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Fab Five (my favorite fellow bloggers and why…..)

By September 29, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Today’s prompt for Blogtember which is coming to an end tomorrow is:

Thursday, Sept. 29: Your Fab Five. Share your favorite bloggers/besties and tell us what you love about them! Share a link and give a shout out.

So here it goes, I hope I’m on someones list or am earning a spot in the future on someone fab five list but in the meantime here are mine:

  1.      Julia is the founder and owner of this blog and I know her from school, she is a fellow health coach. Why I like her blog is the content and her professionalism she exudes on the site….


    copyright Lemon Stripes/ Julia

  2. Whitney is the founder and owner of Eco Vegan gal, why I like her is that she and I have a lot in common…..we both care for the animals and the environment and our health (our health being the health of ourselves and others) and know going vegetarian and/ vegan is the way to make a positive difference in making the world a better place. Whitney can also be found all over social medias, you should check out her Youtube channels……yes, she has a few!

    copyright Eco Vegan Gal/ Whitney Lauritsen


    copyright Jenny/ healthy crush

    3. is the founder and owner of Healthy Crush, another alumni of my former school. Jenny is also a fellow health coach. Her blog is a avery successful blog and wish to follow in her blogging footsteps, her blog is a must read to a lot of people, including me.






copyright Bailey/ Braveloveblog



4. Bailey is the founder and owner of this blog. Bailey has to be mentioned here, she’s been blogging for sometime, and reading some of her blogs I see she has her faith intact and because of things that happened to me I felt my faith was lacking, so she had me renew my faith or start to and I am now on a path into doing so, in fact it is actually part of my book I’m writing.Besides the fact she brings other bloggers together every September in her Blogtember challenge!



copyright Freelee/ Banana Girl

5. and last but not least Freelee is the founder and owner of this blog, she is a fellow vegan from austalia she introduced me to the raw vegan world. And yes like me she loves her Bananas ( she started 30 bananas a day- yes it is possible to eat 30 bananas a day, it’s filling, satisfying, and delicious…..visiting Banana Island is a great sorta cleanse when going raw……but not recommended long term……been there done it….I think it’s time for another trip though!…. Freelee can be found on Youtube as well, check out her videos, she is real, authentic and you’ll love her I promise!

Bonus favorite:this is more a vlogger than a blogger but I have to mention her….you can check out her videos on Youtube too:Her name is Cobi Kanani… this video she and I crave the same types of VEGAN snacks salty over sweet but she will talk about sweet stuff in other videos, ya gotta check her videos out!

Ok so those are my top five favorites…what are yours share some in the comments below……and can’t wait to read my fellow Blogtember bloggers favorites! Oh and feel free to put me on your favorite list now or in the future!

Until tomorrow our final day of the challenge have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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My year so far……

By September 28, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Todays prompt for Blogtember is: Wednesday, Sept. 28: The top five pictures that illustrate your year so far.

So let’s see: I will go find 5 shots and post them below…..


One of the few races I did, I had two dogs and met a friend to run with Justice (and for Justice in our lives!) At the NYC AMC DOGGY DASH briefing!

dash start 2

The start of the NYC AMC DOGGY DASH race….and we’re off!


Liberty coming to the mat and helping me practice yoga I mean DOGA! and shows us how to do the Downward Dog pose properly!


Justice gets into the Doga scene too and shows us how to do the Cobra pose properly!


this might not seem like a big deal but heading out for a race is a big deal for me, having PTSD crowds bring out a different side of me and I become a different person, so meeting up with three human friends to run with some of my pack really helped me emotionally and mentally- so my deepest thank you’s to these lovely ladies for your coming out and joining us, you helped me come out of my comfort zone a bit, have some fun and forget my past for a little time! BEST therapy around, the check is in the mail!

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Laughter makes the world go round…….

By September 27, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions

I literally laughed til I pee’d this weekend……I have some photos and a video to share and a quick story……my Sunday doesn’t start out with laughter but it ended up a great weekend with friends (2 and 4 legged alike)…….check this out…..yes, it’s my laughter version of yesterday’s blog…….

Ok, Sunday we set out early to go west to pick up a friend at the train station because the stinking LIRR doesn’t have any trains further east than Huntington early on……and on one line there was work being done so they weren’t running trains past a certain point, of course to start the day my friend took a spill getting to the train, it screwed up so much she ended up having to take a later train, her phone fell on the tracks (but it’s ok and so is she…) Not the laughter part yet of course, but we’ll get there….

On our way back out east another friend calls and says her GPS is screwy and is not sure where she was and was asking me for directions, actually she was closer than she thought. And ended up waiting for us. We all made it on time with a good 5-10 minutes to spare and had a great time too.

