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What is on your Holiday Wish List?

By November 18, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

November 17,2017-

Holiday Wish List for the healthy minded!

Okay, so it’s that time of year again, when everyone thinks of going shopping for presents, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Presents are  the theme of the season it seems. So for the healthy minded people on your list may I suggest some mats: You call them Yoga mats, I call them Doga mats- tomato, to- ma- to, potato, po- ta-toe…’s all the same in the end. These simple mats can help you or that friend or family member on the way to better health.


First I will tell you about the WORLD’S LARGEST DOGA MAT!  It can accomodate that dog that or several dogs that are insistent on sharing your practice.

We just got our mat and Scout is already coming to practice his version of the Cobra Pose! He even invited Freedom and Liberty onto the mat later on. I promised them we will resume our daily doga practice on Sunday or Monday- to start off a new week right!…..

One of the Doga Mats I purchased was an American Flag  Doga Mat, there is only one problem, my dogs refuse to sit or lie down on the flag! Here Scout is taking a stand to protect and defend our flag and all it stands for! Freedom stands to the side saying freedom for the flag, let our flag forever wave! That’s why they are called the Four American Dogs- the care and respect they have for our country here!

To order one of these mats or another one, or a multiple assortment of exercise equipment you can check out the >> Yoga direct website. << Just click here! They have everything for your health conscious individuals this holiday season. So why not get them something from Yoga Direct and help them to an even healthier life!

Ok, so on that note….. as we are also finishing up the details of our Doga guide to start you out on your Doga journey, go ahead and order your mat today to have it ready for your free download. If you opt to use a carpet, rug, or blanket that’s ok, because you can signup to win a FREE Doga Mat here:

Click here to enter the contest runs from today until December 24th, so enter today for your chance to win!

Click Here for your chance to WIN a Free Doga Mat!!

Until next week have a happy, healthy, and lucky  tail waggin’ day! Good Luck!

The 4 American Dogs and the All American Dog Runner Girl

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Fall Favorites……

By September 22, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Today we’re talking fall favorites…….to begin with number one, fall means summer is over, which means cooler temperatures



So welcome fall…..and happy fall to all my readers… my dogs and I went for a first day of fall run on these trails! Beautiful, now if the temperatures come down with the start of fall it would be perfect! Go away heat and humidity!!

Along our run we found the best part of fall/ autumn which are the ever-changing colors……now having the weather we’re having the trees are just starting to go through their cycle but here is a taste of the Long Island start to their color change……


img_0860 img_0866 img_0862

Along with the colors and weather change- fall running is our favorite- not to hot not to cold…..perfect all around and wherever you are you can see the beautiful colors that surround you!

FullSizeRender 6

Ok until tomorrow have a happy an healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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By September 20, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Today’s prompt for Blogtember- Something you wish more people knew or believed……

So there are some things I wish people would know and believe…..


1- DOGS RULE! Know this well and believe it in your heart because they do…..They help us through tough times and everyday life……They are always ready to go for a run or practice dogs or pupilates (you know instead of that human companion who keeps flaking out on you!)

2- I know more than others think I do, I’m probably smarter than YOU!, after being belittle by those who were obviously jealous of all I had and know, I need to toot my own horn!

3- I am unfortunately human and I react the same as any other human, so please don’t look at me or treat me differently when I react to something just as you are, or did moments before…..I have the right to react the same way than you just did!

4- I will get everything I want in the next year, and help so many animals, the environment, and other people  in mass quantities doing everything I love to do!

5- Everything I do and say has all of the animals, the environment, and even other people in mind because I care for the welfare of all!

6- I am proud of our nation/ country but we still have our negatives/ problems and as great/ strong a military as it still has it’s problems in how they train the enlistees……ie if someone is at a certain level you don’t try to break them down to build them up all over again- that is for those that are at a lower level- let’s not be counterproductive!

7- Even though you live somewhere you still need to respect your neighbors rights to a peaceful time in their homes (inside and out)….so if you need to blare your music GET A HEARING AID, I’lll bring you down to get fitted! The rest of the world doesn’t need to hear or be subject to your “music”!  You are not the only ones in this world!

Ok, that felt good to get somethings off my chest……..Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner



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By September 18, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

One products that simplifies my life….hhmmm…..I’ve actually simplified my life these past few months as much as possible….as far as items I have my Nikon and Hasselblad cameras and lights, my Dell computer, my APPLE computer, iPads, and iPhone……honestly I use some apps and all to simplify my life…….When I go running with my dogs I use the Walk for a dog app to record my runs and at the same time raise money for our favorite or one of our favorite shelters!…..I am in the process of straightening up my bedroom to be clean, organized and minimalized!! Photos to come when it’s done……


I also use the good old paper and pen….to write my thoughts and all for the novel I’m writing now……this way I can write and insert notes in the places I want to so easily, etc…..electronically it is a little difficult to write stuff down the way I want to!


