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Are we training our dogs to be Mischievous?……

By August 31, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions

mischievous 3

Simple acts like begging for food, stealing the food within reach……yeah, we have to admit it we are training our dogs to GO FOR IT!…..Just like you need to keep the candy hidden from your human kids, or keep the “wrong” things our of reach, for your kids- we need to do the same for our dogs! Because if they can sniff something out and it seems appealing- ie- that yummy sandwich you just made for lunch! Your dog is most likely to jump up and snatch it up. BUT if that yummy sandwich is out of reach, or in the fridge. The temptation or “REWARD” is not there so no bad habits or mischievous ways. So the next time you accuse your dog of being mischievous STOP and put the blame on the right one. (Now, this is not to say it’s always your fault, I mean if you just adopted that dog yesterday and didn’t have the time to really do ANY training whatsoever, there are no exceptions to the rule. But in the end these habits need to be learned. (Some dogs will learn faster than others of course, so unless you don’t mind the mischievous ways, let’s not encourage them!)

Hhhhmmmm……which do you prefer?

mischievous 1                           ORmischievous 2



You decide and train accordingly! Keep in mind the dog on the right will be welcomed more places than the one on the left, BUT the one on the left may have a lot more funny stories to tell!

I mention this today because I personally need to work with Scout, as this weekend he ended up stealing my lunch in the park, and almost a friends lunch, if I didn’t correct him in time!……What can I say he has a HIGH prey drive and the sandwich was his prey! It did end up being a bit embrassing, not to mention something that had us laughing! Ah the irony of it all!


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EXTRA, EXTRA Read all about it!

By August 31, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Scout's Blog

leopold USMC

Yesterday when Pam and I stopped by the NYC dogpark  with our friend Barbara we came across a flyer hanging up on the fence line there! It was about a dog who frequented the park with his human companion, who happens to be a Marine (I would say former Marine, but as a friend of Pam’s pointed out to her, who was also a Marine….ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE!) Anyway, his dog tore his ACL and can not make it to enjoy socializing with his friends at the park there.  His owner who fought selflessly for all of us is having trouble in paying for all the care. As a veteran herself  Pam and I want to do what I can to help my fellow veterans live a happy and healthy life WITH their dogs. So I am going to leave this blog with you today and send you the link to his site where he setup a GO FUND page to get help with his dog. He loves his dog as well as his country. He fought for you, so why not help him fight for his dog now!

Check out his link here:


Please help Leopold enjoy his freedom as his faithful human companion helped YOU enjoy yours!

Thank you,

Scout (American Foxhound mix- the breed of George Washington, the father of our country that offers us so much)DSCN2196

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Someone’s been Scouted today!

By August 30, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, I Just Got Scouted Blog

IMG_1508-1.pngToday we headed into the city, or to anyone outside of the state of NY, the Big Apple! As we headed down 3rd Ave, I scouted lots of people walking about, and the hound dog I am I had to let my presence be known so I howled as loud as I could to wake up anyone still sleeping or resting on this lazy Sunday morning.

We drove over to the Port Authority where we met up with Pam’s school friend, Barbara. There  I greeted her with a soft howl but not before scouting a girl with a roll in her hand. Once Pam for corrected me from going after the roll I fully gave Barbara my attention!

We loaded into the truck with the windows wide open in the back and we were off, oh and a big bowl of water for me! Our first stop was the west side of Central Park, where we looked for my homeless friend I stole a slice of pizza from a few weeks ago. we couldn’t find him, but more about that later! (I promise!)


After we did a little search for my homeless friend, we headed back to the truck, I jumped into the back and we headed to go get a bite to eat. Pam knew of this great Vegan place not far from Penn Station called VLife.  It was good great because we were able to order online and one of my human companions for the day could go in and pick up the food.  As dogs really aren’t allowed into cafes and restaurants yet, although this may change at least in outdoor seating places in NYS.

So Barbara went into pickup the food and ended up treating us to a delicious meal, yes it was a birthday meal for both Pam and myself after all we do now share a birthday as I stated I a past blog! Anyhow when Barbara got back to the truck, we headed over to the east side of Central Park and sat on a tree root which looked more like a stump and enjoyed an awesome lunch together with great company! It really was a nice spot for a little picnic in the park, maybe one day I’ll get to Scout out Barbara’s new fiancé Dimitri and we’ll all have another picnic i the park there. Maybe! Oh I must say before our picnic Pam had some awesome guidance I parallel parking from Barbara and what a team, they did an awesome job!


