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Our Beachbody Plus Journey

By February 9, 2018 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Our Journey today

Ok, so we started our day with a refreshing practice of DOGA! Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and Pam all came to the world’s largest doga mat to start the day together the right way. We meditated while using the 4-7-8 breathing technique that Dr Andrew Weil showed us in the video in one of our blogs. We continued the practice to include our pose of the day…..

Pose of the Day- Butterfly/ Budda

Butterfly and Budda Pose- done simultaneously by Pam and Scout

Butterfly and Modified Budda Pose- done simultaneously by Pam and Scout

Butterfly and Budda Pose- done simultaneously by Pam and Scout

Butterfly Pose

First let’s talk about the Butterfly pose done by you and me…..So your asking how to get into it right? as you can see it’s fairly easy.

First have a seat on the floor- we opt for our Doga mat, but you can opt for the carpet, on a sofa, your bed, wherever you can sit “indian style” comfortably you can do this!

Ok, comfy? Now take the soles of your feet and put them together with your legs opened up we’ll call it “clam” style. Keep your back straight and lean forward in to the pose allowing your legs to come towards the floor and to give you a stretch in your legs and back.

If your dog does their pose at the same time you can both lean into each other as you help your dog sit up nicely in their pose.

To come out of the pose, once you held it at least 10-30 seconds, straighten your legs out in front of you and come to a standing position.


Now our best friends pose….Their Budda pose compliments our Butterfly pose very well, and can be done together and that’s what I strive for in my practice (doing our poses together).

Ok so here’s how to get your dog in their pose.

Have you dog sit in front of you.

Ask them Do you want to be a Budda- or do the Budda Pose?

Now take a treat and guide them to lift their front paws up which of course their torso will follow to be upright, it’s kinda like a Begging position…..Now don’t say Beg- say”good Budda, good Budda!”

If you do your pose at the same time get into your pose and then call your dog to sit in front of you and your dog may make you lean into your pose a bit – but that’s ok- as you will get a deeper stretch.

Your dog and you will now be assisting each other isn’t that great!!

To get your dog out of their pose, let them come back down slowly as you take your hand away.

Oh, if your dog needs further help you can stand up and let them use your legs to keep them from falling over for extra support!

Again- we want to be working together during our practices RIGHT?!?!?!

Next part of our days journey

Our next part of our journey was for Pam- aka the All American Dog Runner Girl- to complete Chalean Extreme’s Burn Circuit 1 as she moved into the next phase.  Shortly to be followed by 80 Day Obsession Day 25- LEG DAY!


So the last parts of the journey were the Dog Runner working out on her own as her pack rested well together. Now that she kept hydrated and fed well (having her pre and post workout meals), we were off for a 6 mile trail run with Scout and Liberty, and then followed by a 5 mile run with Freedom and Justice. And a mile walk with Benji from next door- mom and dads dog. A total of 12 miles complete. WOO HOO!!

Alright that was our day so far before coming to write about it. We invite you to join us on our journey and want to hear about your journeys.

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Dog Runner Girl

and her four American Dogs

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Primary Day

By September 12, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Primary Day

Today is an election day, known as Primary Day when those registered in particular parties go out and vote for their candidates in their party. That is when there are more than one candidate trying to run under that party line.

Here in our town it could mean being on the move to a new- FINALLY!- Town supervisor!! You see we have had the same town supervisor for over 35 years- I believe it has been 37 years. Which is way too long for any of person to be the same position in ANY government position. Years ago he stopped caring about anything and things have slipped downhill in our town. Granted I love my town and it is the best in the area but we have more problems due to this person than we really should have due to his “I don’t give a damn attitude!”

Ok, so as I am not in that party to vote in the primary today, I will be watching closely and voting in November against this man!

For I am an American who loves the land I was born and raised on.  I will be helping out and volunteering to help out the candidate who will hopefully beat the incumbent and win the primary!

Independence Day!

Scout stands for Independence here!

And yes, the whole pack will be out there with our American flare campaigning for our chosen candidate.  Hint Mr Incumbent: your republican party dropped you already- GIVE UP! No one wants you!!

So yes, I do believe in term limits! As I have seen first hand what happens when one person has too much time in power, and they lose the ability to “give a flying fig!” Honestly, I think political parties should go away to and we should not vote for the party anymore BUT the person!! Because yes it is all about, let’s face it, the party more than anything today! What would George Washington think about political parties today? Or any of our forefathers for that matter? Would they hide their heads in shame or go with the flow?