Ok, so these are two of things that simplify my life a bit! What simplifies your life?….I am interested in knowing maybe they can help simplify my life…..

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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Taking Care of ME and Destressing…….

By September 16, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

How do I destress and take care of ME?……

Ok, this is good prompt…….destressing in this chaotic world we live in is so important but I have my animals that with one stroke of their fur lowers my blood pressure, one kiss from them and I melt under their power. A nice walk or better yet run, especially on trails with all the wildlife and nature around us is relaxing and calming and puts one into a great mood. A session of Doga where I am working out, mediating, and bonding with my dogs is the best way to destress and take the best care of oneself of course this is preceded with that run mentioned above!

me collage


How do you destress?…..Comment below and tell us here at Doggone Healthy Choices, after all it is your choice on how you destress and care for YOURSELF!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy and unstressful day,

the dog runner and her pack


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Three Books…..

By September 12, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog



The first book I’m currently reading, and reading day by day on purpose is this book available on to train your own service dog. I wish to take this to new levels in my life as well. Having  PTSD and Anxiety having my dogs around helps me a lot, having suffered a stroke having a service dog to relieve my anxiety and all (it has been proven scientifically that just petting a dog from head to tail can relieve stress).





My second book I want to mention is (shameless self- promotion here…) This is the book I’ve read and honestly written, so also having edited it as well!

“Get Your Leash On!”  and it’s just that…..Getting your leash onto your dog and lacing up those sneakers and getting moving! The best workout partner is your faithful and always ready dog! I seriously want to promote the idea of getting and staying healthy with your dog. You can walk, run, do Doga, Pupilates, Swim, Bike (there is alot to doing this safely with your dog)…I stress keeping a leash on your dog for the safety of all….especially in NY and LI!! and places like this!

So get your leash on today, and if you don’t have a dog, go volunteer at your local shelter and get a leash on a dog looking for a furever home, they’ll love it and who knows a match could be made. Or you can help make that dog more adoptable!


book-threeThe third book I want to mention is Camera Lucida, it’s a book on my other passion, PHOTOGRAPHY!

Barthes reflects on photography and what it represents in his life and to others.

Being a photographer myself, I have read this and had it impact how I see my photographs and how I photograph things and people!




All of these books can be found on for your enjoyment and/ or learning!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner

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Day in the Life of the Dog Runner

By September 10, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Waking up isn’t as easy as it may seem when your cuddled up next to this…..


After finally getting up a quick workout…..img_0670

Then a quick shower and smoothie and we were on the way to Smith Point county park t cheer on some fellow runners and to say Hi!


Once we left Smith Point we headed on over to Blydenburgh County Park where we walked the trails for 2 miles before cooling off in the trucks AC and heading into the dog park there….

img_0692 img_0691



Once we cooled off in the AC we headed back out to walk with some friends from LI-Dog ( to plan a future pack walk on Sept 24th!!……Upon walking over to the others the other dog jumped out of the truck (later we found the dog broke his tibia)….Yikes, ok, this wasn’t our fault as we were over 30 ft away at the time he jumped out of the truck…..but we could help feeling bad and wanting to help him….Scout, Liberty, and Sierra just wanted to go to his rescue……and pulled Pam with all their might to get there…..and go as close as possible to do so, and rightfully so his owner told us to go away! And Pam tried with all her might and persuasion to get them away and eventually did…….

Here are our courses for the day:





After our time walking the trails and seeing some friends from LI-Dog we came home and Scout, Liberty, and Sierra and Justice slept the rest of the day while Pam continued to do some work around the house and write a little…..and thought up a new challenge for herself and her canine pals starting January 1 and going through the year!! (more about that later…..)

Pam will finally go to sleep soon and wake up to a new day of a blogtember challenge!

Until tomorrow,

have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the dog runner


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By September 6, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

I usually don’t use playlists I usually just put my music on random and let it play continuously for my training runs but here are a few motivating songs I will play over and over and try to loop as much as possible…….

First I love Carrie Underwood and this song reminds me that even though I lost my animals here on earth,  and my family members we will all be together again…..and it’s not the end we will meet again and SEE each other again soon! (Soon being whenever!)

Ok, so everyone get up and feel better and move those two left feet……now don’t you feel better and I’ll bet you’ll burn that meal off that you just had too, LOL!

I’m all about a cute little “bass”…..ok, the message it originally sent out still sticks and I love her songs does it show, they have meaning!! And she’s an east coaster to boost!! Gotta support fellow east coasters!!

