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The insides of training with my dogs……

By December 3, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

Now for the past weeks or months now, I’ve been training with my dogs- my American Foxhounds to run a marathon on December 25th. Ok, for those who have ever ran or even thought about running a marathon THIS TAKES SO MUCH TIME OUT OF YOUR SCHEDULE, and the slower a runner you are (I must admit I’m slower than I use to be these  days- not sure why, I think it’s due to having a health scare……a few years ago I had a stroke-  nothing massive but it was a wakeup call!) So anyway, besides training it takes time to schedule runs and to think about and make up running routes……

I had planned on running the marathon on December 25th, 2016, but we had our first snow already and I keep hearing from reliable sources that more snow is on it’s way, so getting the marathon over with is something I want to do. So we have decided to move the marathon day up a little and since the shelter is having an event on December 3rd we decided to run then. The rain date will be December 8th, but it will be our last marathon for quite sometime. We will be running 6 miles or less from that point on.

As far as running and training with my dogs, there are rules to follow……img_1101

First, think about your dog- does your dog have GREAT- not good but GREAT (that means 100% voice recall- meaning when your dog is called does he or she come every single time?….Where are you running with them? If in the middle of Montana or Wyoming or a wide open place less than 100% may be ok, but if your running in NY- Long Island or a busy place you need to have your head on straight and have 100% recall! Are there other dogs around, wildlife, how does your dog react to these distractions, other dogs may end up being on leash and not like your off leash dog coming up to them…..

Second, starting with shorter distances and running longer each week is not only recommended for you but your dog as well……As they say baby steps!

Ok, it is the morning right now of the great marathon day for us…..we will be head out between 6 and 6:30am hopefully arriving between 12:30- 1:30pm at Kent Animal Shelter…..we have treats, leashes, vests, our apps are ready, and we’re rested and ready to go…..we don’t mind walking as well as running today, as our training ended up that way as well…….Oh and we have battery backups to power up the phone when needed……I think we’re set!!

We hope to be at the halfway point at 2.5 hours…….

And we’ll have a crew at Kent waiting for us at the end….woo hoo!

Here goes our last long run for a long time……

The Dog Runner


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By October 6, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

This week the pack and I set out to do a 14.25 mile run on a tough challenging course in Port Jefferson, Long Island. Yes there were hills to be seen……not to mention some great scenery along the way.


Above is the map of our run… you can see every step was run for a great cause, a shelter dog at Kent Animal Shelter! Hopefully with all our training Kent will get a nice check from our walks, there are other walkers/ and runners doing the same thing and every I think it’s month a check is cut to all the shelters people and their dogs walk, run or ride for !!

img_1101 img_1102

This course is to be used for the First Annual Port Jefferson Run to the Brewery…..where the dog runner will be volunteering on Sunday. (I think my dogs deserve some medals for completing the course- plus more- if there are extra on Sunday that is! You can find the medal on Instagram @runglirc! It’s a pretty cool medal too!! They deserve it, and honestly so do I! But oh my look at that view, once the runners get to the bottom right next to the water here, they come back up the hill after the turnaround! But it challenges the body! Thankfully I had my three dogs pulling me up the hill!

Oh along the way, our running friend Rick Secor had marked the course on Monday and left a nice little message for all the runners to keep motivated with……check it out, it made Scout smile!


OK, until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

the dog runner and her pack!

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Added workouts continued…..

By October 5, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Yesterday, Scout, Liberty and Sierra and I all ran 14.25 miles on a very challenging course… we’re recovering today. If I go out today, it will be a nice easy more like a walk with Justice…….as I let the rest of the pack recover fully!

In the meantime…..another workout I want to mention that I’ve added to the mix is the Simply Fit Board workout, I know you’ve seen the commercial for it. It looks easy right?!?!? Let me tell you it’s not, and it’s not just standing and twisting on the board. You can’t just put on the music and do the twist! There are several workouts on the DVD to accomplish. Most of it is fun, but you have pushups and all using the board.

