!…….My intent is to lose that belly fat and be ripped!…..Before I start my next marathon training……and to heal my foot pain- or plantar fascia!


Chest 43 inches

Waist 43.5 inches

Hips  45 inches

Left Bicep 13 inches

Right Bicep 13 inches

Left Thigh 21 inches

Right Thigh 21 inches

Right Calf 13.5  inches

Left Calf 13.5 inches

Neck 15 inches

Height 5′ 6″

My before photo

My before photo

Yep that’s me now……How will I look after?!?!?!?….I can’t wait to find out!


Ok, so that is enough bearing my soul today, until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

Now go grab a cup of tea and come blog, vlog, and scope with me! I also most recently joined Blab, so if your want to Blab with me grab that tea and let’s blab away!


Off to do my crunches and all for the day…..what will you do today?!?!?! Come on and join in on my challenge today!

Oh, the decluttering is slowly come along, making headway…….I will be sharing soon… the meantime……pick something small to go through and declutter (one bag, one drawer, or something like that and go through the items, have you used them recently, will you use them again anytime soon?…….is it serving a purpose in your life right now?!?!?, Can I live without it?!?!?…..I know sentimental attachment to things is the toughest thing holding on to so much  we have but if we want a decluttered space, an organized space sometimes letting go is the best thing to do……and if it comes back to you it’s meant to say in your life , if not it’s meant to have been let go!

Now,  I really am going to go do those crunches and all!

See you tomorrow!



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Progress not Perfection……

By October 8, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Exercise, Nutrition, Photos, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan


I titled this post as such because yes, I tend to want to be the perfectionist in life! BUT alas what is perfection, is perfection based on what society calls perfect?….Is it what is in your own heart and head?….Where does the standard in your head come from?…..

Ok, so yesterday I did a workout that consisted of 500 crunches, lots of planks, squats, pushups, sit-ups (a slight difference from crunches), and bridges. I also did my stretches for my plantar fasciitis!

I had my Vega smoothie with lots of fruit and water. And some potatoes later on…….and then some rice……(which Scout scoffed half of- I swear I think he’s more pig than dog sometimes, WAIT, a pig wouldn’t eat like him!)


This morning I got up a bit earlier to get a few things done before I head out on the road to Long Beach to meet up with a friend for a photo shoot!……I promised Scout a trip to the dog park afterwards IF he behaves himself while I’m gone and while I’m getting ready!


Back to yesterday, I went through a ton of stuff in my decluttering and decluttered about 5 bags worth of stuff……woo hoo….WIN!  I figure if I keep that momentum going by the end of next week I’ll be ready to move onto the next step in working on the house!……


I didn’t get to writing though, by 5pm I was a bit tired and fell asleep as I had to be up early today!

No worries, I will continue today. Good news I’m writing now, even if for my blog an not my book…..hey, there is a possibility that my blogs can end up in my book right….or at least part of them!

Yeah, so I am going to do my 500 crunches a day routine now but I leave you with….the saying “PROGRESS not PERFECTION”. The journey is more exciting than the destination most of the time, that is why I am bringing you on my journey towards my ulitmate goal or goals!……

Did I mention, I had my windows open the whole day yesterday (and throughout the night!) and loved every bit of it too, the house feels like autumn! The crisp air fills the house today…..I think the windows will remain open today as well…….aaahhh fresh air, ya gotta love it!….I helps with my PROGRESS!….How I waited for this air all year long!….I love autumn  and what it brings!


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New Plan……

By October 7, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Exercise, Nutrition, Photos, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

Okay, so there a few things I desparately need to take care of on my end…..ya ready I’m going to name a few……

1- I need to CLEAN and ORGANIZE my house……basically clean the whole house (typical everyday cleaning, to keep up with things, BUT my bedroom needs to be gone through with a fine tooth comb if you get my drift and needs to be decluttered and all…..Are you all with me to help me do this? I may be brave enough to Periscope this one….MAY?!?!? So I’m taking you along for the ride either here or here and on periscope and vlogs…….. (I love these in the photo below!)