Ok, I just wanted to bring attention to what today is and urge people to go out and VOTE, in their local elections as they are just as important as the national ones!!

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

the American Pack

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National Dog Day

By August 27, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

National Dog Day

On this National Dog Day, we had to blog about it of course…..we had to mention, we rule the yard here. We over took Pam….we have her feeding us, picking our poop, Swiffering our fur up off the floor, and so much more.

Who’s involved here….

On this National Dog Day, we have Scout , Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and ourselves to rule over Pam on this here our day.

Playtime! So sweet and innocent looking! Guess who got the peanut butter filled kong?!?!?

History of National Dog Day!

National Dog Day was started by Colleen Paige. She also started days such as National Mutt Day on July 31 and December 2! It was celebrated on the day Colleen got her first dog years ago.

National Dog Day was started in 2004. You can read more about it here:

Ok, since this is a last minute blog we wanted to just give mention to National Dog Day!

Until next time have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.


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I found my stick

By August 16, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Finding one’s stick!

Mini Vacation

We missed reporting yesterday on our mini vacation. Sorry to my Bat girl! Your Bat Dog, misses you but never fear I decided I am going to rule Pam and my vacation here. She let’s me out in the morning and I refuse to go in for hours, she will open the door for minutes and then close it to deter bugs from going in because I will lie a few feet away from the door and look at her funny! Hey, I’ll go in when I’m ready. I get my food outside and no one bothers me when I eat, I have large buckets of water outside to not get dehydrated. Ok, I have Spotty with me but hey let’s face it I can take him down, and just sit on him anytime I want to make my point!

Finding One’s Stick!

In life everyone has to find there own stick in life. Now I mean that in finding one’s way….for instance Pam found her way to greater health through my Mom and the Beachbody / Vegan Shakeology way.  And I recently found my stick (ok, I am taking this a bit to literally) but I found my stick. No one will bother me when I carry my big stick here, check this out:

Big Stick!

As the saying goes walk softly and carry a big stick right!?!?!?

Notice Spotty keeps his distance from me and doesn’t jump on me. Hey Mom, Pam said I can take my stick home with me when we go home, can I – can I?!!?!?!? I’ll play with Spotty with it in the backyard and keep him busy for hours with it so he stays out of trouble! Hey Shayna do you think it would fit in the Bat car!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, so I just wanted to report that I found my stick and I found my way to be the one in control of ME and my day!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

Spree the Bat Dog!

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Spree’s Day

By August 14, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Spree’s Day today!

We started our day at 4am, as you could read in Spotty’s blog today. We all went outside…..and we ate outside, we had a little olive oil on our food, this always makes things taste better- hint, hint, MOM!…….

When Pam and her pack went for a run, we stayed back home with Justice today and got into a little mischief. Pam lost a pen and marker and came home to her papers all over. HEHEHEHE……But she took part of the blame for having it out for us to get to. I gotta admit she’s fair.

I bark for Nice Cream!

Shortly after they got home, we even got some Nice Cream. Because she was fairly cool about what we did and took a lot of the blame, I lifted my head from my treat and posed with my Nice cream! Don’t worry MOM, it’s dairy free! By the way, when you get home you can use Coconut based yogurt or Frozen Bananas- the first you can mix by hand, the later you need a blender for! Pam did separate us so there was no fights over the treats we were given!

Nice Cream!

I scream or bark for Ice or Nice Cream!

Ok she cares!

I was in and out of the house throughout the day!  When we went in for the day/ night, we were out like a light! And left Pam to do her writing as we watched tv, The Middle is on now…..

Ok, so we’ll keep this short tonight, but only because Spotty covered things in his blog today, tomorrow I’ll be the storyteller.

Until tomorrow, I had a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day, and it looks like you did too! So hope you have a great day, awaiting your return BUT still enjoy our vacation here with our pack!

Spree, the Bat Dog!



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Spotty’s Birthday

By August 14, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Spotty’s Birthday Celebration

Ok, so today was my birthday! I’m officially no longer a puppy! And even though I miss my girl and my family today, I had a pretty nice day with my extended pack and Pam!

As we got up- at 4am, due to Liberty and Freedom jumping on Pam and getting her up. We all started to bark and jump around so Pam could not get back to sleep.

Birthday Kisses

From that point on, I was wished Happy Birthday by everyone, Liberty gave me my first Birthday KISS! If Pam wasn’t half asleep she would have gotten a photo of it! But she gives kisses everyday so maybe she’ll get a shot another day!