And even using the board, next time you see the commercial look at the surfaces they are using it on…..granted you can use it on any surface just about at least, but I would put a carpet underneath (they of course sell a mat to put under the board) or you can use a mat in your own house…..the bottom of the board will become scratched pif your on a hard surface and it could scratch your floor! So I got a little carpet to use the board on for a few dollars!



Otherwise the board is fun and a good workout, and you will feel it working with the first workout!!

Ok, until tomorrow, after a easy workout and recovery from yesterday, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner and her pack

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Workout options……

By October 4, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

To continue with new additions to my workout routine every morning…..last month actually I added this one but the workouts change everyday, and the gang from the workouts make it fun and challenging…..

The workout I am talking about is the Idealshape Up Challenge it lasts for 12 weeks with Lindsey Mathews and her two partners Kaitlin and Daniel!

The workouts are easy to do, ok- if you hate and have a hard time with say pushups  or something they can be a bit challenging but challenging is good. and after each workout comes a challenge, If you have a half hour or less a day you have time for this challenge, and it’s a doable workout for most, they give modifications for each exercise as well. After a few days you feel as if you become good friends with these three as well, you can also connect with them on Facebook, and have their support- their staffs support and the support of all the challengers, everyone is at a different point as well so you won’t be comparing yourself to  how someone else is doing, you may be ahead of someone or vice versa!

I am going to post the very first workout video here, and some info on how to join in on the challenge, it’s only 12 weeks of your life and no more than a half hour a day, so what do you have to lose?….Challenge your body to this challenge today!

I do have to add they do have shakes to sell you that can help you get results, I haven’t bought any of these because I am vegan and when I asked they said they weren’t vegan so once they veganize their shakes I’ll try them but not before, in the meantime I’ll stick to my Vega shakes or smoothies!

Oh the equipment you will need are a yoga mat, swiss ball, weights (preferably different weights i.e. 5lb, 8 lb, 10lb, and 15 lb weights……and a ready to go attitude!

Give it a chance- you can find them here on Facebook and tell then you want to take the challenge!

So what are you waiting for……join the challenge today!


Ok, I have another added workout for you tomorrow, until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day, in the meantime my pack and I will do our workout and go out to do a long run today, see ya soon…..

the dog runner and her pack


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Another new workout addition…..

By October 3, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Another addition to my workouts this month…..

Today, we’re still talking about new additions to my workouts…..This one is not new to me but added to this months of workouts…’s a 10 to 15 minute workout……and I’m up off the floor……It requires a “machine” if you want to call it that…..honestly your body is the machine, but the seat or chair helps and/ or accompanies you to do the exercises correctly!

Ya ready, drum roll please……

I’m using the ab lounger, and do this basic routine……

Ab Lounger Workout

It really does let you burn your abs…..and combined with my other workouts (like today a nice 4 mile run with my dogs, my 12 week challenge that I will discuss in the next few days, my Doga routine/ practice and study, and all I am hoping to get those abs within the next month or two……)…….And of course eating right, clean…..I am giving up bread and sugar that is refined sugar for the month of October, not that I have a lot or any refined sugar now but……I will be more aware of things that if I go out to eat and if they add any sugar and all. And eat real food as opposed to processed foods. I will talk more about this in another blog in the next few days.

Ok, so as I go work my abs on my Ab Lounger I hope you have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner and her pack

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More on my new stuff for the month……

By October 2, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

New workout of the day (alright for the month)

So yesterday I wrote about my Doga journey with my dogs, and today I will be continuing the journey as it is an everyday hopefully lifelong journey. But today I will be mentioning  another addition to my workouts….I’ve done it before but this month I’m doing it again…..I’m taking on the Blogilates October month of workouts challenge for myself, I call it a challenge but Cassey Ho of Blogilates just calls it at the  October workouts. Of course doing other workouts makes it more challenging…..and training for a marathon- wait a half marathon first and wait before that a 6 hour run (which I will only attempt 14 miles on because my marathon training will call for that distance and not longer and I will not be able to run with my dogs).

