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By July 31, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions

IMG_0641To begin with let me say that I have been Vegetarian since 1992, ever since I was in college…….the simple spotting of a bumper sticker on a fellow classmates car that read “Meat is Murder!” got me thinking about things. So I researched the vegetarian lifestyle and learned how to become a vegetarian the right way! Now at that time vegetarian items ie-  veggie burgers, and all were few and far between compared to what options we have today! And the biggest most annoying question we all got was “WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?” Now don’t get me wrong a few people may still ask this question, but there are so many other questions that are asked as well…….ie- what about B12, do you supplement? Or the comment, I could never give up my cheese! OR bacon!…….Ok, well it was a tougher time being vegetarian then that it is now…….I mean look at all the options we have besides fruits and veggies, we have veggie burgers, all the faux “meats, all the vegan cheeses, they have vegan marshmallows, cookies, cakes, “tv dinners”, andDSC_0008 - Copy (2) this is just to start the list…..I hope to talk more about these options everyday, and review them for you here…….also which are good to share with our dogs and all.

Today they have vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, soy free, and so much more. Ok, over to the right you will find a photo of some vegan ice creams….DeMavens made right here in Brooklyn. I mean I’m living on the same island as this ice cream! VEGAN and LOCAL, ya can’t beat that right?!?!?! Yes, I hope to be bringing more about this product to you in the up and coming weeks. But for today I will be posting a dog friendly and human friendly recipe, that is easy to make great for you and your dog in everyway. And something the hot summer weather calls for……especially this summer!

So, tune in today to the recipe section for this easy, peasy, delicious recipe that takes no time at all to make and it’s really cheap to make as well… costs next to nothing to make! So easy you’ll want to make it everyday, and there are variations to this recipe that you can play around with too!

Ok, so that was a little bit of me becoming vegan, so now what are your reasons why you became vegan or why you want to make the switch! Comment below, I want to know!

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I challenge you too……

By July 31, 2015 Challenges

On August 1, 2015- I am starting a new challenge. I am challenging myself an anyone who wants to join me to eat a clean vegan lifestyle while doing a daily workout ALL with their four legged companion. Who’s in?!?!?!? Comment below and join us our facebook page to connect with us even more!

Join Sandy and the pack in living and enjoying the good life by making awesome choices to help protect other animals and the environment while enjoying pure clean health.

The challenge will have something new to do everyday in the month of August so tune in everyday to see what we have in store for you to do to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle WITH your companion!

Sandy enjoying the good life!

Sandy enjoying the good life!

About Six Legged Companions

By July 31, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions
Six Legged Companion Portrait2

This blog will bring you our hopefully loyal readers happy and healthy lifestyle tips for not only two legged companions but your four legged companions as well. We will call our followers Six Legged Companions because our teams are not just made up of one BUT two beings. We are a team with our companions! Pamela is a Board Certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, which means she has studied over one hundred dietary theories. Pam is also a professional dog trainer, and author of “Get Your Leash On! A guide to living a happy and healthy lifestyle with your dog!” She herself has followed a Vegan lifestyle since 2000, and before that a vegetarian lifestyle since 1992. Her choice to do so was for her love of animals and later adding the love of her environment as well. At the time not thinking so much about herself, BUT always making sure she made healthy choices to balance her life and kept herself healthy and happy. Her 4 legged companions are vegan as well, about 90% of the time , the rest of the time they choose to be vegetarian! Once again this is possible for our canine companions to live a vegan lifestyle if done properly- TRUST  me, Vegan dogs can get their fill of their daily protein! We will be breaking down recipes and talking about the nutrition in them for our dogs and for us!

All of Pamela’s dogs lived long healthy and happy lives along her side! Together they all eat right, exercise, and have fun. Having learned through education and personal experience has helped our team bring this blog into fruition and made them experts in the areas discussed. We hope we see you time and time again as well as hear from you.

So tune in everyday to find out more tips, tricks, and things to do with your companion right here and live that happy and healthy lifestyle together. We will have recipes, exercises, and so much more to share with you as time goes on….

We will even be making trips to local dogparks and talking about making the best of your next trip to your local dogpark! We also want to hear from you so please use that comment section and let us know what you have to say or what we can help you out with!

scouts finish

Scout and Pam at Kent Animal Shelter the finish of their marathon together!

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