I ran with Scout and Liberty, planning on running a slower pace keeping up the rear of the pack, well my pack had other plans. You see Monty ran with my friend Ellen (Monty was her dog about 1-2 years ago but because of an incident that happened with her daughter she had no choice but to give him up which broke four hearts BUT they get to see one another and run together whenever they can which makes them all happy). Liberty saw Monty ahead and since Scout and Liberty usually run side by side I had my American Foxhounds pulling me safely going around so many other running teams as fast as they could pull me to get to Monty and Ellen because Liberty wanted to give Monty a kiss. And because Sierra and Liberty are BFF’s and are so used to running next to one another both attached to me Sierra pulled Marie to get to Liberty. It was funny as heck, I kept telling them watch the runners stick together, watch out for the other dogs. Always watching the leashes front of me, etc. I couldn’t help but to pee my pants, I mean my dogs were attached to the leash around my waist pulling on my bladder!

So it was a story to tell one pack member getting to another. Justice was behind trying to get to to her pack as well but Randi who passed Sierra and I at the last Doggy Dash in Central Park had to take it easy and really enjoy the run with Justice due to her fall! So Justice was the bucking bronco with Randi (torn between the love for her pack and Randi!) Who do we run with?!?!? Of course we lost Monty at about a mile as Pam had to stop and pick up after Scout, yuck, but responsible actions can make this event last for years! And possibly add more races locally to run with your dog!

Ok, so here is the video and some photos from the day, I think I share some yesterday but there are a few more….

dog-jog-1 dog-jog-2 dog-jog-4 dog-jog-5 dog-jog-6 dog-jog-7 dog-jog-8dog-jog-10



Oh and at the end of the race Scout must have went over to the soldier and was petted for 5 no at least 10 minutes and didn’t want to leave his side. Check these photos out, he was kissing and cuddling close to the soldier who is serving his country proudly!

dog-jog-9 dog-jog-11 dog-jog-12 dog-jog-13 dog-jog-14 dog-jog-15 dog-jog-16

Until tomorrow and the last few days, which is something that makes me cry- i.e. the end of Blogtember ( and I hope some fellow bloggers get in touch with me and stay in touch with me)……..have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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Lazy days……

By September 27, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Rest days are so important for good health as well as eating right and working out….

Over the last week my pack and myself have run over 30 miles and everyday we have been running and working out…….sometimes a body needs a rest day. In these times we are so go go go…..but we need to steal some time to rest and let the body catch up with ourselves, and our busy schedules. Rest and recovery is mandatory when training. And after this weekend, things caught up with us……so today we had a mandatory rest day!


We’ll be back tomorrow following the last few prompts of the Blogtember challenge, we are looking for some guest blog opportunities for ourselves at the present time, so others get to know who we are and what our message is…..and all……in the meantime, we’ll keep blogging away and writing our little hearts out!


Until tomorrow, and the next prompt,have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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Sunday’s events…..

By September 26, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

The Dog Jog 5k happened today, Pam and her dogs all took place in the race it was a nice quiet peaceful race. Getting there was a bit tricky as she had to go east before she went east on Long Island. She first picked up her friend Randi who ran with Justice at the Huntington train station, she came all the way from Brooklyn. Then she got a call from Marie (former and hopefully renewed GLIRC member) who ran with Sierra who wasn’t 100% sure she was on the right road despite her directions/GPS…..turns out she was on the right track- note to her don’t second guess her search and directions, your fine….it was panic mode- hopefully your back to the race scene now…..she dropped Monty off at Ellen and Steves just to assure they would make the race. (in case Pam didn’t make it from Huntington in time which she did). Once we all got to Calverton- Issac dogpark!- the race was off in five minutes of their arrival……so Pam her five dogs…..and three human friends with a small yet awesome crowd were off and running. Scout and Liberty, started off in the back making their way to the front of the crowd, or at least the first few……Liberty and Scout run side by side, and they pulled Pam through the people and dogs safely leashes directly in front of Pam so as not to get in anyones way. Pam kept talking to her dogs to watch the others, telling others we’re coming through as a warning , etc  Yeah even Pam knows COMMUNICATION is key with your running partner (2 or 4 legged) and those around you just shy of 1 mile there was a poop pickup stop for Pam when Scout ran the –it out of himself- LOL! Then they were off again. Strong Island running club had waterstops for both human and canine athletes. Ellen and Monty broke away at this point and kept going strong. Sierra and Marie started to now run with Pam. Liberty, and Scout. For the rest of the race. Randi and Justice weren’t far behind (Sierra thinks Justice and Randi just let her and Pam beat them this time as they beat them at the NYC AMC Doggy Dash. Oh they also had dog markings so people could put their numbers on their dogs. (with washable ink of course- how cool is that, huh?) I think Dr Robert Monaco (vet and fellow dog runner would approve)! The course ran along the bike path along Rt 25 and onto the runway at the Calverton Executive Airport (YES, there is an airport there people!!) ending across from the dogpark there (I think LI-Dog would approve of this course!)

