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There are fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins, the fat soluble vitamins are stored in fat whereas the water soluble ones need to be replenished frequently due to be execreted, the vitamins required by dogs are as follows:

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3),  B6, Pantothenic acid, Folic Acid, Biotin, Cobalamin (B12),  Ascorbic Acid(C), Choline, and Carnitine.

People need Vitamins as well our B vitamins also need to be replenished. Vitamin C, D, E, K…..and most of the Vitamins that our dogs need are ones that we need too.

Each vitamin deserves a separate blog to be discussed. And next week we will do just that so check back to discuss each and everyone further.

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

the dog runner

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By February 5, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

Fats or lipids are made up of fatty acids from either plant or animal sources. Animal sources usually are saturated fats while plants are usually monounsatuarated  and polyunsaturated.  Fats are used as an energy source and to promote growth and healthy skin. Dogs have a requirement for a particular fatty acid called linoleic acid as we also know as Omega 6 fatty acids. All other fatty acids but this can be synthesized in their body but this kind so they require it otherwise! Safflower, sunflower, and corn oil are high in linoleic acid. Soybeans contain both linoleum and linolenic fatty acids which make them good ingredients in dog food. A good source of Omega 3 fatty acids id Evening Primrose oil.

So far we have found out the last few days dogs like us need a nice balance of Protein, Carbohdrates, Fats  and we need to really pay attention to their food labels not just out own.

Tomorrow we will discuss more so check on back tomorrow for more and to hear about my NEW 21 day program to a healthy plant based victory with your dog!

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The Dog Runner

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Dogs have an essential requirement for carbohydrates yet humans do not. Carbohydrates are very important in a dogs nutrition.Energy can be met with protein but can be costly and protein is required for other purposes. Carbs are converted into glycogen, which is used by the liver for quickly accessible energy and the brain for alertness and thinking clearly. Carbs are also a way of sparing protein for meeting other requirements which lightens the load on the kidneys as well. Carbs also come with fiber which promotes gastrointestinal health. They also provide phytochemicals.


In the photo above you can see Scout carbo loading on some bread to continue on and finish our 10 mile run ( by the way he also found some pizza to carbo load on as well!)…..And he could have ran forever! So who now thinks carbs are not meant for dogs!?!??! My dogs can prove you all wrong!

Thyroid function is also dependent on the correct amount of carbohydrates in a dogs diet. B compounds found in many grains and strach producing veggies is needed so the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine can produce T3″.

Sources of Carbs

There is a variety of common sources of carbohydrates in commercially available dog food. Look for higher quality carbohydrate sources like these listed below:

sweet potatoes
chick peas
Also there are lower quality sources such as which should be avoided whenever possible:

grain by-products
mill run
cereal food
grain fermentation solubles

We will talk more about Proteins and carbohydrates in other blogs but this is something to start off our blogs on specifics to know about for you and your dog!

Check back daily for more blogs on being healthy together!

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner

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protein vegan

Proteins are simply chains of amino acids with 16% nitrogen……which help build tissues and muscles within the body. Hair, teeth, and nails need protein to grow and to be strong. Dogs require 10% protein, and certain amount of nitrogen. Protein can be used as an energy source when carbohydrates are not available. They help the dog maintain their muscle mass! When we are talking vegan lifestyle, people often ask – and I am so tired of this boring question at this point- where do you get your protein?….Now while plants offer carbohydrates they also offer protein along with fiber, fatty acids,  and amino acids- they also come with important phytochemical that cannot be found in animal products (we will discuss this in another blog though)…….


Protein rather amino acids and nitrogen can be found in many different food sources. There are 10 essential amino acids for dogs: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

Okay so this is just the beginning of our exploration of nutrients for people and dogs on this blog  check back tomorrow for more great information and findings on living that humane plant based lifestyle with your four legged best friend (or two legged if this is the canine part of the team checking out the blog! LOL!)

As far as humans go we really do not need that much protein everyday:

Adults in the U.S. are encouraged to get 10% to 35% of their day’s calories from protein foods. That’s about 46 grams of protein for women, and 56 grams of protein for men.

It’s not hard to get this amount if you eat two to three servings of protein-rich foods a day, according to the CDC.

And in fact even those numbers are high in our daily requirements! Check this out:

 “People that consume animal protein in every meal can end up consuming up to 5 times more animal protein than their daily requirement.”

