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The day after…….

By November 27, 2015 "Taking New Liberties!"

So today is the day after Thanksgiving, and to start off the day Pam and I went on a walk just her and me…….we only walked, YES I said walked!, 2 miles but it was a quality 2 miles! While we walked I got to check out the squirrels along our path, but at the same time I had to give in and do some ON LEASH training. Yep, walking nicely on a leash. Pam kept me on her left side walking against traffic, we stuck to the sidewalks as much as possible too! She really cares about my safety! I also wore my reflective vest! Two of the zippers broke on the vest but Pam said she would fix them when she gets a chance- and as soon as possible! I held onto the keys this time as we walked…..

Oh yeah, we also used the Walk for a Dog App today! I really hope Kent Animal Shelter gets some nice money from our walks! Woof!

When we got home I proceeded into the house and had 1.5 cans of food, I must mention for the day I had 3 cans and some leftover tofurky and potatoes and sweet potatoes, and gravy (vegan). And Pam added a little olive oil to the mix, for a little added flavor and fat!

I think she loves me, wait- I know she does as she tells me all the time. Between meals I got to spend sometime out in the backyard with Scout, Candycane, Benji and Monty! We all had a great time. I mean it was warm today, I think it was supposed to be like 64 degrees out today, it felt even warmer than that. Pam was raking and bagging leaves next door while we all just hung around in the yard together. Scout even hung out on the porch- now that was weird! He usually runs from going inside!

I didn’t want to go back in but Pam brought us in after a few hours……I got to rest up a little before I ate again. I hope tomorrow we go on a nice run again. Pam loves to bring me, I love to go but the dilemma is that she wants me to gain weight and if I’m running with them I’m burning off calories and all. If she brings me with them, she says I’m building muscle mass up! And of course the exercise is good for me and them! Aggghh…… dilemma’s!

Maybe we can head on up to the beach tomorrow and I can chill out with a light walk along the shore!……A nice short walk to raise money for Kent and to make me happy! But a short enough one to not burn to many calories!

I also hope Pam signs up for a class tomorrow, she got some help paying for the class. And I really hope this class works to build her business and all.

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The Thankful Dog Runner

By November 26, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog
Image 11-13-15 at 6.19 PM

Some of the things I am thankful for are as follows:

Skyler and Myself

Skyler and Myself

Scout and myself



Skyler who was the bestest girl friend and trainer in the world!

Skyler who was the bestest girl friend and trainer in the world!

Hey, I can out PLANK you!

Hey, I can out PLANK you!



"Get Your Leash On Today!"

Six Legged Companions live happier and healthier lives together!



Thankful for my BFF Skyler!

Thankful for my BFF Skyler!

Our book "Get Your Leash On!"

Our book “Get Your Leash On!”

Doga pose.... Skyler and Me prosImage 11-13-15 at 6.19 PM Image 11-13-15 at 6.37 PM Image 11-13-15 at 6.38 PMIMG_0065 IMG_0067

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Thankful Liberty

By November 26, 2015 "Taking New Liberties!", About the Six Legged Companions

So yesterday I was talking about what I am thankful for and today being Thanksgiving I shall continue…….I am thankful for my stick in the backyard, open space to run free in the pack yard…..I am happy Pam likes and wants me to howl sometimes. I am grateful for Pam having Candy, Sammy, Kelso, Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Scout in her life, and Buddy and Mulligan! 

I am grateful for Scout being my guy, my cuddly boyfriend at night to keep me warm and cuddled up! And that we can push Pam into odd positions as she sleeps and that she allows us to overtake the bed!

I am grateful for the good food Pam feeds me, and all the treats I get. I am thankful for all the runs and walks that Pam takes me on. The fact that I can meet and greet other dogs, animals, and even other people- and that Scout is there just in case I get too scared, oh yeah and Pam being there!

I guess I would have to be thankful for Monty too and the fact he lets me kiss him on a daily basis…….

I am grateful/ thankful that Kent Animal Shelter let me stay with Pam and get out of the shelter. I am grateful/ thankful that Pam saw another hound like me that is also timid and wants to see about taking her in……another female, YES! I could use the numbers here, Pam and I were being bombarded by males! ( I hope this works out)…..

