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America Vet Dog Walk week

By July 27, 2016 "Taking New Liberties!", I Just Got Scouted Blog, Sierra's Story, The Dog Runner's Blog

On July 30, 2016 – 2nd Annual Long Island Run & Dog Walk – Bethpage, NY
Register now for the 2nd Annual Long Island Run & Dog Walk. To register or donate, please visit The 5K course has been officially measured and will leave from Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Dogs are welcome to attend and participate in the 2-mile walk. All participants will have an opportunity to visit the Museum of American Armor, which is located on site, before or after the race. For more information, please contact Jaime McGrade at 631-930-9054.

This weekend is the America Vet Dogs dog walk for us at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration……and Liberty and Scout are ready for a short walk….being American foxhounds they are definitely going to fit the part for the American part of the event, being the best companions ever for Pam aka the dog runner also a US Army veteran, we fit the Vet part of the event, and heck its a dog walk. There is a 5k run coupled with this event but because the America Vet Dogs AKA the Guide Dog Foundation consider the safety for all they opted to keep the dog walk separately from the run… many things can happen when you have everyone running together. Leashes can get in the way… can always have that one person who insists on running with their dog off leash which can lead to problems in itself! Also with the heat of the season lately here in NY- on LI, it’s best to keep the dogs slow and easy and distances short and sweet! Yes Dogs were meant to run but dogs on leashes can be different than dogs running free and leashless!


So Liberty and Scout have trained for weeks and have gone up to 12 miles at one time getting ready for their event…..Sierra may join the pack on Saturday as well……

Justice will be staying home this time in the AC!


Until our next post, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The Dog Runner and her pack

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NYC AMC Doggy Dash

By July 25, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, I Just Got Scouted Blog, Justice's Blog, Sierra's Story, Skyler's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog

On Sunday July 24, 2016- Sierra, Justice and Pam AKA the dog runner set out for NYC for the second day, but today was the big day of the NYC AMC Doggy Dash. The course was reduced from 5 miles to 4 miles in Central Park still being run alongside the triathletes. Before going into the hotel, the Midtown Hilton we made our way to Times Square for a quick photo op…….just like Skyler and Scout did before they attended the expo and then race! Aren’t we beautiful? We really do belong on Broadway sorta speak!!


Once we had our photo op, we moved on back to the hotel and headed up to the Doggy Dash expo/ briefing area, when we got there we met up with the 18 other teams running the next day, and the vet staff on hand! We were briefed on the race course, meetup places/ times and what we had to do, and safety notes the vet staff had for us on race day!

It was mandatory that everything go smoothly as the temperatures were high as usual but extremely high this weekend, for the safety of our canine companions as well as the human athletes (both with the dogs and the triathletes on the course!)


This was we walked into……We got a front row seat so we could really pay attention…..while we watched the slide show we saw Scout on the screen getting ready to run his race last year!


While we were hanging out waiting our turn at the vet check, we got to meet and greet our fellow dog and human (i.e. teams) a little bit……We couldn’t help thinking of Bill Benson, a member of the Greater Long Island Running Club who recently passed away, the week before the race……..he wrote something his granddaughter read at his funeral service…..where he mentioned that just as important or fun as running was before and after the race and the camaraderie between all the runners! I think the above photos shows this taking place between 2 and 4 legged friends alike!

They also found out at the briefing that the course was reduced to 4 miles as opposed to the 5 miles it was supposed to be, this was actually good as there was an EXTREME HEAT WARNING in effect!

After the expo, we headed home and rested for an early rise the next morning… we took it easy and slow and went to bed fairly early to rise early in the morning.

So a few minutes before 6am we headed back into the city……and met everyone at the start line…… where Pam aka thedogrunner gave Justice some last minute advice to keep her eye on her running partner for the day……Sierra also got her two barks in to give her advice Scout had given her!start line 2


start line 1

start line 3

The start time was around 7:30 am depending on when the first elite athletes crossed the finish line, as this was the safest time to get the dogs out on the course…..the biggest “lull” in the crowd of athletes and all…..I must add the NYC TRI staff really do plan things really well…..and paired with the NYC AMC everything was run so well!!

Soon we were off and running……start dash

We ran to the halfway point then had to take a mandatory 5 minute (timed by a volunteer- and each dog had their own volunteer!!) break- longer if the dogs temperature was too high to continue….the vet staff held the right to stop the dogs race right then and there if they felt the dog was at great danger!….But both Sierra and Justice had to wait a little longer than 5 minutes (from 5- 8 minutes total)……and then they continued on……

Sierra led Justice the first half, then Justice led Sierra the second… be honest, the rest stop relaxed Pam too much and made it unbearable for her to comfortably run so they walked the second half more than ran……once we approached the finish line ……we had some photo ops by the event, check out Justice and Sierra running with their running partners for the race……

justice finish 2

Sierra finishing

The finishing time above Sierra was the time of the triathlete…..who was doing so well he cheered Sierra on, go doggy, he said…..he was so bright and cheerful and if he reads this blog THANK YOU for your encouragement!!