Recommendations vary but according to the American Dietetic Association, most active adults only need 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram (1 kg = 2.2 pounds) of body weight per day. So a person who weighs 125 pounds needs 45 to 57 grams of protein in a day. Females need less protein than males, and serious athletes might need a little more protein — But not a lot more! Studies have shown that protein use is no higher during exercise than under resting conditions.

I have never heard about anyone human or dog going to their dr or vet for a protein deficit have you?!?!?!?

tomorrow we’ll talk about Carbohydrates! check back in tomorrow!

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner


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My latest adventures……

By February 2, 2016 "Taking New Liberties!"

Okay, I know I haven’t been here in awhile- blame Pam! But good news I officially weighed inIMG_3524-0.jpg at 51 lbs and was spayed at Kent Animal Shelters Spay and Neuter Clinic. No more in heat days- YES, they were just a pain in the butt!…..

Besides I have my adopted pup Sierra, who just wants to play all day with me- since I have to take it easy the next 10 days Pam has been leash walking me 3X’s a day and Sierra cries when we go out for the walks  because she doesn’t want to be without me. Now that’s devotion to me!

This month, Pam and I will be studying Doga and Pupilates so that we can learn better on how to bring these practices to others while starting up our own new companion sports, kinda- ok- you have to tune in to find out more over time.

But in the meantime, I gotta say the spay and neuter clinic is a great place, admittedly enough as I was waiting a dog came in and started barking at me  and it made me want to go into the  corner and hide but that’s not their fault, that’s on me! And my past experiences!

They even clipped my toenails there for Pam (she will not clip a dogs toe nails as she had a bad experience in the past- she was traumatized!)

Now for the next ten days wait- 8 days now- ok, until the 8th of February- I have to remain calm and wear my collar- they gave us an ecollar but Pam had a Procollar which is a lot more comfortable and that works just the same!

I was given 4 days worth of pain pills and will be taking my last one tomorrow……I’m eating again, I love my peanut butter without Xylitol of course! and my bagels!……

In fact, if Pam ever does a video of giving us peanut butter you’ll go aw and laugh because Sierra and  I share the spoon and won’t let Pam go until it’s cleaned off totally!

Alright so that is my update for today,hope you enjoyed it,

until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,



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Digestive systems……

By February 2, 2016 The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan


dog digestive system 1

dog digestive system 3The Digestive system, its good to know how one digests what they eat and drink when looking at the foods we should be eating and what nutrients, vitamins, minerals and all one should be taking in on a daily basis.

And today we’ll talk about the human and canine digestive systems, briefly- of course, we will touch on the basics and to learn more you can always research it on your own or hire your own health coach to discuss things further.First digestion works first of all with all your senses, from the first smell of that meal to first seeing that juicy veggie burger, you will and your dog will start to salivate which gets those  hormones working overtime. the more senses working will get more of your glands and hormones producing digestive enzymes which in return produce saliva which is the start of digestion.

So yeah when your dog salivates,  and drool is hanging down their ready to chow down, makes sense right??!?!?…….

Water can fill those tummies so offer yourself or your dog some water and maybe tummy will be more fill and eat less. make sense again…..just trying to break things down for all to understand! Besides we all should be drinking water to keep hydrated! Water is essential to all of out lives as we are made up (ALL of us!) of mainly you guessed it water!

As far as the digestive systems go yeah it continues as we or our dogs put the food into our mouths, for our dogs its like one long tube from the mouth to the anus ( where it comes out and we need to have poop bags on walks!) ok, my sense of humor is weird at best!…….Digestion is where we all turn these “substances” or food into nutrients.  It occurs on the multicellular,  cellular, and sub cellular levels.

In our dogs it goes from the mouth to the parroted glands, behind the ears (ever watch your dog eat, watch the head as they chew I we can see the area here move- or better yet if your dog allows you feel the spot, which warning can feel a little weird the first time, you can feel digestion taking place- then the mandubular glands (in the jaw region). The Sublingual glands located below the tongue, produce saliva to moisten food which breaks down the food, it also makes it easy to swallow.

The lips and tongue are key to helping food get around in the mouth. Tastebuds are contained in the upper part of the tongue,this is the called papillae.

From the mouth it goes to the pharynx at the back of the throat.Then to the esophagus,  which goes from the throat to the stomach, The cardiac sphincter is the muscle separating the esophagus from the stomach and regulates access to the stomach. It prevents reflux.

Now it’s in the stomach. Enzymes, mucus, and hydrochloric acid are secreted here to chemically digest the food, kill bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and other organisms which entered the food. The stomach initiates protein digestion.  It also acts as a reservoir, it adds digestive enzymes to food and it acts as a regulator valve that controls flow rate into the small intestine.  It’s secretions contains protcases (protein digestion enzymes), hydrochloric acid, and mucous.