Single and enjoying it, loving it…..Single with dog, who the hell needs a guy to live in this world?!?!? I can make my dreams come true and support myself!!

Ok, how can you not love Sugarland?……this song definitely describes me and making my dreams come true and how my family really cares and helps me and how much I want to help them. And I want to write that letter saying “it should be enough to get you through and more!”…..Remember me in pigtails and ribbons I’m still your Babygirl!!

Ok, so that is a sampling of the music that gets me up and going…..

Great now that it’s 5am and I’m writing this and just listened to the songs as well….I want to get an extra hour of sleep but now I just want to dance…..actually I’m motivated to start my day!


Does it show I like what I like and don’t keep up with what’s new and all??!??!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam AKA the Dogrunner


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What we’re up to…..

By September 4, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

FullSizeRender 3

There are so many things that we’re up to here at Doggone Healthy Choices……so I’m going to have to make a list……which in fact will help me hold myself accountable for each and everyone!

1.To start….I’m writing my second book, FIRST NOVEL, second book… help me stay motivated, keep with my creativity, and any extra help I need I’m taking an online writing course (which by the way should help me with my blogging as well)

2.Today, I’m doing my first training run with Scout and Liberty for our marathon. It’s only a 3 mile run but we’ll most likely be hitting the local trails for 1.5 miles out and back, we’re switching todays no run for tomorrows run ONLY because of the impending tropical storm we’re going to have tonight and tomorrow! We’re hoping for just a lot of rain! Good news though temps are nice right now, and we live on the NORTH shore of Long Island and the SOUTH shore usually gets hit harder, hey they chose to live on the ocean side of the island not me or my family!

3.I’m taking two business courses to startup my health coaching business.

4.When I get home from my run, I’ll be doing day 4/ week 1 of the 12 week Ideal Shape Up Challenge.

5.I’m almost done cleaning the house and decluttering- there are a few things that I’m just not sure of…..then I need to finish painting the basement (the old part at least)- That’s today after my workouts and most likely after my shower!

6.I’m trying to eat more raw foods, i.e.- smoothies during the day, and one “cooked” meal at night….eating before 7 pm……filling up on water throughout the day!

7.I’m training my dogs to be service dogs, actually one at a time, should I say two…..and after the first 2 weeks I’ll see who goes all the way in training!

8.Over the years I drifted away from God, and growing up going to Catholic school it was instilled in me to have faith……I’m trying to renew my faith. And live by the golden rule!

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12).

I have to thank Bailey and all the fellow Blogtember contributors last year for opening my eyes this past year to my faith and how it was fading! So Thank You!

9. On Tuesday nights from 7-9 eastern time I can be found on the Blogpaws chat on twitter, we’d love to have fellow bloggers along for the chat!

10. We are doing daily doga poses, or meditations and throughout the month will be posting some to our Instagram account. And work towards being a Doga instructor!

Until tomorrow’s entry/ blog, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

Pam AKA The Dog Runner

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September starts this week……..

By August 29, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Ok, first thank goodness Summer is at it’s close….this summer has been brutal in temperatures and throughout the country here (for those overseas, the USA) it has been brutal with floods and all……I mean is mother nature getting even with us for treating the world so poorly?!?!? Yes we recycle, but we recycle that can than through the plastic bottle away anywhere we can, right?!?!? We only recycle when convenient not all the time! Can you say we are a country of hypocrites?!?!? But I shall save this for another post, I will revisit this.

Today was another hot day but Liberty, Scout, Sierra, and myself all headed out for a nice 3 mile run/ walk…..yes, when temps go up we have no problem walking. We believe in keeping in motion but not passing out from heat stroke.  STAYING SAFE is best for all of us!

So we will be going out this week for short distances and if we walk for part or even most of our running time it’s perfectly fine because hey, we’ll be moving and not sitting around. September 1st starts a few new things here and we will talk more about these as the days progress but I shall mention them now!

On September 1st, Scout, Justice and myself start our service dog training. I already asked permission to bring them with me to a few places. Service dogs in training have the same rights as working dogs BUT they can be turned out of a place just as easily as well. I will be completing the 30 day training course that a fellow blogger and dog trainer wrote a book about.

Also on September 1st, besides keeping up with our running and Doga, I will be starting a new workout routine. This is a 12 week program- the 12 week Idealshape Up Challenge. You can find it on Facebook if your interested. I will post my before and after photos, and info and any photos/ videos of workouts, foods, etc…..I hope you will decide to join me!!

Also on September 1st, I will be participating in the Blogtember Challenge where I will be blogging everyday using the prompts that Bailey from has made for us, my hopes are to meet fellow bloggers from around the world and maybe start a few new friendships, in hopes of meeting one day!

until tomorrow have happy healthy tail wagging day,

the dog runner




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