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What is on your Holiday Wish List?

By November 18, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

November 17,2017-

Holiday Wish List for the healthy minded!

Okay, so it’s that time of year again, when everyone thinks of going shopping for presents, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Presents are  the theme of the season it seems. So for the healthy minded people on your list may I suggest some mats: You call them Yoga mats, I call them Doga mats- tomato, to- ma- to, potato, po- ta-toe…’s all the same in the end. These simple mats can help you or that friend or family member on the way to better health.


First I will tell you about the WORLD’S LARGEST DOGA MAT!  It can accomodate that dog that or several dogs that are insistent on sharing your practice.

We just got our mat and Scout is already coming to practice his version of the Cobra Pose! He even invited Freedom and Liberty onto the mat later on. I promised them we will resume our daily doga practice on Sunday or Monday- to start off a new week right!…..

One of the Doga Mats I purchased was an American Flag  Doga Mat, there is only one problem, my dogs refuse to sit or lie down on the flag! Here Scout is taking a stand to protect and defend our flag and all it stands for! Freedom stands to the side saying freedom for the flag, let our flag forever wave! That’s why they are called the Four American Dogs- the care and respect they have for our country here!

To order one of these mats or another one, or a multiple assortment of exercise equipment you can check out the >> Yoga direct website. << Just click here! They have everything for your health conscious individuals this holiday season. So why not get them something from Yoga Direct and help them to an even healthier life!

Ok, so on that note….. as we are also finishing up the details of our Doga guide to start you out on your Doga journey, go ahead and order your mat today to have it ready for your free download. If you opt to use a carpet, rug, or blanket that’s ok, because you can signup to win a FREE Doga Mat here:

Click here to enter the contest runs from today until December 24th, so enter today for your chance to win!

Click Here for your chance to WIN a Free Doga Mat!!

Until next week have a happy, healthy, and lucky  tail waggin’ day! Good Luck!

The 4 American Dogs and the All American Dog Runner Girl

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A is for Activity

By April 2, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

I’m taking on a blog challenge where the first is A and the last day of the month is Z…..I think it’ll be fun…….so let’s get started…….

A is for Activity!!

Keeping active is key to a good happy and healthy life. Whether its you or your dog… why not get active with your dog……

Get a good pair of shoes on, a leash on your dog and head on out the door……



If going for a walk or a run is not really an option there are other things you can do…..for instance you can clear some space in your home to work out and get out your doga mat (no that’s not a typo I said DOGA NOT YOGA!) and do some dog assisted Yoga, i.e. DOGA! so are ya ready for some Downward Dogs, or Cobra moves…..or maybe some simple meditations…..even if it’s about learning how to breathe properly for the day, your still engaging in activity for your lungs, your mouth- nose……your whole body breathing the way you should be- we all breathe so shallow lets learn to breathe again……your heart, your lungs, your whole body, your mind, will be so grateful…..and your dog will learn to be in a more peaceful, stressful environment and be happier too! Tell your dog ok, there’s peace in the room! I bet they’ll love life with you that much more!

Image 11-13-15 at 6.19 PM

Ok, so this is my blog for April 1st…….a little late but as they say better late than never…..

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam AKA thedogrunner


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Sierra’s latest adventure…..

By March 25, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

So today Sierra got to run for the second time this week…..with her pack member Justice who she introduced for the first time to Blydenburgh dog park. Pam wasn’t sure how Justice would do but she did remarkably well, even if Pam’s question in mind….running to the dog park helped of course……


Here is Justice playing with a dog at the dog park, she’ll go for the smallest dog to run with all the time……Pam mentioned to other owners upon entering that this was her first time at the park for her just as a “warning” if needed……and as a courtesy to others of course, Pam can communication effectively after all……someone mentioned it was their first time and she mentioned pointed out it wasn’t her first time by far……and that since she they have their own dog park sorta speak at home everything should be fine! But it was a new place and new dogs, so you never know!

As you can see below Justice always will go for me, so as to sayI’m her mini me! While we were there she also jumped up on Pam lightly as to say ok, this hooman is mine…..she definitely has claimed her “turf”.

IMG_6019 IMG_6020 IMG_6018 IMG_6017

I also chose the smallest dog that came in to run with……I think the other dog who was the same size as me reminded Justice of me….but I liked another small dog for a change…..afterall I’m the smallest of my pack……but certainly not the slowest or anything!

Today was my day to run but we are glad to get Justice out and running as well……Thankfully Pam is a runner and able to get us out and about….this week we’re hitting up Blydenburgh but we may opt to check out other parks in the area or should I say county in coming weeks… tune on it for the adventures of all mine and my packs in discovering new turf (at least to us and your noses!)

Oh, I have to mention Justice has been getting the ball instead of chasing her tail, we’re working on it….we know it’s normal for shepherds to chase but she was barking non stop while doing so and chasing continuously , which would be annoying after 5 minutes! Pam also found she likes going in the back of truck (even to go next door, or even just to sit back there for a spell so she puts he in the back for a little, RELAX with the warmer weather coming the air can circulate back there, as the windows open wide and there are screens on them!…..Besides we have water bowls that do not spill to put back there!