The small intestine- about 3.5 times the length of the animal is where the nutritional contents are absorbed into the bloodstream.  The three part s of it are the duodenum (about 10 inches), the jejunu- the longest part, and the ileum about 5.9 inches and the shortest part. Two types of movements that take place in the small intestine are peristalsis and segmentation.

Vegan lifestyle and dogs- it is said that dogs cannot digest carbohydrates because they do not produce salivary amylase but they do produce pancreatic amylase allowing them to digest carbohydrates in the small intestine. We will discuss this in more detail on another day.

Bile is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder- similar to us, no??!?!? The primary goal is to emulsify ingested fat.

Food is next moved to the large intestine through the cecum, a small pouch  between the small and large intestine.

Okay the details of what goes on in the small and large intestines will be broken down further in future blogs as the process can be a lot to write about now. And I think each deserves their own blog to be discussed!

I just wanted to add a shot of the human digestive system, which is fairly similar yet with it’s differences! Once again digestion starts when we actually smell or just see the food across the room! As I dwelve deeper into the subject here on this blog we will uncover the smiliarities and differences together. I think most of the differences are in the secretions produced to help along the digestive process. So stay tuned………

human digestive system

Tomorrow we will start discussing nutritional requirements of our dogs and us…..

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

the dog runner








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Scouted- a brand new 10 mile run- for the dogs!

By January 11, 2016 "I Got Scouted!", About the Six Legged Companions, Scout's Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog
IMG_4587 2

A new 10 mile run! (Also part of Get Fit with your pet month!)

Sunday, January 10, 2016- So because of the overwhelmingly tough time people have to race to just register for the Run for the Brewery race next weekend. Karol Kalin-Holmes started a new option this year, it was a great run NOT a race! BUT it was great, there was a small fee to run with the group, but she provided water, Gatorade and a few snacks at the turnaround point (about 4. 5 miles through the run) And in my case she made sure that my dog Scout had something to do some extra carbo loading on there, not sure how she did it but she did! Check this out:img_4572.jpeg

This reminded me of the movie you’ve got mail when Tom hanks character says his dog likes to eat bits and pieces of bagels and pizza off the sidewalk but he prefers to buy his!

Karol put in the perfect weather and apparently told the powers that be to hold the rain off until the next day, she had volunteers to help guide people unfamiliar with the course. And at intersections that were or could have been dangerous otherwise…..although as I was rounding out my 10 miles I swear I felt a few raindrops that amounted to nothing unless there was a breeze that stirred up a little dirt or water from somewhere else!

As Scout and I started early we came across a lot of people walking their dogs or just out for a walk on their own or with a friend so of course Scout had to stop and sniff a few butts- of the canine kind! He had to check out all of his surroundings and let the world know he was there with his bellowing howls! Did you hear him howl, China called and asked me to keep him quiet as we were running!

But he loves running the Greenway “trails” even though they are paved trails, they have the benefit of the hills and safe cross walks that the walker, runner or cyclists control by just walking through the scensors I mean how awesome is that!…..Scout likes the control of doing that, and so do I….although you still have to proceed with caution as some drivers will not pay attention to the flashing lights that are provided for our safety!….IMG_2873.JPG IMG_2871.JPG IMG_2872.JPGWe started running there last year, the end of last year and we vow to be back.

Along the way we saw someone along the side of the trailway, off to side a bit, who obviously couldn’t handle the hills….they are obviously not a part of the Selden Hills group! They were just lying there….oh don’t worry it was just an old scarecrow that’s been there since we started running there! Check this out:
Obviously this course is not for the faint of heart and one should proceed with caution! It runs from Stony Brook to Pt Jeff, with nature surrounding you most of the way. When you leave the train station within the first mile you have a smallish hill leading you to the entrance of the parking lot to the Greenway Trailways!…..the trailway is paved and has a lot of turns and hills but very animal friendly and people friendly, if nothing else I was happy that Karole and her crew introduced us to the trail way, although we would rather actual trails than pavement, I have to add if one chooses one can opt to go off the pavement and hit the actual trails right next to the paved trails…….but we stuck to the paved way for the 10 mile run!

When we got to about 8 and 9 mile point we started running with the faster runners who had caught up with us as we started a good half hour or so before hand…….and check it out I ended up running FOUR PAWS ahead of some of LI’s fast runner s to include Bill Flemming and Jim Murray, without Scout tethered to me I would have never been able to keep the pace to run FOUR PAWS ahead….ok, Scout was the one ahead of us all I was in line with them but once again……how often can I even come close to that claim!