As I mentioned before I am grateful that Pam wants to learn more everyday about so many things and I totally support the business she wants to start and would do anything to help her really succeed in it, because I know the animals and environment and even people would benefit from her success! (As well as her!) She wants to take a business course that can help her take her business to the next level and possibly even get the tuition back at the end of the course……so I hope she can get the help to pay for the course!

Ok, so until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ and liberty taking day!


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Thankful Scout

By November 26, 2015 "I Got Scouted!", About the Six Legged Companions

So much to be thankful I hope I can mention most if not all of it here…..

Oh wow, I am going to backtrack a little here….when I was in the shelter at Kent Animal Shelter a long time ago, I got to know the people who work there and since they took care of Liberty as well this year, you know MY GIRL, MONTY!…MY GIRL- NOT YOURS! I am thankful for all of the people at the shelter and the trainer there and all. I am thankful and always will be for Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji, and yes- my rival for Liberty Monty! (hey he makes the world complete in fighting for my girl right?!?!?) I am also thankful for Candy, Sammy, Kelso, Mulligan and Buddy for without them Pam would not be the person she is today, they really did make her a better person- Hey leave it to a dog, right?!?!?

I do want to mention I am thankful for my ole pal and shelter volunteer Valerie Sanks who wants to do everything she can to make every shelter dog comfortable and find all of us or them great furever homes!  Wait, I think I just saw her through the fence below, no  unfortunately it wasn’t her, she’s probably at the shelter loving all the dogs!

I am thankful for all my hoomans, Pam and her folks….as I get steal Pam’s space on the bed every night and make her lie in the weirdest positions possible. But she puts up with it because she loves me! I am grateful for my runs where I can pull Pam all over the place and try to make her run faster and keep running even when she wants to give up, I’ll have her running her best again one day soon, just like my girl Skyler did years ago!

I am thankful for my run time, walk time, Walk for a Dog App to hopefully raise money for my local shelter!, and my Liberty, who cuddles close to me at night! And gives me kisses everyday! I am grateful she is slowly gaining weight and hope she gains enough to be spayed so we can go the the dog park together and I can show her my former first girlfriend’s Skyler and Sandy’s  awesome hard work!

Oh yeah, I am grateful to be able to blog and share great things with you, and to be able to “scout” out new things, places, and people for you! And hope to Scout you out one day!


So that is my Thanksgiving blog, and what I’m thankful for, hope you enjoyed it and comment below to tell me what your thankful for,

until my next blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ and scouting day,


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Thankful Candycane

By November 26, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Candycane's Blog

I have a lot to be thankful for today oh but where to begin……

I am thankful to have had my former canine pals/ friends in my life who I learned so much from ….those being Sammy, Kelso, Skyler, and Sandy…..and I am thankful for Candy who taught Pam about having a canine friend in her life before us. I am also thankful to have had Mulligan and Monty in my life (even if Monty did hump Mulligan and now humps me now!) I can get over it though, he knows I’m still the boss!

I am thankful for my now canine pals/ friends those being Scout, Liberty, Benji and Monty! Even if Scout eats everything in sight and we have to hurry to eat our food before he inhales everything himself…..hey I can beat him at his own game though.

I am thankful for my place to be a statue and watch the house next door as well as my house!….This spot by the fence. I can wait for my treats right there and for my hooman pal and canine friends to come over……watch out Monty, I just may hump you back one of these days! Pam gave me permission!


I am thankful for a good home, good food, never being alone, and yeah my hooman Pam! And my long life healthy, happy life so far!

Ok, so that is my Thanksgiving blog and what I am thankful for, what are you thankful for, comment below…I’d love to know…..