So Spree and I stayed outside a little longer, we had our breakfast outside- Pam likes to separate us so that no fights over food break out. She says she doesn’t want to see anyone hurt! When we are not here, from time to time, her pack eats outside too, or so they told me!

As we were outside, Pam and her pack did their doga session. We do our doga and meditating when we come in as well. We need to show her (all of us that is)just how to do the Downward, and Upward Dog moves just so. Every morning we make sure she sees ALL of us stretch and watch us as we do the moves CORRECTLY!

Pack Run

Later about 7am, Pam and her pack, or three pack members went on a run. The rest of us were in the house in the AC cooled house, although the temperatures were not that hot out, thankfully. As we were left alone, Pam cannot lay blame on exactly who did it but WE got into her pen and marker, and a few papers. We didn’t totally destroy anything but we had our rambunctious fun! Pam puts things away- like her camera, and computer so we can pretty much go wild! We do have to watch out for the TV though and not chew on any wires. There are a few to speak of, but Pam wants to keep her house dog friendly!

Nice Cream

When they got back from their run- a short mere 3 miles. We had our NICE CREAM treat, and Pam sung Happy Birthday to me, later I got a video from my family which I watched on Pam’s phone- yes, a dog used an iPhone (I think Steve Jobs would have appreciated that one!) And I gave her phone a bath, my tongue just slobbered and cleaned her screen off, BOL!

Nice Cream

My Birthday NICE Cream Treat, Hope my Mom makes me some when they get home! (It’s people friendly too!) So we can have a nice cream social!

Outside Dogs

We refused to come in as much as Pam wanted so we got to stay outside most of the day! We had to go in when Pam went to the store to get a bag of dog food for her pack though, then when she got home we all ran out right away. She always makes sure she closes the gate so we don’t escape to keep us safe, as well as other dogs passing by. speaking of which, her neighbor walks his dog- and remembers me from the beginning of the year and is so surprised at how big I got! Mr and Mrs Quinn loved seeing me again, and Abby loved it too!

As we were outside, Pam gave each of us a special treats she picked up, since she wanted to get a special birthday treat for us to share- also since she shares her birthday with her pack on August 25th. So we each had a few cookies. I sat for my treats and shhh….but I got one extra cookie since today was my birthday! Here are the cookies we had….the only thing with these are that the coloring can color our poop, but since they don’t have them everyday, Pam felt it was okay to give us!


Our second treat of the day!- Duplex creme filled cookies-

My Short Walk

Towards the end of the day around 4pm, Pam took my on a short birthday walk- now it was just down the corner and back but  she wanted to see if she could handle a leash walk with me. She said I did fairly well. And having three dogs run with her  and pull her towards the squirrels and rabbits every so often, handling a little tug here and there from me wasn’t too bad.

Dog walk

Spotty’s short walk

It was also short because Pam was also up since 4am (12 hours, and her day wasn’t just sitting around!). So I understood that, also she had to keep her shorts from falling down around her ankles so I had take it easy! (I didn’t  want a show)- thanks MOM for helping motivate her to do Beachbody and Shakeology!

The rest of the day we were outside for our second meal and then with our pack, and when we came in I played with Justice a little,


Playtime with Justice

Now we are sleeping as I told Pam what to type up for my blog here! And we’ll let Pam work on things, while the tv is on and we listen to the tv- Everyone Loves Raymond- or today it should be “Spotty” right Aliya?!?!?!?

Ok, so that was my first Birthday, so even though I missed my girl and my family- my pack here made my first birthday ever so special! And a pretty nice happy and healthy tail waggin’ day, until tomorrow! Hope (it looks like you had the same!)

Spotty, the  Wonder Dog!

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Sunday- Lazy Summer Days!

By August 13, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Sunday’s a for being lazy!

So today, we woke up at 4 am, with Liberty and Freedom jumping on top of Pam as they usually do. Liberty gives us all kisses and all, then Pam slowly gets up and makes her way through the crowd and literally lets the dogs out!

So we got to eat outside today Shayna, Pam gave both  Spotty and myself a half of a sweet potato, hint hint we liked it….Oh and some olive oil on our food! We get to eat in peace outside and have our little picnics- as long as it doesn’t rain! Pam actually likes rain on the weekends too! Anyway……she said we’re going to go on some walks this week, not long walks but walks in the neighborhood. Her pack said they’re were some good smells around so we can’t wait to find some great new smells!

Here is a shot of our food bowls after she prepared them this morning….