I should mention there were a few runners that even Scout couldn’t keep up with because he was attached to me……of course, I take the blame i.e.- Rick Secor and another fellow GLIRC runner who was the first to finish- here’s to a fast race winning year to you both and the few that past right by us with a SMILE on your face and a hello doggy in their hearts and coming out of their mouths!

IMG_4586 IMG_4587 2
I may have been most improved runner back in 2010,but since then in 2015 I lost two of my senior dogs who motivated me to run and run well and trained me. So without my Skyler and Sandy I’ve slowed down and Scout and Liberty are trying to get me back to my running performance that I once had…..give me some time!

Karol and her crew collected a small fee for the run- hey she provided water and cupcakes and beer at the end! And plenty of volunteers to help the runners be safe and sound!…….Where it truly counted too!……And therefore was able to collect a few hundred dollars for Kent Animal Shelter (where Scout and Liberty- my dogs came from) and I believe one local shelter…..what a heart we have in our club- I guess Scout was the poster dog for the day for the run, or as someone called him the mascot- he would be proud to be the “mascot” next year as well……

Just a note Kent is undergoing some tough times as they try to rebuild the facility to be more environmentally nice and nicer for the dogs, the Pine Barrens Assoc. is giving them trouble in rebuilding, no one else but them they have all other permission but cannot rebuild because of the opposition from one organization- the plans are VERY MUCH SO ENVIRONMENTALLY sound! So maybe if we can help them raise enough money that money can do the talking for the Pine Barrens and the comfortable living conditions of those cats and dogs awaiting their new homes! You can find out more about this at

We finished the last ½ mile or so on the Stony Brook campus, crossing over the railroad tracks and running alongside the ball fields……going out wasn’t bad coming back there was a slight incline to run coming back to the station!

But once we finished we went across the street to THE BENCH where there was water, Gatorade, CUPCAKES ( I had to keep Scout away from that table because he wanted those cupcakes, which in this persons opinion will put the cupcakes at the end of the Aspire Run to SHAME!- no offense Glen!- but these were homemade to begin with and they had happy face, they had Nutella (Fran- you missed these- I thought the Nutella would be calling you to run there), they had Oreo cupcakes which come to think of it are vegan- ok, junkfood vegan but nevertheless VEGAN!- YES OREOS are VEGAN people….but the sugar in thecupcakes truly is not good for dogs- ( I think our GLIRC resident Veternarian can vouch for this fact!)……although one cupcake may not have hurt Scout after 10 miles, so next year with Dr Monaco’s approval I will allow Scout a cupcake!…..Or have doggy cupcakes ready for him and those four legged runners that come one down……even if they only run part of the course- YES, I’m thinking of Dukey- or as I call him the Duke of Melville!……….If we can raise more money for Kent or another shelter next year or even again this year,and we get more dogs to run- I’ll make the doggy cupcakes and get Dr Monaco’s approval of the recipe beforehand as well……another run this year or next year- have a set a challenge up for Karole or what?!?!?!


Oh I have to mention the app which I ran with…..called Walk for a Dog App…’s free to get and easy to use, you can run, walk, or ride your bike with the app… can use it with or without a dog…..and you can see your walk/ run/ or ride mapped out later……and it will give you how far you went and how long it took, but of course it’s not necessarily for runners so the info is limited……you can use other apps while using this one if you choose…..I’ve never listen to music while using this app because I tend to have my dog or dogs by my side and I like to talk to my dogs without yelling but I think listening to your tunes is easy enough! I mean if I can take a photo or go onto FB, I should certainly be able to listen to my music!



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Get Fit with Your Pet Month- January!!

By January 5, 2016 About the Six Legged Companions, The Dog Runner's Blog, Vegan

January is “get fit with your pet month” so our blogs will be talking about everything healthIMG_3271related and to introduce a vegan lifestyle to you and your pet if you choose to come along our journey as well. And despite popular belief dogs are omnivores and can therefore live a long and healthy and happy life on a vegan lifestyle. By the way VEGANISM is a LIFEstyle not a DIEt…..the other ways of “living” are diets and promote death in one way or another!

So what is Veganism?

Veganism is the choice to live a compassionate lifestyle.

Vegans exclude animal products  i.e. meat, dairy, any animal fats or derivatives from their life. There are many reasons why one may choose to be vegan some including animals, the environment, and ones own health.