After we crossed the finish line we headed over to the last vet check and then to hang out with our fellow teams, then we hung out to see the winners get there awarded FIRE HYDRANTS!!…..and a photo op or two!!

after wards


official photo

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Doggy dash expo

By July 24, 2016 Justice's Blog, Sierra's Story, The Dog Runner's Blog

So today July 23, Sierra, Justice and myself headed into NYC for the expo of the doggy dash. There Justice met her running/ walking partner Randi, and her GSD as pictured above!! 

We also found out the race/ run/ walk will be a 4 mile instead of 5 mile which made us happy as the temps will be in 90’s!!

While in the city we stopped by Times Square for a photo op…….Sierra and Justice protected each other from the crowds as well as me! Then we made our way to the expo and vet checks preceded by the breifing!!

Above is the course for tomorrow, actually we will be making a right turn into the 102? Transverse instead to keep things a little safer due to the heat!!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The dog runner

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Doggy Dash week……

By July 18, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

So accompanying our runs the dog runner will be incorporating sessions of doga into her workouts as well as a lot of ab and core work…..Just purchased was the Maxi Climber and along side that we have the Ab Lounge and using the workouts you can find easily on YouTube…..Coupled with a great stretching routine of Doga, to not only stretch but relax us, we will take our health to new levels!!

Monday we have decided to take as a rest day and run tuesday, wednesday, and thursday- Liberty, Scout will be running the trails these days… we draw closer to the doggy dash….we will motivate one another and bring back the motivation and get go to Pam- i.e. the dog runner……after a tough weekend! We are hoping for tons of rain this weekend actually……to cool things off…..Justice has just been added as a runner in the  doggy dash, it could be changed into a doggy walk but the event will be great nevertheless…..

Ok, so now Sierra will be run/ walking with Pam and Justice will now be running with her new friend Randi- friend to many dogs and will get to meet her dog Sheba as well a fellow GSD!

To be honest Sierra’s got the speed over Justice although they give each other a run for the money in backyard! *In the photo below please note Justice has a longer leash on!*


On that note, until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner

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Thursdays Blog

By July 15, 2016 "I Got Scouted!", The Dog Runner's Blog

Scout and I set out early this morning for a run….now even in the early morning today, it was unbearingly HOT and HUMID……it became a run/ walk day….where we walked probably more than we ran… mile 4 we were both dripping wet…..and bothered by all the bugs that like to swarm around the moist, warm places…..Scout got to take a dip in our favorite watering holes along our favorite trail. We ended up finishing 8 miles, and were dripping wet at the end due to the heat and humidity! Scout got to cool off in the pond but I had to wait to get home to shower off the humidity of the day!!

IMG_7233 IMG_7234


Scout scouted out a friend along the trails today,which he swore was another dog, he kept trying to say Hi, doggy style that is, by sniffing it’s butt (or as Forrest Gump would say it’s but tocks!)


I told him it was a turtle but he insisted and kept on insisting it was another dog! I mean hello  Scout, read the signs, don’t ignore them!! That’ why they have turtle crossing signs!! Instead he kept looking for more friends!


So that was our easy run/ walk for the day, again due to weather we ended up walking more than running but we still did the distance and enjoyed our time together.

Tomorrow a 4 mile run is scheduled with Justice or Sierra or maybe 1 mile per pack member…..or something check back tomorrow to see just how the training run goes…..until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner


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Wednesday’s blog

By July 13, 2016 "Taking New Liberties!", About the Six Legged Companions, Sierra's Story

Ok so today, Liberty and I ran the trails covering just over 6 miles….of course stopping off at our watering hole as you can see……Liberty is gaining confidence, at one time she never looked in the direction of the camera….now she can’t get enough. On our run today, we passed by a deer and I thank goodness that Liberty didn’t see it fully or I would have been on my stomach being pulled down the trails, literally trailing behind Lady Liberty!!

Once Liberty and I got back, Sierra and I went out for a 3 mile road run……it was a little warm… when we got back Sierra ran around the yard and laid down in the cool grass…..and posed nicely for me……after a total of 9 miles for the Dog Runner, we came back home and did a session of Doga- ooommmm…….Namaste!


Tomorrow I run with Scout and Justice, I think maybe I shall run with both at once…..on the trails and around them…..