Until my next blog, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,


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Thankful Monty

By November 26, 2015 About the Six Legged Companions, Monty's Blog

Basically what I Monty am thankful for is so much where to start……

This year I have so much to be thankful for, okay first I need to backtrack…..I have to mention I am thankful for having such a great past canine pal named Mulligan, and my hoomans- Ellen, Steve, Shayna, and Aliya. And my fat feline friends! I am thankful that Aliya forgave me, or so I believe she did. And I hope to see her again one of these days BUT in the meantime, I am thankful for some new things in my life. Oh yeah, I am so thankful that my Ellen- did such a great job at training me and Mully when we were pups- because it made me easier to find the home I have now! Thank you Ellen for being so awesome! And for running with me whenever you could  to keep me in great physical shape! Since I mentioned Mully, I want to mention Skyler and Sandy who are with Mully right now who I am thankful to have had the pleasure and honor of befriending and learning from……they were great friends as I came to stay with them from time to time.

I am thankful for my new inseparable hooman- who I never want to be more than a foot away from. I want to protect her every minute of every day. After all she cares about me to feed me good food, but never over feeding me. She gets up early and lets me outside to do the “doggie” things we need to do! She makes special treats- ie- Kale chips and grows tomatoes during the summer for me to share with her and lets me pick my own if I choose.

I am thankful for my new canine buddy, Benji and his master, who I can sit at the feet and paws of, I can always guarantee myself I will NEVER go hungry sitting there and giving puppy dog eyes.  I never have to go outside alone and I can always be guaranteed a RIDE in the car- everyday at that….and stick my nose out of the window and be the dog I was always meant to be.

I am grateful for the one who calls me “Whiskey Eyes!”, I kinda like that nickname, and I really hope she (they) get a dog or two soon so I could over and play with them and extend our pack members! Hint- Pam brought me to where I am now, so talk to Pam and see if she can help you find your best friends!


I am thankful for my health and happiness. And I am thankful for my awesome grooming that made me look so handsome and made me feel like a pampered little Prince!

I am thankful for being alive and happy, well fed… have a loveseat of my own (hehehe) to call my own at night! I am happy to never be alone ever again, whether it be with Benji or my hooman’s  and Benji, I am never alone!

I am thankful for Candycane (seen below following me), as I like to hump him lately, and he is so mellow lately he just let’s me carry on……He really is a sweet doggie pal!

I am thankful for my playmate Scout and of course Liberty who plays with me and gives me daily kisses! She is my girlfriend, I’ll fight ya for her Scout! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!

Ok, so that is my Thanksgiving blog and what I am thankful for, I hope you enjoyed it and would love to know what your thankful for  so comment below, that’s the Full Monty Adventure for the day!

Until my next blog, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,


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Thankful for……

By November 25, 2015 "Taking New Liberties!"

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and tonight is called “Thanksgiving Eve”, or at least what some people call it…..I thought I would talk today about things I’m thankful for, which actually has something to do with the events of the day!

I’ll start at the beginning of our day…….

First as usual we woke up together……Scout and I were cuddled on the bed, pushing Pam over to sleep in the oddest of ways! HEHEHEHE……

IMG_3236 FullSizeRender









I am thankful to have such a great canine pal, friend, and it’s gotta be said boyfriend named Scout! Who I can kiss in the morning, throughout the day, and last thing at night. Not to mention cuddling close to him when it’s cold outside! (it’s warm inside in our bed!)

I am thankful for Candycane, a great friend and protector….no one messes with us with Candycane protecting it around here!





Thankful for giving kisses, and for this guy to MONTY!

I am also thankful for my daily walks and runs that Pam and Scout take me on….Today, we ran the trails at Blydenburgh County Park and I had a blast smelling all the great smells like the foxes, the deer, the rabbits, the SQUIRRELS, the horses, the other dogs, the trees, the leaves, the water, the ducks (swans and all)…….

IMG_3266 IMG_3269




IMG_3268 IMG_3267 IMG_3265 IMG_3264



I am thankful for all the food and nourishment that I have in my life, because without it I wouldn’t have gained another .30 of a pound. I guess if I didn’t run so much I would have gained more BUT I love my runs and walks with Pam.

I also am thankful I am able to jump up into the truck all by myself, in fact today I surprised Pam by jumping into the truck all by myself, Pam jumped for joy for me! I am thankful I can make Pam so happy with the little things I do….even just gaining under a half a pound Pam was happy with, I hope I can gain a few pounds on Thanksgiving for Pam! Eating only food that dogs can eat safely that is…..Pam doesn’t keep any other kinda of foods in the house that we can not eat together! I am thankful for eating 2-3 cans of food a day, plus all the treats  I can eat!