2- I desperately need to reshape my stomach, you know lose that belly fat, and all….so besides working with my apps on my phone….I will be starting a 500 crunches a day challenge for myself……everyday, I will take time probably 20-30 minutes max to do 10 sets of 50 crunches, with at least 2 sets of 50 second planks……in between some or all of those sets (on more motivating days I’ll be doing more planks that others but my goal is to do at least 2 sets of 50 sec planks)……(Oh yeah, I’ll also be keeping my journal on how I’m doing with this and what I’m eating!)

ab goal

I want to mention that my ultimate goal here is to be able to strengthen my core and let Scout help me to running a faster 5k, then 10k, half marathon, then marathon time…….I seriously think he can pull anyone to a 4 min mile if you run WITH him attached by a leash of course and do your best to keep up with his speed!….

3- I will be writing my book everyday, and writing a minimum of 500-1000 words…….as well as blogging here……and hopefully getting some vlogs and scopes in there as well……I will be getting back to the scope challenge, and vlog challenge……

Our book "Get Your Leash On!"

Our book “Get Your Leash On!”

4- I will be doing a photo a day challenge to be put on my Instagram page and or this blog (or one of my faithful friends blogs, you can check their blogs out above)…….

Thankful for my BFF Skyler!

Thankful for my BFF Skyler!

5- Skylers blog will be updated every Friday, Scouts blog will be updated weekly, Sandy and Candycane’s blogs will be updated more often, as well as Benji and Monty’s blogs…..


6-I do plan on changing my nutritional intake (I really dislike the word diet, so will not call it that!) Hey I’m vegan eating for LIFE not to support death with a DIEt……I hope to eat more fruits and veggies and less grains and such……and those tempting vegan cheeses…..vegan butters, etc…..even though they’re better for you , they are NOT the best for your health……


7- Get rid of my plantar fasciitis, that means stretching everyday along with my routine above and throughout the day, using my nighttime brace for my foot, using my orthotics, using the ibuprofen as recommended.

plantar fas

8- I need to work on the outside of the house as well, hey it’s October and I don’t want to scare the trick or treaters with the weeds in the yard, I’d rather scare them with a jack o lantern I made and some scary noises, etc……So working on the yard for an hour a day, here and then next door is kinda mandatory!

t or t

9- Work towards all my goals…….but these first 8 things will help me towards the rest…..Ya ready for some scopes and vlogs?!?!??! And daily catch ups here?!?!?!?

So ya ready to take on some updated challenges with me in my life?!?!? The decluttering will be the toughest for me!! Ya ready….If I scope this one I may call on you for help during the scopes, let’s work together to get it done maybe you can declutter something while I’m doing my decluttering!

Ok, until tomorrow, have a great day, hope to see you on my scopes and vlogs!

Have a tail waggin’ day! (now that this is in black and white I gotta do it all!) YIKES!

So come along grab your tea and come blog, vlog, and scope with me!


You can follow me on Twitter and Periscope @thedogrunner…….and Instagram @thehealthydogrunner


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Shavasana with your best friend!

By October 3, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog

What better way to relax ,than with your best friend?!?!? For total health. we all need to take some time for ourselves and just breathe and RELAX! We all need time with our best friends, and what better way than to take 10-15 minutes and just get into the Shavasana pose and do some Doga/ Yoga with your dog!

Pam and I shared our practice today with Sandy and Scout……Still recovering a little from her slide down the hills this week, Pam decided to take things down a notch again!

Today’s pose is a Silent Relaxation also known as Shavasana.

Check the video out: We all do the pose together!

See you for more tomorrow,



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About my blog……

By October 1, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Benji's Blog, Buddy's Blog, Candycane's Blog, Exercise, I Just Got Scouted Blog, Monty's Blog, Nutrition, Photos, Recipes, Sandy's Blog, Scout's Blog, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

So today is the start of the challenge, and I am choosing to tell you about my blog and why it exists and what is all about.

Get Your Leash On Today!

Six Legged Companions live happier and healthier lives together!

