Our Mission

Mission Statement

Here at Doggone Healthy Choices our mission in this world is to help people and their pets live the healthiest lives ever and TOGETHER! Emphasizing a VEGAN lifestyle but not acting as the vegan police which we are not- people and their pets have their own choices to make. We do this through our blogs here at Doggone Healthy Choices.com and through our health coaching by IIN Certified Health Coach Pamela Schmidlin.


Ultimate Goal

Our Ultimate goal to use Pam’s dog training skills and education to open a school for fellow US veterans and seniors to train and provide Service, Emotional Support and Therapy Animals (hence not just DOGS!) free of charge as well as support and help in any part of their lives whether it be with education, employment, health, dog training, etc. We want to be sure ALL veterans who willingly gave of themselves selflessly to their country get a fair shake in the rest of their hopefully long lives! ¬†As well as Seniors who worked in their country and are slowly being turned away from benefits they once earned.

Extra Extra…..

Over the next year, Pam hopes to bring Doga and the art of running and walking your dog to local shelters, and organizations to help people and their pets become the healthier versions of themselves.

Part of her plan includes working with Beachbody CEO- Carl Daikler on a new program, that is not like any other program offered through Beachbody as of yet!!



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