So Cassey has an app and sends out a monthly calendar of workouts to those who want it. You need a password to get the calendar, oh she also has a beginners workout calendar. And she has recipe videos to share. She wants to make working out fun, while she does cardio moves she admits her sister is the cardio person in the family and can really give her a run for a money. Whereas she is more the pilates person and all. There are dance moves and let me tell you she is great with choreography! She breaks down dance moves and even two left feet can follow along and end up looking halfway decent.

I want to share some videos of hers with you, videos from today’s workout……

Blogilates with Cassey Ho

Ok I gotta ask who thinks Cassey is so sweet and nice?…Isn’t she great, she’s makes things fun….they are short videos but she has 4-5 videos a day for you to do…..or you can do the same workout multiple times……

And let me tell you as your working out with her videos, my dogs are always present and even come to the mat to join in! Oh, I have to share one more video Cassey made with you, yes she loves dogs too!


Isn’t that cool- I love that she calls it K90X, GET IT?!?!?

So until tomorrow, hold on and have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner and her pack

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October is here!

By October 1, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Don’t be frightened….October is upon us!!

Can you believe it October is here! Wow…..the fall is going by a lot faster than the summer did! Moving on, this month I am taking part in Write 31 days, so I will be blogging everyday once again as well as sharing some new workouts that I’ve added into my day……I like to workout in the morning but I will be splitting these workouts out throughout the day as there are a lot  of them and a few I want to do twice a day etc….

Dogs time…..everyday practice for the pack this month and hopefully for life!

But today we’ll talk about my Doga practice…….so we started studying to be Doga instructors once again with Suzi Teitelman of Doga Dog, the last time I must admit I was distracted by other things happening in life etc….but this month I am determined to make a go of it! Suzi if your reading this feel free to put the pressure on in a Doga way! hmmmmm….. Ok, so I got Scout and Sierra to the mat today right away, it took Liberty a little while to come to the mat but she got there. Justice always comes to the mat as well…..check out these photos from today!


Sierra helping me meditate!


Scout in Cobra pose



Liberty shows me how to properly do the Downward Dog pose here


Hey Liberty am I doing downward dog right?


Justice in Cobra pose









Downward Dog- where did it come from?

Who better to have check your form for Downward Dog than your dog- after all they do this pose so naturally everyday upon rising! I believe that’s where the pose came from…’s got to be! I mean did you ever see a dog wake up in the morning and stretch…..I pose this question to Suzi!

Ok, so this being our first practice back after a long hiatus  we were very maybe to forgiving….we’ll practice a bit more later and I’ll get all the dogs to the mat but it was a great start to a brand new month!

Ok, so until tomorrow have a happy healthy tail waggin day, namaste!

the dog runner and her pack


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Dear dog runner……

By September 30, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Dear dog runner,

Today’s prompt is the last for Blogtember 2016- aw, I know we’ll all miss it but never fear,  I will still be blogging hopefully daily if not weekly……I’ll be working on my blog over the next few months so tune in and check things out……- so getting back to today’s prompt:

Prompt: You’ve been stopped on the street by the photographer of Humans of NY and he asks you “what advice would you give to a large group of people?” (and to share a picture of yourself with that advice)…..

Skyler and Myself

Skyler and Myself keeping it Simple and Sweet on the streets of NY literally! Pam, the dog runner is rarely without her dog, or one of them!

Advice: Keep it Simple and Sweet…..I know it usually goes Keep it Simple Stupid but there is so much STUPID in this world we don’t need more. So keep it SWEET, sweet is good and positive, which more people are looking for whether its replying on social media, talking in person ( in person- wow, does that exist anymore in this electronic world?!?!? LOL!)

Keeping things simple can help everyone live a happier and healthier life…..whether it’s keeping it simple in what we eat, fresh organic fruits and veggies, or decluttering our homes and keeping our homes decorated simply, clutter frazzles the mind, body and soul! Keeping our schedules simple and organized….etc….

My dogs helped me in giving this advice because they keep things simple and they are just too sweet for words sometimes…..

For instance, we go for daily runs and they are so sweet they want to say Hi and in Liberties case wants to kiss them- i.e. SWEET! And Scout actually, he always tries to kiss all passerby’s……..