First Doggone Healthy Choices is a website with my BLOGS, yes I said Blogs because my dogs and I have our own blogs within the blog. We talk about all things happy and healthy, and the ways to share our healthy ways with one another. Whether that is a recipe, sleeping peacefully together, going for a run, doing yoga, or pupilates. Or just hanging out in the backyard, beach, or local park. We talk about doing these things together as a team. And most importantly we stress the “right” way of doing things or the safe way if you chose to look at it that way. As Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman…..” I’m a safety girl!”….and in a different sense yeah we are all about SAFETY. Safety for our team (our dog(s), ourselves, the other animals, the environment, and other people. I also want to mention we talk a lot about veganism for both people and dogs, and if done correctly both people and dogs can “Go Vegan!” and live long healthy lives together! But we shall talk more in detail about this on another day!

We share all this information in the form of writing (i.e.- blogs, and books), photos, and videos (both on Youtube through our blogs and now via Periscope!)

Our catch phrases are as follows: “Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!”


“Grab a cup of tea and come and blog or vlog with me!”

I do want to leave you with some images of our pack here on Doggone Health Choices…..

Skyler and Myself

Skyler and Myself





Scout and myself







Ok, so now that you’ve been introduced to our contributors here, and what we are all about, I hope you decide to join us for our blogs and vlogs. And our periscopes starting today, everyday we’ll be scoping during the day sometime, we will be experimenting with what time is best to catch most of you if not all of you live, but there will be replays of our broadcast as well. And we will be saving most if not all of our broadcasts to include in our daily blogs on Youtube. So tune in and join our pack for some great things to come our way and hopefully yours!

Throughout the month you can follow along with the challenge by checking out #write31days!

I promise to include new photos and videos for your education and pure enjoyment! If you want to follow me on Periscope, you can follow me @thedogrunner. I’m on a mission to bring a scope to you everyday. (I’m still determining the best time to scope so that I can have as many LIVE viewers as possible and we can interactive right then and there!….I will be watching your comments, so let me know what your thinking or want to know so I can learn what you want to know and I can do what I can to answer your questions in the most educated way possible!

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

Pam and the pack!

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A Farewell Cup of Tea ( or Joe if you wish)

By September 30, 2015 "I Got Scouted!", About the Six Legged Companions, Photos, Sandy's Blog, Scout's Blog, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog

Farewell Cup of  Tea ( or Joe)

Come have a cup of tea and blog and/or vlog along with me!

tea time

First can you believe it, the WHOLE month of September just flew by! Where did it go…..I was blessed to get to know so many of you here on this blogtember challenge and hope to cultivate our friendships further in more blogs or vlogs, and maybe even meet up in person one day!

By the way, this is hopefully not GOODBYE but as they say in Germany “Auf Wiedersehn” or Auf Wiedersehen is German for goodbye, literally meaning “until we see again”! So one of my favorite songs by Carrie Underwood applies here……I think I can literally say I HATE GOODBYES, because I feel I will meet you again someday, somewhere!!  So here’s one of my favorite songs and videos…..that I’ll leave with you!

Until I see you again!


Blydenburgh County Park Smithtown, NY

Ok, as I sit here on the last day of September, I originally chose to write from one of my favorite spots here at my local park…….I would have my tea with me, tea that I made at home and brought with us……It’s my favorite tea of all time. It’s Rishi tea! Organic White Tea Peach Nectar flavor, and oh my when you open up a tea bag you really smell the peaches in that bag, ya feel like your in a peach orchard!

As promised I said I would include the details for the vlogging challenge and the details for the Periscope challenge below……I mentioned a Vlogtober challenge……here are the details for the challenge prompts:

Use #CHFCVlogtober to see all the entries from the challenge and use it to join in yourself!

I will have my own prompts on my own page…..I will be using some of the topic ideas from the last few days of challenges here at Blogtember as well……There are a few good prompts there at the site above and on my list, and I will be doing some other stuff….

I will also be doing a now don’t freak out but PERISCOPE challenge! Everyday for the month of October… watch out for thedogrunner on Periscope either watch me live (preferred so we can have immediate contact) or through replays! I will be discussing exercise, vegan lifestyle info, your dog on a vegan lifestyle (yes this can be done with awesome results)……. I will be “scripting” my scopes the day before so I know what to speak about, of course- things could take a little bit of a different turn with others asking questions, etc or whatever. I will be learning to accept the haters or those who question my information- as a way to educate others properly!