My newly scouted friend, Barbara

Ok, so our journey wasn’t over we went to drop off some stuff in garbage and into the truck, then walked around a little in Central Park. When Pam looked up and saw a homeless man walking by, he looked liked my friend from July 19th so since once again Pam had her money I the truck, so she borrow a few dollars from Barbara (which she paid back most of actually she thinks she grabbed 2 instead of the 3 from her glove compartment as we dropped Barbara off back at the Port Authority in the middle of traffic so it was a quick grab). And we caught up with the gentleman which he truly was and told him he must have dropped this, for some reason Pam and I feel this was him but we can never be 100% sure, but hey at least we paid it forward!

Afterwards we got into the truck and headed over to Carl Schurz Dogpark, where I got to do a little cuddling with my new other soon to be Southern BFF, yes Barbara!


My newest BFF

This was a beautiful Dogpark where I met some new canine friends including this one that kept hanging out around us!

All in all I had a great day and by the time we got back to the truck before bringing Barbara back to the Port Authority to head back to NJ, I was tired and basically laid down I the back of the truck.

Ok, so those where my SCOUTINGS for the day, I hope you enjoyed reading and coming along for the ride with us. And you hope to Scout you out at the local dogpark or vegan cafe or somewhere else soon!

Until my next SCOUTING, have a happy tail wagging day!




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Our FIRST Sepia Saturday……

By August 29, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions

Ok, so today we thought we’d join a brand NEW (at least for us) blog hop…..the Sepia Saturday Blog Hop……as a photographer, Pam had to take a step back and revisit her school days as she rarely uses Sepia prints or whatever. The only difference now is that Sepia is done all electronically in the camera. Years ago, we had to print the image and then put it through a different chemical- actually called Sepia to get the same desired  effect.  Ah,technology!

So anyway, here are a few images of Scout, Candycane, and Monty using the Sepia look!

DSC_8180Here ya go Scout sits so “innocently” awaiting a treat from Pam…..he gives a impression of innocence BUT……….

DSC_8182He slowly gets up to say hey, I’m still here waiting!!!…….Where is MY treat?!?!??!……

DSC_8189OK, now I know you put the treats up there, I’m a hound dog with a strong sniffer, this is your last chance……next time, I help myself!

DSC_8188Hey, I warned YOU!…..The rest are mine too!

DSC_8209Ok, Pam after all these years you have taken enough photos of me, get the camera out of my face and just give me some treats!

DSC_8217 Now let me be, let me SLEEP already!

DSC_8202Ok, When do I find my furever home?!?!?!? I love you all and you will always be my pack but getting to comfortable now will only hurt us later on! Can I go back to sleep now?!?!??! Get the camera out of my face!

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Warrior III Pose

By August 28, 2015 Exercise, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog

Today, Scout and Pam ran at my favorite park in the world, and since I wasn’t there, or couldn’t be there, I decided I wanted to be a part of this training run anyway,so I chose to assist Pam in some Yoga (turned Doga because I am assisting her). This pose is great for trail runners……

The pose is the WARRIOR III pose:

it is great for trail runners because it is good for strengthening the feet, ankles, thighs, hips, and core muscles which all allow for controlled movement on the trails!

And watching Pam do this pose, I must admit she needs practice BUT with my help she can move to the beginners way and end up in FULL WARRIOR III pose!

Tomorrow I’ll bring you yet another pose and/ or doga moves so tune in for yet another blog and vlog!  Just having your dog by your side makes your workout a whole lot nicer!

See ya!

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Doga Stretch for the day…..the Rotation Twist

By August 28, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Exercise, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog


So today is a stretching day for Pam so I thought I would do yoga pose that gives her a good stretch.

Ok for us it’s just like we were going to go roll in the grass or today the snow out in the backyard. Just imagine giving your self a nice back scratch or massage. Inside we’ll let our human companions help us out! Just lie on your back face one side with your head and front paws, and let your companion bring your hind legs in the other direction.