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner

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Twitter- @thedogrunner



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Scouts run

By July 13, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions

Today Scout and I went out for a run, and as usual he howled for at least the first mile……if not longer……halfway through out run Scout got to enjoy the pond and cool himself off……

As you can see….this is a favorite spot for all animals to congregate at……our dogs jump in and cool down in the water and the come out and shake all over us and get their jollies after showering us with their fun……and oddly we love it too!

Scout even posed nice for a picture for me and this blog…….he’s our man……

I just have to wonder what exactly he saw here though……

Looking under the bridge one has to wonder if something is under there as every dog I’ve ever taken here MUST check it out under there!!

At the end or close to the end of the run, we hit the road for a little while…….and Scout looked back at me as if to say well let’s go already……your slowing down……


After we ran the roadways for a mile or so, we hit the trails again and Scout met a new friend he just Scouted out……and was caught kissing in the park……



Today we ran a total of 8 miles as Scout just wanted to keep going…….tomorrow, Liberty takes the leash on and trains with me…..the question is will she keep going as well?!?!?

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

Once we got home I continued with a session of Doga with Sierra….

the Dog Runner and Scout

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Training pupdate……

By July 12, 2016 "Taking New Liberties!", Sierra's Story, The Dog Runner's Blog

13 days before the Doggy Dash…..Liberty, Sierra and I headed out for our training run. A nice easy 5 mile trail run……

We headed over to Blydenburgh County Park. As we started on the trails, Liberty was on the trail of not only the run but of the scent of some woodland creatures…..and didn’t let Pam catch her breathe at first…..Sierra soon picked up on those scents and ran right by Liberty’s side.

Along the course of the day, we had to slow down because we saw a huge white creature up ahead, as we got a little closer we found it was a huge swan taking a rest from his or her swim…..we had to past by the swan so we proceeded with caution. And walked on the opposite side of the trail.  Liberty wanted to go up to the swan but Pam said ok, lets keep going…..the swan quickly turned around and went down the hill into the water, and was fine!!…..And we passed then shortly continued to run!…..

IMG_7193 IMG_7194

Soon we got to our  watering hole up ahead (halfway through our run…..or just shy of our halfway point) and Liberty and Sierra took a short break to cool off in the water. While we were at our watering hole, we came across a new friend who hung around with us there, a TigerLilly Butterfly.


We continued on to finish our 5 mile run….and enjoy our time together…..


When we got home Pam, Liberty, Scout, and Sierra did a session of Doga and worked on some ab work together…..

Tomorrow Scout will train with Pam…. so check back tomorrow to see what else we do in our training and what we uncover on our runs…..


Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner!


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Independence Day- what are we celebrating?!?!?!

By July 2, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Ok, so we all celebrate the 4th of July right, we put up red white and blue banners and streamers …..throw confetti have BBQ’s and party and have firework displays at night!

But just what are we celebrating?…..July 4th is better known as Independence Day……We celebrate the Declaration of Independence was not actually signed until August but was adopted in July. The declaration of Independence declared the original the 13 colonies were no longer part of the British empire. It is the national day of the USA!

In July of 1776, George Washington (President 1789-1797), was in NY prepping to defend Manhattan against the British. And one note that makes me celebrate his actions besides being a NY’er or Long Islander, is the fact that besides being the father of our country, George was the father of the breed of my dogs- the American Foxhound!


Scout sporting the colors!

FullSizeRender 3

Liberty enjoying our great land!


Celebrating Independence Day should also keep the animals not to mention veterans in mind so celebrating loudly is frowned upon and is very disrespectful for fellow Americans Independence in the good ole USA!

On that note, until our next blog, have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

The Dog Runner, Liberty, Scout, Sierra, and Justice

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June update on training…….

By June 14, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

So this month so far Sierra, Liberty, Scout, Justice and Benji and Monty have all been training with the dog runner aka Pam. Check it out:


Here are some of our weekly training plans we are following:

IMG_6886 IMG_6887 IMG_6888 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6891

The last week may be a little different as we will be training for yet another event……

The Doggone Marathon from Smithtown to Calverton…..

The weather has been somewhat cooperative for our training……that is closer to fall time temperatures than summer ones- thank goodness!! We are hoping the temps stay cooler for the duration of summer……and that summer passes quickly! We want fall time to be here  already!  So far out of the three past weeks we have only missed one day of training… fact it was yesterday……lack of motivation can do a lot for training and all……

We will be running the marathon to raise money for Kent Animal Shelter, you can donate here: Click here to donate and help the animals!!


One of our goals is to blog twice a week to bring you more about our training and healthy information straight to you! So check back here every Tuesday and Thursday for something new that we will share with you.

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner and her pack!





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