Meal time

Prepared doggie meals

Oh and Pam said she would make some nice cream for us this week! Scotties birthday is this week so we’ll add a candle to the mix and have him make a wish! No wait, he’d eat the candle instead of blowing it out! These are the ingredients, so she has them ready and waiting to be made! (Maybe today!)

Nice Cream

I scream for Nice Cream!

So I believe Spotty reported us wanting to stay outside for a few hours this morning and having control over whether we come in or not……so we enjoyed the morning outside.

Lazy Sunday Mornings

When we got in, we ended up enjoying a lazy Sunday morning lying around! Justice stole my bed for the morning, Pam said this won’t be a everyday thing but I’m ok, I like the cool floor!

Sleeping dogs

Tuckered from our morning romp outside!

Doga Dog

Then of course we all did some meditating  and participated in some Doga  this Sunday morning!


Doga Dog- Meditating!- Aunt Bonnie told me falling asleep is a perfect meditation practice!

Of course,  I stole the Doga mat for the time being but hey Justice- as your name goes, I brought myself some Justice today!

Play time

Spotty always has to have what I have, I lead the way though, Pam helped me get the Kong to myself!


Play time

Playtime with the Kong!


Got it back for awhile- Justice shares!

Justice is served!

I got my Bed back!



Pam had her Shakeology today, and she offered us some. Okay, she drank it all, but she teased us and I was going to be the one who fought and won for it! I think I won- what do you think?


Who gets what again? Say it Spree gets the Shakeology!

Ok, so that was our “lazy” sunday morning so far, until tomorrow we’ll going to go have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day! And we hope you do too!

Spree the Bat Dog!

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Treats in our meals……

By August 13, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Treats, etc…..

This morning as Liberty and Freedom did their usual wakeup and literally jumped on Pam to get up.(They have to jump over her to get out of bed!) They chose to sleep next to the window to be able to see what’s going on outside easily! Anyway, as they woke up at 3am, Pam got up to literally LET THE DOGS OUT!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Ok, now that I can answer that question honestly, where do I picked up my money? Pam asked us this morning. We all keep telling her we’ll sniff out the location and get back to her!

So anyway, after a romp in the backyard, Pam came back in the house to find Spotty had a sleeping buddy. He got the plunger from the bathroom and took it to bed with him. She wondered if he needed to plunge himself or what?


Plunge something?

So as she got her dogs meals ready for the day, she added a little something to their food as well as her packs food. She added a bit of Sweet potato (a half of one to each bowl) into their food. Oh along with a little olive oil for a shiny coat!

Spotty and Spree also had a little olive oil added to their second meal last night and Pam found they like to lick the bottle- could they be closet olive oil drinkers? Do they have a group for dogs with this addiction? Spree wanted to take the bottle from her but it was a glass bottle so she had to say no! just lick the end!

Basically Spree and Spotty want to tell their Mom to add olive oil to their food from now on. 365 Olive Oil (that is Whole Foods, it is reasonably priced and so good for our coats!)

Meal time

Prepared doggie meals with Sweet Potatoes!

I scream for nice cream.

Ok, we know it’s ice cream, but since dogs shouldn’t technically have dairy, we enjoy a dairy free version made with bananas or coconut based yogurt! Will Pam make some for us this week? My Birthday is this week…..I hope she gets the hint! You will be able to find the recipe on one of the other blogs today on this site……

Nice Cream

I scream for Nice Cream!

By the way, Spree and I would not come in the house for 2-3 hours this morning, Pam kept trying to call us and get us in but we opted to stay out for as long as we wanted. WE rule our day not her!  Pam asked us what Shayna and Aliya have been teaching them?!?!?! Have they been teaching you independence?!?!?!?

Ok, so that is about it for now until tomorrow I’m going to go have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

Spotty- the Wonder Dog



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Dog Days of Summer

By August 12, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Dog Days of Summer

As Spree mentioned in his blog, even dogs need a little vacation time in life! So I was excited I too get a little change of scenery although I will be missing my girl, Aliya terribly. But being stuck with Pam isn’t that bad, after all I will have Scout, Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Benji, and Monty to run and play with in the yard.


Rescue Dog Life

My Girl, my BCF, and predecessor, and Mom! How lucky can a rescue dog get in life?!?!?!?

Bat Dog, Bat Car…..

Bat Dog!

Spotty and the Bat Dog!