As far as this  challenge goes I had a great month of September, getting  to know a few of you and all……I see a lot if not all of you are religious, I will be looking at my spiritual practices more closely thanks to a lot of you . I have been looking at things differently so know your words have POWER! so never stop doing your blogs you never know who you touch, be brave and get your message out there even if it’s your own story, this is your word- your possible teachings for others to follow.I hope we meet again in other challenges and all!

Periscope Challenge:

Use #30DayPeriscopeChallenge to join in or follow the participants / scopers on / in this challenge!

I will be continuing to write my next book, and hopefully will be updating everyone on how it is going, as well as hopefully have my plantar fascia all healed soon and be able to continue in my training.

Ok, so hopefully you will continue to check out my blog posts as I will check out yours too, we can share ideas and maybe collaborate on some posts here and there to really spread a message to the world for the better!

Until I see you again, my tail will be waggin’ just thinking of seeing you again, I hope all if not most of you will choose to Periscope or scope with me, I would love to get to know you through live broadcasting and all… can save them and put them up on Youtube and future blogs too!…..I’d love  to see where you all shop and any events you all go to……I’ll share with you, please share with me! You will have one follower….I’ll be broadcasting with my handle- thedogrunner! (i.e.- twitter handle)

One last thing, of the 31 days of writing, after a little googling, I found this: it looks like something I’d be right for so here is the link and info: Hope to see you at one or more of the challenges I set aside for myself….

Oh I also have some personal challenges that will probably be covered in my blogs, vlog, and/ or scopes…..Auf Weidersehen!


Tweet: “Have a cup of tea and come to blog or vlog with me!”

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10 Blog topic ideas……or 20?!?!?!?….maybe 21!

By September 29, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

Blog topics for next month

blog ideas

  1. Favorite Fall Activity……ie- raking the leaves in a pile and jumping into them!
  2. What are you doing for Breast Cancer Awareness month, are you into prevention and awareness, are you aware of things ( this is for men and women of course!)
  3. Trick or treating, yah or nay!?!?!?Do you still go trick or treating? If not when did you stop? Are you more into tricks or treats on halloween?
  4. Favorite Halloween candy……do you know where it comes from, what it’s made with?….has it harm animals the the making of the product?…..
  5. Favorite fall color or color scheme….why?
  6. Tell us about the best Halloween you’ve ever had?
  7. What does Halloween really mean to you….do you think it’s become overly commercialized like every other holiday, has the true meaning been lost?…..(IE- Old Souls’ Day?!?!?)
  8. Favorite meal or treat to make this month, do a recipe vlog sharing with us your favorite recipe (you can make it and talk about it before hand or during the blog- preferred)
  9. Favorite Halloween movies, top three
  10. Favorite October activities in your area (i.e. dog shows, running races, halloween…..etc)
  11. What do you know about Christopher Columbus, tell us about it, make like your a teacher teaching a class, and do a class in honor of Columbus Day! (October 12)
  12. National Nut Day (October 22) What are you favorite nuts? (Pistachio, macademia, peanut, etc) Are you allergic to nuts, feel free to talk about your experiences here if you are!
  13. October 1 is World Vegetarian Day….are you vegetarian or better yet Vegan? Why? or Why not? if not, would you consider living the veg lifestyle? If so, what brought you to this lifestyle?
  14. October 24th is United Nations Day….what do you know about United Nations Day?….How can you celebrate the day?…….Why do you think it is important to have such a day? Or maybe you think it’s just a fluff day … about it!
  15. Would you dress your dog up in costume for halloween- what would your dog be and why? And if you are this year, are you going to an event with your dog or just going trick or treating?!?!?
  16. Interview someone either blog style or vlog style, about halloween or world vegetarian day?!?!? Get their take on the day……
  17. Do a scope (on Periscope) it’s easy to sign up and all, it helps you get to know your audience!
  18. Scout out something, somewhere, some animals, just something NEW and write about your experience with whatever it was!
  19. Post something awesome on Instagram for a whole week and/or Pinterest and blog about it! Why did you post it? What does it mean to you?
  20. Write a blog in your dog’s ( or cat or any pet you may have!) voice….what would they say, look at the world through their eyes!
  21. Are you all ready for Thanksgiving yet? Are you looking forward to getting together with family and friends and giving thanks? What are you Thanksgiving holiday plans? (If your not in the USA, what do you think of Thanksgiving Day- I’m sure you’ve at least heard about it at some point) Do you truly know how it all started and what it means? Are you watching or going to see the NYC Macy’s Day parade this year?
  22. Okay, one more…..go into one (or more restaurants and order a plate of fries BUT call them chips and see what happens, when you get the wrong thing send them back and tell them you ordered CHIPS, and see how long you can totally confuse your server! and how long you keep it up…..) You can do this in more than one place to make it more fun! Make sure you keep good notes or do a video, and blog or vlog about it! Or do this with any item if you know another name for it! Blog about the reactions of others!