Okay, so that’s my adventure for today……we’re all getting some sleep again….sshhh, don’t jinxs it!

Oh yeah, I have to mention in July I’ll be running with Pam the NYC AMC Doggy Dash, and raising money for Petsmart Charities… is the link if you want to make a donation……it’s only a 5 mile course but it will be hot or can be so it makes it more challenging for the canines running  it- we ‘ll also be running alongside the NYC triathlon triathletes during their final miles!

Until next Thursday,

have a happy and healthy and a nice restful day,






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About our day…..

By March 21, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Our first 24 hours together has proven to be a learning experience for ALL especially Pam I think, those Hoomans!

First we woke up to SPRING- NOT……we woke up to That WHITE STUFF covering the ground……Pam let us all out in the backyard to do our thing and run a little…..although Pam found I get my exercise by chasing my tail, Pam likes me to keep a ball in my mouth….so I keep myself busy…..

I chomp away at the ball and it satisfies some downtime in my day!

Okay, one more thing she wants to work on with me…….she plans on working with each of us for 101-15 minutes a day to do basic training…..and have our minds as well as bodies well exercised…….today we went on a 5.6 mile run- I kept going so did Sierra (damn she’s pretty gosh darn cute……she could be my pup……people drove by and looked at all of us running- I think we got the attention, if we weren’t running with Pam the drivers wouldn’t be paying attention to the hooman- but she had the cute little dogs along for the duration……(US!) We saved Pam’s life today from those crazy drivers here on Long Island!……I hope she’s thankful for that! Oh, I had to keep looking back to check on Pam, hey- it’s a dogs job to protect their HOOMAN companion! I would slow down for a few steps go to her side and look up at her to tell her hey I’m checking up to make sure your ok!

Anyway, you can check out a photo of us running together (Sierra and myself ) on Instagram @thehealthydogrunner…….tell me we aren’t the cutest…..

When we got home……Pam did a session of Doga with Scout, Liberty, Candycane, and Sierra…..I wasn’t having it… I went in the other room and ended up chasing my tail!

Pam thinks this isn’t something neurological but psychological….and that I must have been left alone and ignored a little too much by my former owners of four years! She wonders how someone could have a dog and be so neglectful!?!?!? She says yes, we all need to work, go to school, etc……and even go out and have a social life every now and again….BUT if you have a dog, REMEMBER people they are family- and should be treated as such- would you leave your kid or elderly parent to themselves if you lived with them??!??! Probably not, unless you were a cold hearted, compassionless hooman being!

Liberty was treated by a cold hearted compassionate hooman being as well in her past, the same goes for Sierra……You know if the world was just full of animals and no hoomans it would be a nice compassionate world……peaceful and wonderful!!

Okay, so moving on…….I have my moments were I will lift my lips and give a snarl to Liberty, and she scurries away, I don’t mean to do that I really do want to be a faithful, loving pack member (and accept Liberties kisses when she gives them BUT for 4 years I was not brought up that way…..give me some time to accept a new home, a new pack, a new life, a new lifestyle and I think we will be the best of friends…..I mean look at Sierra and I from yesterday to today…….yesterday we were on the verge of starting a fight today we were running beautifully together to the point where passerbys would slow down and watch us in amazement!

I want to help Liberty get her confidence back…..Pam spoke about setting up an agility course for us in the backyard, I hope she can do this SOON as I think it will help us ALL out me in mentally and physically stimulating me so I can convert the energy appropriately, Liberty so she can gain as much confidence to not be afraid of anything and make it to the top of the A frame  and stand up there as the Queen she is in this household……Sierra and I are the Princesses…..Candycane is King, and Scout is Prince…….

Pam let us out in the backyard, we were mostly all leashed except for Candycane and Sierra, Liberty and Scout are hard to get in and to catch them is hard- man are they fast……I’m pretty fast  too……There was just one incident where I gave a little snarl to Liberty- I hope this can build her up not break her down anymore- IF I ever find out who screwed with her, lets just say I’ll be going to doggie jail!!

So, those are the highlights of my day……I found some great running partners and found I can sucker Pam into playing fetch with me inside and outside……SUCKER!

Oh yeah, I also found I can go up and down the stairs ……it’s another former of exercise I can do on my own even when Pam isn’t around…..hey maybe I can play fetch by throwing it down the stairs going to get it and repeating this over and over……hhmmm……this can be better than chasing my tail and end up biting it or holding onto it……hhmmmm……am I one smart GSD or what?!?!?!? Not to mention caring about my fellow new pack members……if I stop chewing on the ball and drop it and wait a little then start chasing my tail she’ll throw the ball for me…..there ya go…..SUCKER!!

Dogs are too smart for hoomans…..Liberty gets Pam to coddle her….by the way, tomorrow Scout and Liberty get their run in and Wednesday as well Sierra and I have to wait until Thursday again……and Candycane gets a walk on Friday!!…..