Check out some photos and a short video from the day…..


From this race we went on to the Kent Animal Shelter fundraiserkent-event

which is always a great time and we ran the course twice- it was short but totaling another 1.5 miles……

Still tired from the weekend but wishing all a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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Saturday’s events

By September 26, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Since I actually had literally no time to sit down and write my blog Saturday let me tell you what went on.

Sierra and I headed out to run a local 5k race called Running of the Bull….Sierra pulled me the whole way…..I wanted to bring up the end and take it really easy Sierra had other plans. So I went with it. We didn’t place Saturday but we continued on to later go to Blydenburgh for a pack walk, a pack walk with other dogs and their companions. Here are some pictures from the run……We also hauled away a bunch of bananas that should ripen this week- should we make doggie ice cream with them or smoothies?!?!?!img_0892 img_0893 img_0894 img_0895

Check this haul out- FREE- gotta love races when you do some food shopping!


until my next blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner




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Not my grandmas recipe!!

By September 23, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog

Ok, today was supposed to be sharing my grandmas recipe day, but I’m taking a new twist on it…..

My grandma did make tuna salad with the mayo and all…..but since I’m vegan here is my version, I think Grandma would approve! Here is my video on how to make it and all……

Doesn’t it look good and so much better for you and the tuna fish swimming around!!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,



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Fall Favorites……

By September 22, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

Today we’re talking fall favorites…….to begin with number one, fall means summer is over, which means cooler temperatures



So welcome fall…..and happy fall to all my readers… my dogs and I went for a first day of fall run on these trails! Beautiful, now if the temperatures come down with the start of fall it would be perfect! Go away heat and humidity!!

Along our run we found the best part of fall/ autumn which are the ever-changing colors……now having the weather we’re having the trees are just starting to go through their cycle but here is a taste of the Long Island start to their color change……


img_0860 img_0866 img_0862

Along with the colors and weather change- fall running is our favorite- not to hot not to cold…..perfect all around and wherever you are you can see the beautiful colors that surround you!

FullSizeRender 6

Ok until tomorrow have a happy an healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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I scream for Nice cream…..what about you?

By September 21, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions

First, you must know whatever flavor I would be it would have to be dairy free, soy free ice cream, as well as good for my dogs. Either banana based, or coconut based……not so much almond or any nut based but it is an option……WHY? because I am VEGAN and love animals and the environment…..Oh and because we care so much about the animals and environment with our ice cream we call it NICE cream!


What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

You got: Strawberry
Cool, refreshing, and always a popular choice — that’s you. People love being around you for your sense of fun and lightheartedness, and you always know how to keep them entertained. Basically, you are the berry of the gods.


Even avocado based ice cream would work for me……hey, it’s different and an unlikely base for nice cream!

Oh I think my dogs would be pumpkin, peanut butter flavored nice cream! They eat it all the time and never look up from the cup until it is all gone!


What flavor would you be?

Ok until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner and her pack

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By September 20, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog

Today’s prompt for Blogtember- Something you wish more people knew or believed……

So there are some things I wish people would know and believe…..


1- DOGS RULE! Know this well and believe it in your heart because they do…..They help us through tough times and everyday life……They are always ready to go for a run or practice dogs or pupilates (you know instead of that human companion who keeps flaking out on you!)

2- I know more than others think I do, I’m probably smarter than YOU!, after being belittle by those who were obviously jealous of all I had and know, I need to toot my own horn!

3- I am unfortunately human and I react the same as any other human, so please don’t look at me or treat me differently when I react to something just as you are, or did moments before…..I have the right to react the same way than you just did!

4- I will get everything I want in the next year, and help so many animals, the environment, and other people  in mass quantities doing everything I love to do!

5- Everything I do and say has all of the animals, the environment, and even other people in mind because I care for the welfare of all!

6- I am proud of our nation/ country but we still have our negatives/ problems and as great/ strong a military as it still has it’s problems in how they train the enlistees……ie if someone is at a certain level you don’t try to break them down to build them up all over again- that is for those that are at a lower level- let’s not be counterproductive!

7- Even though you live somewhere you still need to respect your neighbors rights to a peaceful time in their homes (inside and out)….so if you need to blare your music GET A HEARING AID, I’lll bring you down to get fitted! The rest of the world doesn’t need to hear or be subject to your “music”!  You are not the only ones in this world!

Ok, that felt good to get somethings off my chest……..Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner



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