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What is on your Holiday Wish List?

By November 18, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

November 17,2017-

Holiday Wish List for the healthy minded!

Okay, so it’s that time of year again, when everyone thinks of going shopping for presents, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Presents are  the theme of the season it seems. So for the healthy minded people on your list may I suggest some mats: You call them Yoga mats, I call them Doga mats- tomato, to- ma- to, potato, po- ta-toe…’s all the same in the end. These simple mats can help you or that friend or family member on the way to better health.


First I will tell you about the WORLD’S LARGEST DOGA MAT!  It can accomodate that dog that or several dogs that are insistent on sharing your practice.

We just got our mat and Scout is already coming to practice his version of the Cobra Pose! He even invited Freedom and Liberty onto the mat later on. I promised them we will resume our daily doga practice on Sunday or Monday- to start off a new week right!…..

One of the Doga Mats I purchased was an American Flag  Doga Mat, there is only one problem, my dogs refuse to sit or lie down on the flag! Here Scout is taking a stand to protect and defend our flag and all it stands for! Freedom stands to the side saying freedom for the flag, let our flag forever wave! That’s why they are called the Four American Dogs- the care and respect they have for our country here!

To order one of these mats or another one, or a multiple assortment of exercise equipment you can check out the >> Yoga direct website. << Just click here! They have everything for your health conscious individuals this holiday season. So why not get them something from Yoga Direct and help them to an even healthier life!

Ok, so on that note….. as we are also finishing up the details of our Doga guide to start you out on your Doga journey, go ahead and order your mat today to have it ready for your free download. If you opt to use a carpet, rug, or blanket that’s ok, because you can signup to win a FREE Doga Mat here:

Click here to enter the contest runs from today until December 24th, so enter today for your chance to win!

Click Here for your chance to WIN a Free Doga Mat!!

Until next week have a happy, healthy, and lucky  tail waggin’ day! Good Luck!

The 4 American Dogs and the All American Dog Runner Girl

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We’re in training mode!!

By September 4, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

We’re in training mode!!

Yes, during the month of September we’re taking each day serious for our Service Dog Training, as long as Pam keeps up with our running and Doga time. We will not let her slip either.

She had a contest this weekend for writing a novel but her muse is not letting the contest tell it to write and finish the novel in three days SO we changed our writing around a bit. During the month of September we will be writing our novel each day the way we need to. NOT the way, the contest wants us to do it! So we have our plan, it may take longer but we will be getting it done. We may use a new blog to work on ideas for our book. Also the publisher that will publish the winners book, is a Canadian publisher and since I have an American undertone to my novel- heck it’s an ALL AMERICAN novel. They may just bypass it for that right away with the state of things in the world today!

Once again we are using the series of books from trainer Lelah Sullivan. Starting with this book, during the month of September.

Or guide for our training

Today is day three and we’ll be working on the basic touch. Using the clicker we associated with good positive treats and praise the last two days. Pam uses these great treats we all love, and bonus we can keep training for treats for longer because they are low in calories and good for us. We also do our Doga poses very well for these treats as well.

Cat pose


Charlee Bear Treats

We used Charlee Bear treats to entice our pack into poses. Such as the Cobra pose, Butterfly pose, Cat Pose, and more

This coming week we will have Pam shoot some videos of our training at some point it could be our service dog training, our running, or our doga session. BUT we will post at least one video and include it to our blog…..maybe even do a live video on periscope or Facebook live! Woohoo!  Come on Pam or we’ll chase you and we will make you run a 3 min mile- fight or flight mode will set in.

As far as our novel goes our new deadline is September 30th, no October 8th just like our final race in PA! Look for our new blog on our site here entitled Novel Ideas! and follow along with our journey in writing our second book or FIRST NOVEL! Yeah……We’ll set that up now!

Until tomorrow, when we write our first Novel update blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day. When we will be laboring away and working on our first novel and sharing our journey with you!

The Four American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice



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21 Day Fix Results

By September 3, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

21 Day Fix Results

Before stats

I am finally posting ALL my results from my 21 Day Fix program, I ended up doing three rounds.