So those are hopefully some prompts that you can all use for future blogs and blogs, I will be using some of them in the month of October so I hope you come check out my blogs and vlogs at, and blog/ vlog along with me! I will be doing the vlog challenge above but adding my own stuff on the “off” days……my goal is to hit up the vlogging scene everyday, including the Periscope scene I think everyday……so come on and join me! Check back on Sept 30th for the details of the challenges!

Until tomorrow,

have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,


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A Day in the Life……of Scout…..

By September 28, 2015 "I Got Scouted!", About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

A Day in the Life of Scout

Alright so instead of having you follow along with a day in the life of myself, I thought it would be more fun to do a blog about the day in the life of Scout (or any dog that I’ve ever lived with for that matter)…..So here it goes……by the way, I chose last Saturday to follow him around because it just seemed to be a full day for him…..

To begin his day, Scout usually has most of the bed for himself…..I usually get up first and then a few minutes later or more he’ll wake up and join the living!


This past Saturday of course we had to get ready for a race,- WAIT a second, we weren’t actually racing it (reason being I still have my plantar fasciitis) Sorry Scout!

So after getting ready, dressed let Sandy and Candycane out to go to the bathroom, etc., we get in the truck and head on out to the race sight. Ok, I set out to walk the 5k, but Scout had different aspirations, We set out to join our fellow GLIRC (Greater Long Island Running Club) member Bill Benson- Bill Benson is a 96 year old runner, and by the way you can read about him in Runners World magazine for being the oldest finisher to date in the Fifth Ave Mile! Check it out:’s%20World__News_Races But unfortunately earlier this week he had hurt his leg somehow and was unable to make it to the race, we do want to send our prayers for a speedy recovery to Bill!

Last year, when we ran the Running of the Bull 5k (the race we set out to walk this year), I believe Bill came close to or broke the record for his age group- WAIT, is there anyone in his age group?!?!?!? I think if anyone else is still around they’re barely walking! GO Bill!

While on the course Scout ended up doing his blog for “I’ve Just Been Scouted!”  and yes, he scouted a new canine friend named “Kylie”…..she was a beautiful dog, who if she ever needs a home or at least somewhere to stay while her family goes on vacation or away for business, she has somewhere to stay- I will be a great companion for the time- or if she wants to come and play with me. IMG_1850

Once we were done with the walk/ run, ok- yes, I said walk/run, Scout had to search out some treats (as this race always has some great goodies afterwards!)…..You can see Pam holding a one of the bagels that  I Scouted out and just had her hold onto as I had my fill just before! By the way, Pam saw they had heros and more but avoided the table to not have me jumping up and steal all the goodies! Because I do like to steal them, heck I jumped up and tried to get people’s bagels out of their hands there and other places! I did steal Vic Rossi’s bagel at the finish line….fortunately they were free to the runners so Pam didn’t feel that bad! Hehehehehehehehe….I love me some bagels! To bad the homeless aren’t easy to find here in Smithtown, at least on leash- and Pam doesn’t let me off leash….but I know I can find one! Who wants me to try to find one someday?!?!??!