Oh yeah, I am thankful for the fresh bakery rye bread that Pam’s mom brought over for me (I gotta mention, so is Scout (he almost took off Pam’s finger waiting to get to it- basically never make Scout wait for his food- WOW!)

I am thankful for Scout and our runs because together when we see a dog ahead or a fox, rabbit, SQUIRREL, deer, etc……we can together run and pull Pam as fast as we can and hear Pam behind us yelling whoa, and inside we are happy to bring her along for the ride! It’s so much fun!

IMG_3264 IMG_3265

I am thankful at night that I do not have to sleep in the kennels anymore and I can learn to be a dog with my pack, and eat in peace and quiet. I am thankful that I can tell Pam hey I want to go outside, I want to eat or not eat, I want to go for a run or a walk. I am grateful that I am able to be around other dogs daily and that I am able to start to trust other people as well as Pam. I am able to go up to other people in the park and not back away, ok- so I am a little standoff’ish with people but I can stand pretty close to others, Scout is showing me that people aren’t all that bad as he wants to kiss everyone in site!

IMG_3279 IMG_3281

I am thankful for life and all it has to offer……I am thankful that Pam knows what she knows but at the same time knows she doesn’t know it all and wants to learn. I hope she gets to go back to school like she wants to in 2016. I am thankful for Kent Animal Shelter and the caring people at the shelter from Pam Green, Kathy (a great trainer), the kennel staff (I have to give a special mention to Ricky, he loves each of the dogs there and knows each one of us so well) I can go on with each and every person at the shelter  but that would take so much time and space here on the blog. I do want to mention my buddy who walked with me everyday at the shelter , who I am sure is walking everyday with all my fellow canine friends still awaiting their furever  homes!

Ok, so that is some of the stuff I am thankful for this year, I hope my list just expands next year…….oh yeah, I am thankful that even though Pam is fostering me now, I am grateful that she and I want to adopt each other within the next few months! And that I can spend the holidays with my Scout, Candycane, Benji, and Monty, and oh yeah Pam!

I hope to bring you some great thanksgiving day events tomorrow, so tune on back in,

Until then Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ liberty taking thanksgiving day,


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New discoveries……

By November 25, 2015 "Taking New Liberties!"

Today, I discovered a new place to run and/ or walk with Scout and Pam, when we headed up to the Stony Brook area. The place is called Avalon Preserves……

Here we came across a Sculpture which we I guess you can say we participated in……


IMG_3216IMG_3217Before you come up to the actual sculpture there are notecards and pencils in a container/ box that you can write a note to the heavens and put into a slit in the sculpture to send off.

So on our adventures of the day we sent out message to the heavens.

We hope and trust that our message will be delivered. Our plan is to visit the sculpture often and send our messages out to the heavens often!

Besides it’s cool to see our reflection in the shiny ball. Yeah!  I do think Pam needs to get a better sport armband holder for her phone, so she can easily get it ready to take more photos for our blogs and all on our daily adventures! This holder she has now makes it difficult to get the phone out of the holder to take a photo and we missed a lot of great shots because of it…..She needs a Quad Lock sports band holder so she can safely and securely have it and whip it out for a quick shot of us and then safely secure it once again……and the armband most likely will not come apart so easily!

Hey Quad Lock, we promise to blog about the product a lot if you send us one to test out, also we have a lot of running buddies that would invest in such a product if it works for us! We do belong to two running clubs, possibly rejoining a third running club again in 2016! (NYRR!)

Ok, so here is a map of Avalon and a close up portion of the part we stuck to today……

IMG_3220 IMG_3219Any questions?!?!?!









After we finished our 3.5 mile run, I came home and had my first can of food, shortly after we went outside and ran around and played. And got to really smell what autumn has to offer us. I got to play and kiss Monty and Benji (by the way Monty doesn’t want to share me with anyone anymore)…….But more on that in a later blog, promise! Maybe I’ll let Monty cover that in his blog!