I started weighing in at 192 lbs

and my starting measurements were as follows:

Chest           46.5

Left Arm      12.5

Right Arm    12

Waist             42.5

Hips              46

Right Thigh   22

Left Thigh     21.5

My starting measurements and weight were actually taken on June 20th.

After Stats

On July 30th, I reweighed myself and took my measurements again

I weighed in at 175 lbs, so I was 17 lbs down, woo hoo,  a great start on getting back into shape.

My measurements were as follows:

Chest           43.5

Left Arm      12

Right Arm    11.5

Waist            40.5

Hips             43.5

Right Thigh   20.5

Left Thigh     20.5

Final weigh in so far:

One last weigh/ measure in: on August 20, 2017 ( a nice birthday present for me!!)

Weight in lbs    171.5

Chest           43

Left Arm      11

Right Arm    11

Waist           39.5

Hips             43

Right Thigh   20

Left Thigh     20

I added up my total inches from before and after and I ended up losing 11 inches total. This I must admit impressed me more than the numbers on the scale.

First results from Beachbody and Shakeology

More Results

Other results are somewhat visual if you let them be. But I didn’t. I went into the store and stretched up to get something off a high shelve and I had to quickly hold onto my pants before they fell to the ground. Having almost lose your pants and need the belt to hold them up is  satisfying feeling. It’s funny as well, as one needs to hold up their pants or put a belt on. And if their pants fall it’s even funnier!

Shakeology and 21 Day Fix shake for total nutrition!

Oh bonus, I contribute this one to Shakeology too. For the last 1-2 years, maybe longer (give or take time) I was unable to give blood for low iron levels. On July 31, 2017 I was able to give blood in the first time in a long time. So Shakeology helped me get my nutrition in line and give back to others.

Finally able to give blood!

I’m finally able to give blood again

So I wanted to share on my blog here my first set of real results with Beachbody and Shakeology. I was following the 21 Day fix Vegan meal plan and doing the workouts everyday, faithfully! Oh I’ve also been doing Doga faithfully with my dogs and running at least 3 miles monday thru friday with my dogs.

Since I have moved on to doing the three week Yoga Retreat, and PIYO workouts coupled with Doga and our running with my dogs hence the “our”.

Dog and Person workout

Working out together is so much better than alone, and so much FUN! Some Doga photos of our practice!

So those are my first set of results now to send them in and get my 21 Day Fix tshirt to sport and promote a program I can actually stand behind and tell others I’ve had results with!

If you want to join the 21 Day Fix you can contact the Six Legged Companion Coach at and don’t forget to go to the right and subscribe to get updates automatically sent to your inbox everyday.

Until tomorrow have a happy and tail waggin’ day when the 4 American Dogs report on their training and what challenges they have to bring to you!


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Three Week Yoga Retreat

By August 25, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Three Week Yoga Retreat

This week was the start of the Three Week Yoga Retreat. This is one of the many many programs that Beachbody offers. The first week is all about getting to know how to properly do Yoga and some basic basic poses correctly and how to flow from one pose to the next. Upward to Downward Dog for instance. Now to watch my dogs closely as well as they wake and stretch and go from Upward to Downward Dog. It really is a beautiful movement. My goal is to look at beautiful and graceful as my dogs while doing these poses!


Upward dog

The three week journey (actually a lifetime journey with Yoga) you will find yourself getting stronger, more flexible, and improving your balance as you learn different poses and postures.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose Day 1


Plank Day 1

Tree Pose

Tree Pose Day 1

Creasant Pose

Cresant Pose Day 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 Pose Day 1

Forward Fold

Forward Fold Day 1

What Beachbody Coaches can earn while completing different programs and becoming better coaches to help others.

Posting these at Day 21 with new final pictures will help me earn a Free Yoga Bracelet. I’m excited, as I’m already on Day 5 on this Friday and things are going well.

Another reason I’m doing 3 week retreat

Another reason I’m doing the 3 week retreat is that I am trying to learn yoga poses well so I can properly bring my dogs into my practice. I can learn how to properly assist each other and train them to do the practice on my mat with me! I will be needing the worlds largest doga mat though as I plan on practicing with ALL 4 of my dogs each and every morning!

Ok, so that is a little about my three week yoga challenge if you check back or better yet subscribe over to the right to get automatic updates as I post them here. Until my next update have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!




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Taking Care of ME and Destressing…….