Watch the video:

Simple right, the same goes for humans….it is the same pose done by each- if I was outside I’d do it at the same time otherwise, I’ll let her help me out! Skyler was not hurt in this video, oh be easy with your dog. Never force your dog into a pose. Here I wasn’t forcing Skyler but due to certain conditions she has difficulties  moving about so I needed to help her out.

 Tune in tomorrow for more……

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Wordless Wednesday on National Dog Day!

By August 26, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions

First let me state yesterday was my NEW birthday, since Pam shares her birthday with all of us it’s our birthday as well, so technically we have two birthdays to celebrate, yet we all look and feel young at heart, and as healthy as can be! So having National Dog Day celebrate on August 26 is no surprise, I mean why would it be any other day than the day after Pam’s birthday.

For this Wordless Wednesday, Pam and I put a “silent” wordless training video up…..we’ll explain in a moment…..and yes, you can train your dog with no words- here I had Pam using treats, but in time you can buildup to using just a hand signal or motion or BOTH to get your dog to do what you want him or her to do!

Basically for SIT- You want to take your hand (and treat) and have your dog follow your hand with their head until they are actually sitting- you can add a click with a clicker, NOTE: as your dogs butt touches the ground you will immediately click and release.

For DOWN- You want to lure your dog with your hand (and treat) until your dog is lying on the ground, with a clicker, once again as soon as your dog is in a lying position, as soon as they hit the ground you CLICK and release.

Yes, I use the term LURE above because that is exactly what is called in dog training terms. Afterall you are literally luring the dog. You can also lure your dog with a favorite ball/ toy/ or anything your dog will respond to. We happen to be using these treats  by Three Dog Bakery.



To train your dog to give paw, you will hold the treat in front of them so they can see the reward in front of them, and they will basically ask for the reward themselves by giving you their paw. You can switch paws by motioning to the other paw as well. No words are needed.

In the video below you will see these basic commands and that in fact no words were used. The video was not muted or edited for sound in anyway shape or form. It is truly a raw footage video!

Oh, we made this video and blog for all companions to train together on this very special day and to help the next year be full of some awesome positive training for all. Happy National Dog Day!



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Dog Nutrition 101 and Natural Balance….

By August 25, 2015 Candycane's Blog, Nutrition, Sandy's Blog, Scout's Blog, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

Okay, so I am attempting to try to introduce others into another possible nutritional LIFEstyle for yourselves and your dogs today. I am in no way putting down your present way, although it could seem that way since I am really all about a vegetarian/ vegan LIFEstyle for both you and your dog.

First as far as we go, it had been proven time and time again by the medical community that a vegan lifestyle is the way to go. I mean look at all the Vegan products coming about over the years. From Veggie burgers to vegan cheese to vegan cheesecakes, and vegan marshmallows.  More and more doctors are promoting eating your fruits and veggies everyday while not so much on the meats and dairy, right?!?!?  I think I can safely say Dr Neal Barnard, MD who founded the PCRM is the biggest or one of the biggest promoters of this lifestyle. Oh by the way he was brought up eating the meat and potato diet of the good ole USA! He told my class this personally!

Ok, as far as our dogs go, yes, they can thrive on a Vegan based LIFEstyle as well. Of course, you as their faithful companion need to do your research for them just as you would do for yourself.  But let’s face it, they are worth every bit of time and energy. Come on look at their little puppy dog eyes. Of course, talking to you veterinarian is always suggested.

Just as we are bio individual  and should be treated as such, so should our dogs. My dogs honestly are 90% VEGAN that is totally planted based, and the other 10% or the time I allow them the extra proteins from cheese, yes dairy cheese and such.

There is never anything in the house- ok, rarely- I may occasionally get a chocolate bar or something that my dogs really shouldn’t  be eating at all, but this is rare!

Vegan food is tasty for our dogs and can be slimming at the same time! WIN- WIN-WIN-WIN……Both for you and your dog at that. Of course portion size still comes into play with even the healthiest of foods.

My dogs enjoy Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Vegetarian/ Vegan Formula Dry and canned food.  In fact, whenever we have dogs come over to stay with us they like to munch on my dogs food instead of their own!

I mention Natural Balance today because LUCKY for me, I now have one more place to locally pickup a bag or cans of their food. Since PetSmart has just stocked their shelves and online stores with the Natural Balance line of dog food! WIN- WIN!!