But here we are enjoying the scents of autumn!IMG_3223 IMG_3224 IMG_3227

Once we had a good long romp in the yard we went in and I had my second can of food, and then laid down with Scout for a nice little nap. Ok, a long cuddly warm sleep….. while Pam went about some things she had to do!


On that note, I will let Pam get ready for Thanksgiving and get back to her chat….until tomorrow have a happy and healthy and liberty filled day,


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Liberty finds her stick- no, literally!

By November 23, 2015 "Taking New Liberties!"

First sorry I missed you yesterday, now onto today!

This morning we headed outside to run and play and do what a dogs gotta do…..if ya get my drift, and I think you do!

And I found my stick- no literally, I found a stick to  chew on and to play with!


While we were ALL outside, I got to play and run around with Scout, Candycane, Benji, and Monty……Check this video out…..

I gotta say though, I never have to worry about Monty catching me, I can out run him anytime! Of course Monty has a dislocated knee cap, and I am younger than he is, and the breed that both Scout and I are mostly made up of, are bred for speed among other reasons!

Anyway, shortly after we played and ran around in the yard we all got into the back of the truck and went for a ride, we stopped for bagels as well. And I got two bagels (one which I shared with Pam), Scout and Candycane each got one bagel…..and Monty as well as Benji got their bagels. Once I had my bagels and food, I got to lie on the bed and take a snooze and watched some tv.

In the words of Annie, you know little orphan Annie?!?!?, “I think I’m gonna like it here!”…….Oh wait, I do…’s just taking me a little while to get my confidence level up to really trust all around me. Pam knows what that’s like though, her trust was basically shoved in her face and mustering up that confidence and trust in other hoomans is hard for her sometimes! We are working on this together though!

Ok, so as much as I need Pam and Scout and Candycane, they need me too, and I gotta say being needed feels nice! For instance, late at night if I’m not on the bed, Pam calls me up to cuddle and spoon her to keep her toasty warm and cuddled comfy in bed. And therefore Pam and I bond closer and our trust in each other grows!

Ok, so that is what is happening today, on this Thanksgiving week…..We’ll talk about what we’re thankful for this week, so get ready to comment on this or another blog and tell us what your thankful for!

Until our next blog,

have a happy and healthy and liberty taking day,


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Restful Saturday….

By November 21, 2015 "Taking New Liberties!"
Liberty and Pam

IMG_2891.JPGOkay, today I had a restful Saturday as Candycane and myself were left at home while Scout went out and about on a LI-Dog Pack Walk! Pam and Scout really wanted me and Candycane with them but left Candycane at home one because he’s getting older and two because they didn’t want me to be alone! And because I am not spayed yet it was a good idea to leave me at home. But no fear I am working on putting on some weight- I’m hoping I weigh in this week (either Monday or Wednesday) to go get spayed so I don’t miss out on anymore events!

As Scout got into the truck and I went inside, I heard Scout howl to get going, to maybe he was calling out to me! And I started to cry and howl because I wanted to be with my guy, Scout! I think we broke Pam’s heart having to temporarily separate us but I promise it will not be for long, I vow now to do what it takes to gain weight and be spayed and to gain my confidence around others! Pam you will be by my side as much as I can be by your side for years to come! (That is if you vow to help me make all this a reality too! After all it is a 2 way street!)

Going on walks and runs with my own pack is different than going on walks with loads of dogs not to mention unknown dogs, I also am working on my confidence levels around others, this is also another reason why I wasn’t brought today! Scout and I are hoping Pam volunteers to get a New Years Pack Walk up and going locally at Blydenburgh with of course LI-Dog!…..A nice resolution keeping walk, you know those weight loss resolutions (or healthy ones) we all make every year. And to get everyone using the Walk For a Dog App (it’s free to get and you can help out local shelters of your choice!) The problem is deciding which shelter to help out! I will have to get back to you on the details as I have a call or rather email in to find out some details!

Anyway, today I did in fact have three cans for food, and will go on a short walk with Pam just because she knows I love my walks.

So this is a brief blog to keep you up to date today,

I think we’re going out and about tomorrow morning or afternoon, so I’ll bring you along on my journey in tomorrow’s blog!

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ liberty taking day,


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