By September 16, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

How do I destress and take care of ME?……

Ok, this is good prompt…….destressing in this chaotic world we live in is so important but I have my animals that with one stroke of their fur lowers my blood pressure, one kiss from them and I melt under their power. A nice walk or better yet run, especially on trails with all the wildlife and nature around us is relaxing and calming and puts one into a great mood. A session of Doga where I am working out, mediating, and bonding with my dogs is the best way to destress and take the best care of oneself of course this is preceded with that run mentioned above!

me collage


How do you destress?…..Comment below and tell us here at Doggone Healthy Choices, after all it is your choice on how you destress and care for YOURSELF!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy and unstressful day,

the dog runner and her pack


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September starts this week……..

By August 29, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Ok, first thank goodness Summer is at it’s close….this summer has been brutal in temperatures and throughout the country here (for those overseas, the USA) it has been brutal with floods and all……I mean is mother nature getting even with us for treating the world so poorly?!?!? Yes we recycle, but we recycle that can than through the plastic bottle away anywhere we can, right?!?!? We only recycle when convenient not all the time! Can you say we are a country of hypocrites?!?!? But I shall save this for another post, I will revisit this.

Today was another hot day but Liberty, Scout, Sierra, and myself all headed out for a nice 3 mile run/ walk…..yes, when temps go up we have no problem walking. We believe in keeping in motion but not passing out from heat stroke.  STAYING SAFE is best for all of us!

So we will be going out this week for short distances and if we walk for part or even most of our running time it’s perfectly fine because hey, we’ll be moving and not sitting around. September 1st starts a few new things here and we will talk more about these as the days progress but I shall mention them now!

On September 1st, Scout, Justice and myself start our service dog training. I already asked permission to bring them with me to a few places. Service dogs in training have the same rights as working dogs BUT they can be turned out of a place just as easily as well. I will be completing the 30 day training course that a fellow blogger and dog trainer wrote a book about.

Also on September 1st, besides keeping up with our running and Doga, I will be starting a new workout routine. This is a 12 week program- the 12 week Idealshape Up Challenge. You can find it on Facebook if your interested. I will post my before and after photos, and info and any photos/ videos of workouts, foods, etc…..I hope you will decide to join me!!

Also on September 1st, I will be participating in the Blogtember Challenge where I will be blogging everyday using the prompts that Bailey from has made for us, my hopes are to meet fellow bloggers from around the world and maybe start a few new friendships, in hopes of meeting one day!

until tomorrow have happy healthy tail wagging day,

the dog runner




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Birthday Run

By August 25, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog
Doga- Yoga for Dogs

Because of the weather this summer our running has taken a vacation……we have run but rarely because of the high temperatures, BUT today we started running again. We ran a nice easy 5k to get ready for some races in a month from today! We actually ran the course for one of the races!! We will be running and not racing the Running of the Bull race or  first to gear up for the following day where there will be more dogs running alongside us for the Dog Jog 5K….But here are some results from our run today!


We have decide to run with the Walk or Run for a dog app, i.e. to train with it, so we raise money for Kent Animal Shelter as we train.

When we got back we did some Doga poses, and Pam got a few lessons on doing the poses correctly!


Liberty in Cobra pose


Liberty in Downward Dog pose


Justice in Cobra pose


Liberty checks Pam’s form for her Downward Dog pose……



















Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,


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Upcoming Marathon

By July 31, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

So we’re  calling our marathon the Doggone Christmas Marathon……training will officially start the week of September 4th. The Dog Runner will also train to run with a full ruck, starting with a light load of 5 lbs then 10 then 15 then 20…..25….30…..40lbs possibly more…..once she hits the 40 lb mark we will see if the ruck will get heavier. Why a full ruck?…..Ok, since it is a Christmas marathon, and we’re raising money for Kent Animal Shelter, the money can buy food and stuff for the animals at the shelter but on Christmas Day they want to visit the dogs and cats at the shelter and bring them cozy blankets and fun toys to make them happy and merry on Christmas Day! (Hopefully a visit from us will also be good for them!)……Donations will be accepted from the week of the start of training up until December 24th! We will be running from home on the north shore of Long Island to Kent Animal Shelter…..on December 25th, early in the morning!

