Doggone Healthy Choices

Doggone Healthy Choices with the 4 American Dogs

Welcome to the Home of the Four American Dogs and their American Dog Runner and their health journey.

This is the place you can find the FOUR AMERICAN dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. And their gal pal, the All American Dog Runner. All information on living a healthy and happy life together can be found here.

You Had Me Healthy and will again my pups!

For years my dogs had me healthier than I could ever be. My dog Skyler was my best workout Partner. Sandy and Candycane had kept me going as well and took turns with Skyler to keep me moving. A few years ago when I lost my Skyler, then Sandy and then Candycane then I had Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and I needed to make some small changes in lifestyle.

Skyler and Pam, the Dog Runner at the IAMS Doggy Dash in Central Park, after a healthy run together

Skyler and the Dog Runner


Thanks to the energy and love of Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice I am ready to hit the healthy part of my life again. It will take awhile to see result. Being determined to make things happen, my pack will help me as I need them and vice versa. On this site you will be able to follow us.  And you will find healthy tips, suggestions, information and able to follow along with our progress and what we’re doing to get me back on track!

Scout and Pam, the Dog Runner after they ran their healthy marathon together!

Scout and the Dog Runner

What to expect from the 4 American Dogs and the Dog Runner….

Here  you will  find so much information on healthy choices you can make with your dog by your side. The pack will make all food choices available here for dog and people. Everything will be safe and tasty! In the up and coming months you can look forward to our novel being published as well as a guide to DOG FRIENDLY races, walks, hikes and more throughout the USA! After so many people asking the Dog Runner where there are races like this around she chose to put in into a book, which she is presently working on to bring to you. SAFETY will be a major concern here on this site/ blog!  So come back here often and go over to the right and sign up for our newsletter and 28 day FREE basic training book!