So to put my advice in one sentence….while using my own advice……..

“KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SWEET!” or the KISS METHOD (as Liberty and Scout would like you to follow!)

Until my next blog have a happy and healthy KISSY tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner and her pack

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Fab Five (my favorite fellow bloggers and why…..)

By September 29, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Today’s prompt for Blogtember which is coming to an end tomorrow is:

Thursday, Sept. 29: Your Fab Five. Share your favorite bloggers/besties and tell us what you love about them! Share a link and give a shout out.

So here it goes, I hope I’m on someones list or am earning a spot in the future on someone fab five list but in the meantime here are mine:

  1.      Julia is the founder and owner of this blog and I know her from school, she is a fellow health coach. Why I like her blog is the content and her professionalism she exudes on the site….


    copyright Lemon Stripes/ Julia

  2. Whitney is the founder and owner of Eco Vegan gal, why I like her is that she and I have a lot in common…..we both care for the animals and the environment and our health (our health being the health of ourselves and others) and know going vegetarian and/ vegan is the way to make a positive difference in making the world a better place. Whitney can also be found all over social medias, you should check out her Youtube channels……yes, she has a few!

    copyright Eco Vegan Gal/ Whitney Lauritsen


    copyright Jenny/ healthy crush

    3. is the founder and owner of Healthy Crush, another alumni of my former school. Jenny is also a fellow health coach. Her blog is a avery successful blog and wish to follow in her blogging footsteps, her blog is a must read to a lot of people, including me.






copyright Bailey/ Braveloveblog



4. Bailey is the founder and owner of this blog. Bailey has to be mentioned here, she’s been blogging for sometime, and reading some of her blogs I see she has her faith intact and because of things that happened to me I felt my faith was lacking, so she had me renew my faith or start to and I am now on a path into doing so, in fact it is actually part of my book I’m writing.Besides the fact she brings other bloggers together every September in her Blogtember challenge!



copyright Freelee/ Banana Girl

5. and last but not least Freelee is the founder and owner of this blog, she is a fellow vegan from austalia she introduced me to the raw vegan world. And yes like me she loves her Bananas ( she started 30 bananas a day- yes it is possible to eat 30 bananas a day, it’s filling, satisfying, and delicious…..visiting Banana Island is a great sorta cleanse when going raw……but not recommended long term……been there done it….I think it’s time for another trip though!…. Freelee can be found on Youtube as well, check out her videos, she is real, authentic and you’ll love her I promise!

Bonus favorite:this is more a vlogger than a blogger but I have to mention her….you can check out her videos on Youtube too:Her name is Cobi Kanani… this video she and I crave the same types of VEGAN snacks salty over sweet but she will talk about sweet stuff in other videos, ya gotta check her videos out!

Ok so those are my top five favorites…what are yours share some in the comments below……and can’t wait to read my fellow Blogtember bloggers favorites! Oh and feel free to put me on your favorite list now or in the future!

Until tomorrow our final day of the challenge have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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My year so far……

By September 28, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Todays prompt for Blogtember is: Wednesday, Sept. 28: The top five pictures that illustrate your year so far.

So let’s see: I will go find 5 shots and post them below…..


One of the few races I did, I had two dogs and met a friend to run with Justice (and for Justice in our lives!) At the NYC AMC DOGGY DASH briefing!

dash start 2

The start of the NYC AMC DOGGY DASH race….and we’re off!


Liberty coming to the mat and helping me practice yoga I mean DOGA! and shows us how to do the Downward Dog pose properly!


Justice gets into the Doga scene too and shows us how to do the Cobra pose properly!


this might not seem like a big deal but heading out for a race is a big deal for me, having PTSD crowds bring out a different side of me and I become a different person, so meeting up with three human friends to run with some of my pack really helped me emotionally and mentally- so my deepest thank you’s to these lovely ladies for your coming out and joining us, you helped me come out of my comfort zone a bit, have some fun and forget my past for a little time! BEST therapy around, the check is in the mail!

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