The next few days including today we are expecting RAIN, this is a good thing! (and I’m not just trying to sell a country song here, LOL!)Hopefully it will bring cooler and drier weather our way!…..

Now the Dog Runner has a lot of things on her plate , so  she is thinking about switching the Suffolk Marathon to the Half marathon distance because of the training schedule being put off due to the extreme heat and other things taking up time……but never fear a marathon distance will be covered AKA the Doggone marathon of the pack… yes, their own marathon…….being that the marathon will take place on December 25th….if we do somehow get a white christmas the marathon date may be changed for safety sake!

But as of now, the training start dates are stated above and the full ruck still applies to the training and marathon…..WHY a full ruck?….Okay, this has to do with the actions of two people…..first a fellow runner and Veteran- Billy Richards- who has run with the American flag and a full ruck all over Long Island and throughout the country…..thanking the police across those states…..I personally support the police overall but cannot do this myself as I was hurt by my local police for no reason, honestly police are not the same as they used to be and I support the past police more than the ego ridden police we have now in Suffolk…..I cannot speak for police outside my county, even Nassau county……I do totally support state troopers as they have a tougher position than our county police a lot of the time!! But I still will rather support and believe they are here for our safety!

Ok, my cause(s) are the animals (and environment)…….for the marathon it is the animals of Kent Animal Shelter, and I will speak with the people at the shelter to try to get someone to be there between certain times to receive our arrival after our marathon……to accept our donations of blankets, toys, and catnip toys for the cats too!…..And hopefully allow us to distribute the goodies to the dogs and cats ourselves (ok, Scout and Liberty will distribute things to their fellow canines, and I will have our ride back and let them hang in the truck with the windows open (and screened) in winter! while I deliver the goodies to the kitties- did I just rhyme there…..why collect more than money on our fundraiser on crowd rise……

Click here to go to crowd rise page….–literally/fundraiser/thedogrunner

The idea of collecting and distributing blankets and toys and such to the animals comes from Scouts friend,  Valerie Sanks who has cares so much for all the animals in the shelters that she started I think two or three years ago a movement to collect blankets for the shelter dogs to keep warm,cozy, and safe with….also toys and treats are appreciated, and she doesn’t forget the cats and collects catnip and toys for them too…..

my donations can be sent to:Pamela Schmidlin

PO Box 341

Nesconset, NY 11767

donations for all the shelter animals across Long Island can be sent to Valerie as well at:

Valerie Sanks C/O Buster Blankets

PO Box 262

Rocky Point, NY 11778

I will determine the amount of blankets needed by December 25th that is how many dogs and cats  are in the shelter, and report back with hopefully weekly updates, hopefully all the animals will find furever homes by Christmas but until then we will keep an accurate count with the approval of Kent Animal Shelter people and every week we will have a pet of the week starting on the week of September 4th…..and every week until December 25th…..

Yes, donations of blankets (you can find inexpensive and comfy blankets at Kohls, CVS, Walgreens, we will also collect gift certificates and coupons to these places and pet stores like Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, and PetSmart!…..Please follow Valerie on Facebook as well, she will be accepting donations starting now, if  Kent Animal Shelter somehow clears their shelter by Christmas all donations will be given to Valerie……so donations will be used in the intent they were given, I will personally follow the blankets and distribute them to the dogs themselves as needed……

Okay, so donations of blankets, toys (preferably toys that are indestructible- i.e. black songs, and strong toys, please keep in mind in a shelter situation dogs can get stressed and chew through toys a lot faster and all)……if you opt to send a teddy bear or something please watch out for little things that can be chewed off like plastic eyes and noses, and swallowed easily…..catnip is inexpensive and can be made into cat toys with a small piece of material and a string…..You can find youtube videos on how to do this , in fact Valerie herself may have one out there…….or at least on her Facebook page……..

We will load up the ruck full of blankets and toys and head on out on marathon day…oh and part of our training is to be wearing a full ruck and have to bend down to pickup after my dogs, I know that sounds weird but carrying a full ruck and doing so can be difficult to do…..