Check this link out:

Petsmart offers Natural Balancenatural balance canned natural balance dry



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Still on my dry run with the 21 Day Fix……

By August 22, 2015 Nutrition, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

Alrighty then, since I’m still doing a dry run of the 21 Day Fix Plan….I’m doing a modified version of the workout videos, still doing the videos each day until the 25th but just taking it easy due to my foot.  Please let my foot be healed by Tuesday. Gotta do my stretches after I do this blog up! I am determined to give it my ALL with the workouts and to stick to a Veganized meal plan for the 21 Day Fix. Although I must admit, most of the foods can be protein or carb, fruit, or vegetable! The seeds can also be in other categories. So basically I should be sticking to smaller portion sizes overall for different meals. I found yesterday that eating 8 times a day, no matter how small the meal just didn’t fit into my day, I mean eating something every 1-2 hours and ending all meals at 6pm or 7pm the latest, not so easy! SO I decided to stick with 5-6 meals a day, once again SMALL meals. And lots of water.

I will be combining my vega shake with my fruits and greens. And using this maybe 2X a day….so there you have two easy meals…… then a nice salad, three meals, and fruits and/ or veggies  for another meal or two, walla- meals four and five….oh and if I’m really hungry I’ll have some quinoa or rice with some avocado, there you go six possible meals. NO OILS, NO ADDED SALT, NO ADDED UGGGHH SUGAR…….pure simple WHOLE FOODS on this girls plate…..and in portion controlled sizes… far as the containers go, I have found these are primarily for people who have no concept of healthy eating whereas I have the knowledge and just want a little help with portion control. The containers should some in meal size portions not carbs, proteins, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and nuts/seeds. So still a little disappointed with the plan I am willing to give it a shot, at this point I will attempt to use the containers but they seem pointless at this time.portion-control

For the most size, my hand will be helping me in controlling my portion sizes, and guess what I didn’t even have to pay for it! What a concept!….Ok, the containers will be holding the food once my hand measures it (as well as reinforcing the measurements but I think we can all use our hands. The workouts are awesome ( and once my foot is better they’ll be even better!) On that note, until next time with more updates and modifications for a veganized 21 days,

have a happy and healthy day,



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21 Day Fix first of 4 day dry run……

By August 21, 2015 Exercise, Nutrition, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

Ok, so I started the day off with trying to veganize the 21 day fix plan. Looking at the lists of proteins and carbs they recommend, made me mad actually. As a lot of the carbs were more proteins, and the list of proteins really had nothing for me….LITERALLY NOTHING I would eat as a VEGAN, the tofu was iffy but unless they were talking hemp tofu I have been trying to avoid SOY, I mean hello the soy in this country at least is so overly packed with GMO’s it is mandatory to be extra careful in selecting your soy products! So I had done some research in fruits and veggies high in protein and carbs. And those will be my lists to be following.
And of course, I’ll have my healthy fats- only one on the list of theirs that I will eat! I do not put oils in my mouth, for sometime now, so I am oil free and salt free. fruits and veggies I have no problem with, but technically I’m then eating all fruits and veggies…..with my VEGA (which has less sugar- 2 grams as opposed to 9 grams- BIG difference! As we know SUGAR is an enemy! I don’t drink coffee or tea so that’s that. I don’t really do nuts but seeds like hemp and chia seeds are on my list……Oh and their Shakeology also has a drug in it called MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane. Which can come from plant or animal sources, so being VEGAN I didn’t want to take a chance on hurting animals and the environment for my health, if I want MSM I can buy the supplement separately and be sure it comes from a plant source.

And drinking my water is no problem in fact today I had more than they recommend. I think we should be drinking more than they recommend actually!

Portion sizes are the main thing for me in this plan!

The first workout was awesome although I did modify a few exercises to minimize jumping due to my plantar fasciitis. I have been stretching my muscles to help my plantar fascis, and wearing my compression socks and brace at night!

So until tomorrow, I leave you with my Protein and Carbs lists:

Have a great night,



Sprouts beans, peas, and lentils

Lima Beans





Broccoli Rabe


Sweet Corn



Collard Greens

Mustard Greens

Baby Zucchini

Beet Greens


Brussel Sprouts



Sugar Snap Peas


Pak- Choi  ( Chinese Cabbage)




















Cooked Dried Beans




Burdock Root

Winter Squash






Healthy Fats


Chia Seeds


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