Photo taken by Rick Secor and Debbie

Photo taken by Rick Secor and Debbie

We were soon in the truck again to venture out on the next adventure of the day! We soon headed over to one of our favorite places to hang out at Blydenburgh County Park…….and did a quick photo shoot for this blog and others to come……This was Skyler’s favorite spot in the entire park……or and Sandy’s and Candycanes’s too!






Isn’t it beautiful?!?!?!? It’s such a lush and peacefully place, and usually we can be alone in the park for hours, but today we had a few other park go’ers because it was such a great day!

Once we got our fill of the event there, we ended up going home and writing our blogs up….Scout likes to slobber up my keyboard so he tells me what to type and I type it!blog ideasScout also got some training time into his day, out and about and at home……you can see him sitting patiently watching a dog below and being quiet as they pass by- and for a hound dog, this is a difficult task to do! Also Scout got to sniff other dogs while at the park.


We came home so Pam could rest her foot, and Scout and his pack would have a bite to eat. This even includes Pam!

When we got home Scout helped Pam stretch her foot and ice it, then rest it so that she could walk the next day!……He did feel bad that Pam’s foot was hurting her once again……So he helped her stretch out, ice it, and REST! Key is resting the rest of the day!

Just a note, all my past dogs, to include Candy- Sammy- Kelso- and Skyler, as well as present dogs, Sandy and Candycane live and lived very similar lives. I use Scout as an example today because he is the youngest and most able to get around! Scout definitely learned to take care of Pam like this from his late great girlfriend Skyler, and his pals Sandy and Candycane (who also took care of her today!)

Skyler and Myself

Skyler and Myself

Sandy who is the best therapy dog ever!

Sandy who is the best therapy dog ever!



Ok so that is a day in Scout’s life……he just loves to run…..all my dogs love to run, heck- DOGS WERE BORN TO RUN AND BE FREE TO BE  well A DOG!

We hope you enjoyed coming along with Scout and myself during the day on Saturday and hope we can bring you along on other days!

Scout is sleeping now,

So have a great tail waggin’ day, or night,

Pam and Scout


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My Wish List

By September 27, 2015 The Dog Runner's Blog

My Wish Listwishing pam

Okay so my wish list…….hhmmmm…..I think I’m pretty set for things, I am a minimalist so other than wanting more camera equipment every now and again, although right now I’m set there…..some computer stuff (computers, iPads, etc, programs, etc) and I’m pretty set there for awhile…..

I would like to invest in a Green screen….. or

Otherwise… dogs are pretty set right now as well so I think they’re wish list is good outside of finishing up the remodeling on my house that is- it would be nice to finish that up… far as that goes the only things I need to buy there are my countertop for my kitchen, everything else I already have.

I would like to eventually buy more property around my house and put in an inground pool, oh did I mention it would be enclosed so I can use it 12 months of the year, and include a workout area……but until then a membership to my local gym would work just fine…..oh I would also like to build a greenhouse along with that pool to be able to grow my food 12 months out of the year!

 All in all, for now I am pretty satisfied with what I have and I just need to work with what I have and get things organized before bringing anything new into my life!

If you want to get into my deep down wish list…..I wish to start my cafe where DOGS bring their people, and by the way it’s not just a cafe but a wellness center with an enclosed pool where people can swim with their dogs throughout the year. (and then go grab a bite afterwards to have with their dog- oh the cafe would be totally vegan, and all produce would be grown in my greenhouses!) And on the one end of my property would be an animal rescue for all types of animals where they would have the best of accommodations and food and heck lives!……Oh and the cafe would have certain days (not just around holidays but certain days of the week that we would bring homeless animals as well as people in and offer them not only a good meal but new clothing, and opportunities (hence give a man a fish…….vs teaching him to fish….I know I’m vegan but so I’ll change it around a bit, give a man an apple to eat, vs teach him to plant the seeds and grow his own apple tree……ok, I really do care about the world over and I wish to put back into the planet what people have taken from it, give back to the animal community what people have taken from them, and help other people who have been down on their luck.

Is that too much to ask for in my wish list, I feel since it  doesn’t just include myself, it isn’t but I am SERIOUS about my wishes not only helping out myself  but others. Whether homeless, elderly, anyone who has endured hardship, etc…..and of course the animals and planet.

Ok, so until tomorrow,

have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,


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