We will start running early in the morning on Christmas at 6am-7am and hope to finish between 11am-12 pm. Meeting hopefully the staff that is there to take care of the dogs and cats as the animals are a 24/ 7 responsibility and the Kent Animal Shelter employees know it!!……

Until our training begins…..we will be training for some shorter races and all, and running a local 5k course a lot and doing daily Doga routines and ab workouts inside……

We we also be finishing up the last 13 races in honor of Bill Benson’s 1000 race goal…..he came up 13 races short of 1000 before he left us, the before and after at these races will be just as important as the race as well……here are the races we will participate in this year…..

the first two races/ events dedicated to him were the NYC AMC Doggy Dash and the America Vet Dogs dog walk (2 short miles) yes, my dogs loved to run the course instead of walk, also since Bill was a veteran himself we did this in his honor as well and included it in our events, from one vet to another……

race 3- Aug 7th Sands Pt in Port Washington…..

4- Aug 13th Grape Gallop 5k in Watermill

5- Aug 20th Run the Farm- 4 miles  in Centereach

6- Sept 3rd Runners Edge Mile Run- Farmingdale

7- Sept 24th-Running of the Bull 5k- Smithtown

8- Sept 25th- Dog Jog 5k in Calverton

9- October 9- 15k run to the Pt Jefferson Brewery in Pt Jeff

10 October 16th- 6 hour run (minimum of 13.1 miles) in Sunken Meadow, Smithtown

11- October 30th- Suffolk Half Marathon (changed due to training and extreme heat this


12- Aug 18th- Marathon training run at Smithtown Running Company- Smithtown

13- Sept 15th- Marathon training run at Sayville Running Company- Sayville

Until our next blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner and her pack


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America Vet Dog Walk week

By July 27, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog
Independence Day!

On July 30, 2016 – 2nd Annual Long Island Run & Dog Walk – Bethpage, NY
Register now for the 2nd Annual Long Island Run & Dog Walk. To register or donate, please visit The 5K course has been officially measured and will leave from Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Dogs are welcome to attend and participate in the 2-mile walk. All participants will have an opportunity to visit the Museum of American Armor, which is located on site, before or after the race. For more information, please contact Jaime McGrade at 631-930-9054.

This weekend is the America Vet Dogs dog walk for us at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration……and Liberty and Scout are ready for a short walk….being American foxhounds they are definitely going to fit the part for the American part of the event, being the best companions ever for Pam aka the dog runner also a US Army veteran, we fit the Vet part of the event, and heck its a dog walk. There is a 5k run coupled with this event but because the America Vet Dogs AKA the Guide Dog Foundation consider the safety for all they opted to keep the dog walk separately from the run… many things can happen when you have everyone running together. Leashes can get in the way… can always have that one person who insists on running with their dog off leash which can lead to problems in itself! Also with the heat of the season lately here in NY- on LI, it’s best to keep the dogs slow and easy and distances short and sweet! Yes Dogs were meant to run but dogs on leashes can be different than dogs running free and leashless!


So Liberty and Scout have trained for weeks and have gone up to 12 miles at one time getting ready for their event…..Sierra may join the pack on Saturday as well……

Justice will be staying home this time in the AC!


Until our next post, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The Dog Runner and her pack

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Doggy Dash week……

By July 18, 2016 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

So accompanying our runs the dog runner will be incorporating sessions of doga into her workouts as well as a lot of ab and core work…..Just purchased was the Maxi Climber and along side that we have the Ab Lounge and using the workouts you can find easily on YouTube…..Coupled with a great stretching routine of Doga, to not only stretch but relax us, we will take our health to new levels!!

Monday we have decided to take as a rest day and run tuesday, wednesday, and thursday- Liberty, Scout will be running the trails these days… we draw closer to the doggy dash….we will motivate one another and bring back the motivation and get go to Pam- i.e. the dog runner……after a tough weekend! We are hoping for tons of rain this weekend actually……to cool things off…..Justice has just been added as a runner in the  doggy dash, it could be changed into a doggy walk but the event will be great nevertheless…..

Ok, so now Sierra will be run/ walking with Pam and Justice will now be running with her new friend Randi- friend to many dogs and will get to meet her dog Sheba as well a fellow GSD!

To be honest Sierra’s got the speed over Justice although they give each other a run for the money in backyard! *In the photo below please note Justice has a longer leash on!*


On that note, until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

the Dog Runner

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