People may choose to have their dogs join them in their lifestyle choice as well. And this can be done well without ANY NEGATIVE consequences to your dogs or your health. In the next blogs this month we will dwell further into different subjects one should consider for both people and dogs on a  VEGAN lifestyle!

Tomorrow we will start talk about the digestive systems!

Until then welcome to Get Fit with Your Pet Month and have  a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam aka the Dog Runner


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New Year 2016….

By January 4, 2016 "Taking New Liberties!", The Dog Runner's Blog

So for the new year so far Pam has been having her daily green smoothie, and fruits and IMG_2836veggies and water to drink, hydrating up!

I, Liberty have been eating as much as I can to gain another 15 pounds, I have a date to be spayed- so on January 29th, Pam and myself will make our way back to Kent Animal Shelter to the spay and neuter clinic so I can be spayed… long as I keep my weight up and possibly gain more weight by then all should be good.

Pam has been keeping contact with the trainer at Kent and she will have her come over to help us with our training so that I will have a little more confidence and be able to walk through the doors a little more with ease and not be so skiddish!  Pam and her mom and dad say I’ve come along way since I’ve been here but Pam knows I have a ways still to go as well…..She is trying to be patient with me. And she wonders why I am so skittish, or timid/ afraid…..etc…..I wish I could tell her. But in the meantime, I will try my best to learn to walk on a loose leash, sit, lie down, and not be so afraid!……We all know this all takes time and patience  but things will happen. Pam wants to train me to be her Emotional Support Dog, possibly a service dog in time.

I hope to go to the store with Pam tomorrow or even to the vet office to get reweighed or sometime this week……

Pam has decided to take me back out of the running scene until after I am spayed so as I do not burn too many calories!

Pam and I will continue out short training walks to work on controlled walking on a loose leash. Where we walk along and as soon as the leash gets to snug Pam stops and turns back the other way calling me to come back and then we turn around again to continue on our way. I never know when we will be turning around at this point, only Pam knows as the leash and I guess me will tell her ……I hope we go out and about to do our short walks as well…..

You can follow the pack and Pam this year  on:

Instagram @thehealthydogrunner

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Pam will be training to be a Doga instructor this year as well and hopes to bring the practice to the rest of the states!

Ok, so that is just a little update more tomorrow,

Until then have a healthy and happy tail waggin’ new year, and let your new year be filled with lots of liberties for you to take!


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Last Post of the Year

By January 1, 2016 "Taking New Liberties!", About the Six Legged Companions

I know I haven’t been blogging for a little while but I’m back and I have some new stuff to share…….

First I had a very good Christmas, I got a great Christmas gift (ok, I  have to share it with the rest of my pack but it’s primarily mine!) Ya wanna see it????? Here are some photos of it and me!IMG_4038Actually its a SHE, her name is Sierra now and she is more than just another dog, she is my little girl or so I think….everyone says I took her and treat her as if she was my own little pup!…..And she treats me like I’m her real mom….she doesn’t like to be without me, even if one of us is on the other side of a closed door she will whine for me and want to jump up on the bed to lie next to me….we run and play nicely in the backyard, dashing from one side to he other and chasing or running along side one another…… we do love each other and I can not see myself without her anymore!

IMG_4323 IMG_4315 IMG_4291 IMG_4247 IMG_4228

Does it show that we are inseparable?!?!?

Don’t worry Scout is part of our pack too…..and so is Candycane….although Candycane is more like the grandpa and Scout the Dad in our little family here!


Could it be a two headed dog?!?!?!?

Gramps too!

Gramps too!


on this note, we will have so much to blog about this coming year, as we take on some interesting journeys and challenges in our lives!

So tune in and follow us on Twitter at @theDogRunner

Pinterst @theDogRunner

Instagram @the healthydog  runner

oh yeah check out our new challenge for ourselves and hopefully something you’ll join us on…..check out our Facebook page Walk or Run for a dog…..

you can walk or run with your dog or a local shelter dog, it doesn’t cost you anything unless you  count gas for getting around before and or after your walk or run……but you just have to open the door and head out the door- you can walk alone or with a dog……for a dog in your local or chosen shelter…….again I chose to walk for Kent animal shelter in Calverton, NY

No animals or any part of the enironment will be harmed by this challenge…….or anyone hurt!

You can follow along  on the Facebook page above or at our blogs on

so make that that challenge a new years resolution and help yourself, and dog out!

Have a great new year  and tune in frequently here for new and informative, and interesting blogs to come….as Pam takes her business to new levels!

I’ll be holding her accountable this year, feel like helping me?!?!?

Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ new year,here’s to 2016!……





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