Thats my girl on the left side, standing with Monty who is behind Spree and her girl Shayna! Pam is know calling him the Bat Dog! Why? Well as you can see Shayna likes her superheroes and since she is wearing her Bat shirt and Pam saw her dressed up in her Bat costume before and Spree is a black coat dog- he would fit in perfectly in the black Bat car! I think Dad needs to get another sports car- but a black one now! can you see the crew in it? Of course, he’ll have to keep it in great TOP condition until Shayna can drive it on her own! But that is just an idea we had tod

Peanut Butter and Sharing…..

Ok, so Pam let us out then went to get a peanut butter container that was practically finished to give to me. Aliya, she said not to worry that I will get something else BUT Spree grabbed it up. Okay tell Shayna he was polite about taking it, I was snoozing so I lost it but it was being offered to me first….How rude! No, there is no one I’d rather give up my PB container too than Spree! I guess I get the sharing lesson presented to us by You and Shayna….Pam said she remembers seeing a video of Shayna sharing with you so, I took the lesson and ran with it!


Peanut Butter/ PB

Spree enjoying his PB and not wanting to share!


As you can see Aliya he was being polite but at the same time not wanting to share with me, then again I can’t say I blame him a bit!

Outdoor Picnic

Since the rain stopped early on around 5am or so, who knows if it’ll start up again. I tend to doubt it, but we got to eat outside and enjoy the cool weather i.e. dog days of summer and have a mini picnic if you will. So I just strutted up to the chow on the porch this morning. Oh, Pam folded up the crates and hopes she won’t need to take them out at all anymore. Aliya, I want all of my new pack and Spree to be together with no boundaries. I did cry most of the night missing you. But I do want you all to have a great vacation, say hello to grandma and aunt Bonnie and everyone for me and Spree!


Spotty the wonder dog! Aliya is my Wonder Woman!

Ok, so until tomorrow’s blog I’m going to join Spree and the pack for a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day! And I hope you all do the same!

Spotty, the Wonder Dog!

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My Mini Vacation!

By August 12, 2017 the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Doggy Days of Summer

Dogs need to enjoy the DOG DAYS of SUMMER! And the cool wet days are the best for us yet! Even though I am a furry four legged canine I too need a vacation at some point. Or at the very least a change of scenery! Although I admit I miss my girls. Especially my Shayna! She is my rock! I love her to no end! I like to cuddle up with her as Mom pushes PLAY on her Beachbody  video workouts. But I gotta say I love the fact she chooses these workouts so that she can workout at home with ME, Shayna, Spotty and Aliya! How lucky are we!

My Girl-Shayna and her sister….


Rescue Dog Life

My Girl, my BCF, and predecessor, and Mom! How lucky can a rescue dog get in life?!?!?!?

My Girl has the Batman shirt on, I think I’m the Bat Dog! I love that she loves her superheroes and hope I can or maybe am one of them! Pam told me that most if not all dogs are superheroes as they save their humans everyday. And I’m not (or she wasn’t) just talking official service dogs either!

Mini Vacation

But yesterday as they dropped us off for a mini vacation here at Scout, Liberty, Freedom and Justice’s who I have been found kissing right outside the door this morning- Shush, don’t tell Monty- she’s his girl!

Kissing doggies

Just after the kiss!!

It’s all good though, it stopped raining after about 5am or thereabouts. So we got to eat outside, and have a mini picnic if you will. Pam gave us a bucket full of cool water- not ice cold but cool. It’s not hot out, so we spent the morning outside, the temperature was nice, it was a little wet but not to wet.  I got to run with Justice at top speed around the stump in backyard, or as Pam call it. It’s a tree that came down years ago that seems to be growing back and Pam refuses to get rid of it! But that’s cool because it’s nice for her dogs and us to play around and lie under and all!

BOL! (Barking Out Loud!)

Oh Shayna if your reading this, let me tell you- Pam had a container with a bit of peanut butter left in it and she offered it to Spotty ( I think to keep him busy! You know what I mean! BOL! (BARKING OUT LOUD!- That is a dog’s LOL!….) My mission while on vacation is to blog to keep you up to date on my happenings and to come up with a list of dogs LOL’s and all…..whatcha think girl? Have Mom message Pam to tell me if she can think of any or if you can!

Yeah right Spotty, step away! It’s mine you snoozed you lost!

Tongue Out

Tongue Out “Vacation” Time











Okay, so I should let Spotty write his blog for his girl, Aliya! Until tomorrows blog I’m going to go have a happy and healthy tail waggin day! and I hope you do too!

Spree AKA the Bat Dog!!


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