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What is on your Holiday Wish List?

By November 18, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

November 17,2017-

Holiday Wish List for the healthy minded!

Okay, so it’s that time of year again, when everyone thinks of going shopping for presents, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Presents are  the theme of the season it seems. So for the healthy minded people on your list may I suggest some mats: You call them Yoga mats, I call them Doga mats- tomato, to- ma- to, potato, po- ta-toe…’s all the same in the end. These simple mats can help you or that friend or family member on the way to better health.


First I will tell you about the WORLD’S LARGEST DOGA MAT!  It can accomodate that dog that or several dogs that are insistent on sharing your practice.

We just got our mat and Scout is already coming to practice his version of the Cobra Pose! He even invited Freedom and Liberty onto the mat later on. I promised them we will resume our daily doga practice on Sunday or Monday- to start off a new week right!…..

One of the Doga Mats I purchased was an American Flag  Doga Mat, there is only one problem, my dogs refuse to sit or lie down on the flag! Here Scout is taking a stand to protect and defend our flag and all it stands for! Freedom stands to the side saying freedom for the flag, let our flag forever wave! That’s why they are called the Four American Dogs- the care and respect they have for our country here!

To order one of these mats or another one, or a multiple assortment of exercise equipment you can check out the >> Yoga direct website. << Just click here! They have everything for your health conscious individuals this holiday season. So why not get them something from Yoga Direct and help them to an even healthier life!

Ok, so on that note….. as we are also finishing up the details of our Doga guide to start you out on your Doga journey, go ahead and order your mat today to have it ready for your free download. If you opt to use a carpet, rug, or blanket that’s ok, because you can signup to win a FREE Doga Mat here:

Click here to enter the contest runs from today until December 24th, so enter today for your chance to win!

Click Here for your chance to WIN a Free Doga Mat!!

Until next week have a happy, healthy, and lucky  tail waggin’ day! Good Luck!

The 4 American Dogs and the All American Dog Runner Girl

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Butterfly Posing…..

By August 14, 2015 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog


Today, I am going to be watching to make sure the pose is done right in the video BUT any dog and person can do the dog version together, while the human version can be done fairly easily. Pam will also be assisting me in my pose in the photo just below……

To begin with you will be assisted by you human. In our case Pam will have Sandy sit in front of her and then go down to her front paws and grab hold of them. Now slowly bringing her paws up she will use her legs to steady Sandy as she sits in the doggy version of the Butterfly Pose!…..How come the dogs look so GREAT in this pose?!?!?….I guess we always truly have our wings!

For bigger dogs like myself Pam (or the person may have to stand up, while for smaller or medium dogs, the person may be on their knees- in some cases sitting)…….

For the persons version- the person should be sitting up with a straight back…..and bring their feet in as close to their groin area as possible!

Okay, I have a pose ready for tomorrow, ya ready already?!?!?! I am……

See ya then! (and don’t forget to check out our new book available on amazon…..”Get Your Leash On!”

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