Okay, so I’m going to stop here and I’ll write more next Monday…….hopefully you can read about me and my pack in their daily blogs through the week…..this week I’m sure you’ll see more of me in their blogs because we are a NEW pack and all……but until next week

have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ justifiable day,


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Feathered Peacock Pose (for dog and person)

By November 6, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog
the new America!
Skyler and Myself

Skyler and Myself

Pam really stretched me out today…..we did the exercise or pose a few times, but only caught it on video once……it felt good afterwards but during it, I had to cut the time short. By the way, it looks as if Pam is pulling my tail- SHE isn’t, she was just holding it out of the way. I want to suggest that you take one leg in each hand and raise your dog slowly to complete this pose. That’s just from my point of view. And when we want to get out of the pose, let us! We know what is right for our bodies just like you know yours!

I gotta admit watching Pam do her version gave me a chuckle…..and I like seeing her on her head! It tickles me…..Here’s to another great pose…..

See you tomorrow…..I think we’ll go over a few closely related poses the next few days…..ya ready?!?!?!


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Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

By October 9, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog


Training resumed today…..and we did a new pose for you to do with your dog!…..Your dog will be making sure you get the proper stretch for this…..the proper twist motion if you will…

A good thing to do, which Pam did was to twist and treat the dog! Once you twist your body and are looking where you need to, have that treat ready and TREAT the dog!

Try it, I know your dog will love it, I did! And so did Scout!

This pose was a similar pose that Pam did in the Army although I think it was called something else and the leg on the floor was held straight out. So she says……

This is a great stretch for runners, try it and have your dog with you to guide you in the twist!

See you tomorrow,


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Shavasana with your best friend!

By October 3, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

What better way to relax ,than with your best friend?!?!? For total health. we all need to take some time for ourselves and just breathe and RELAX! We all need time with our best friends, and what better way than to take 10-15 minutes and just get into the Shavasana pose and do some Doga/ Yoga with your dog!

Pam and I shared our practice today with Sandy and Scout……Still recovering a little from her slide down the hills this week, Pam decided to take things down a notch again!

Today’s pose is a Silent Relaxation also known as Shavasana.

Check the video out: We all do the pose together!

See you for more tomorrow,



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Up the Wall!

By September 19, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Up the Wall!

By Pamela and Skyler

Today was a very easy day, as Pam had to take it easy after her run due to a fall- actually two falls!Scout and her were running along the trails in Northport and Scout wanted to GO, and Pam lost footing and down (LITERALLY!) she went…..she got up each time and was fine, that’s how she is but nevertheless has a little bruising. Her knees where scraped up and thigh got scraped and bruised BUT more over it was her EGO!……

She’ll live, hey it gave her a reason to go get some new running pants! And it gave me an easy day.

Anyway, the pose we chose to share today is a great pose for runners. It is called the LEGS UP THE WALL POSE. Here for the dog pose, our legs go up our human, be careful not to kick them over- LOL! Your person will be holding onto our legs and we will let the stretching (lightly of course) begin.

For our person’s pose, they will lie on the floor and raise their legs up against the wall, and inch their butt towards the wall…..They can add their arms overhead for an extended stretch. This is also great for anyone who is on their feet all day!


It is always a great idea to have a spotter, here Pam has two- ME and Scout….how lucky is she?!?!?!

See you tomorrow,


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the Cow Face Fold

By September 11, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog


Ok so with my plantar fasciitis and heel spur I am totally looking for new ways to workout! So my BFF’s are helping me in this Dog/Yoga pose today!

Okay, moving on to today’s pose……



Skyler (me) and Sandy assisting Pam in her pose today!

This pose is a great pose for runners because is great for stretching the piriformis, your hips, and IT band. Which become tight in runners.

This is one of the poses that being present would mean everything to the success of our human companions!

Watch this video to see how we do it all:

Even Scout got into the picture and was there for this Doga Pose…..

Don’t forget to check and order your copy of our new book today! To live a healthier life with your dog, written by your healthcoaches here from this blog!

See you tomorrow!

Skyler,Sandy, Scout, Candycane and Pam

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Supported Shoulder Stand- working together!

By September 4, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog


The Supported Shoulder Stand can be turned into a pose for both humans and us dogs.  With a little help from Pam, I was able to demonstrate in this video…..and Sandy was our other demonstrator for the day. Hope you like what you see and try this with your dog.

For us: Have us lie on our back and simply pull our legs as gently as possible up towards the sky/ ceiling, while you support our bodies in between your legs.

For you: lie on your back and swing your legs over your head (coming as close to the floor with your leg, do this with both legs for balance in your workout!) Have one leg straight up, this may take a little practice to get exactly so….your leg behind your head will be supporting your body. Your arms should be bend and at a 90 angle holding up your back….again this can take time to master as well. Give it time to build up to getting it just so……

* Be sure to let your dogs get out of the pose when they want to or need to!

*Note- In the above photo Pam could be up taller with her body(more perpendicular with the floor) and she could have her one leg closer to the ground!

Let me add the whining was Scout in the other room!

See ya tomorrow for more!

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