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30 days of Blogging Challenge

By September 1, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

30 days of blogging challenge

During the month of September, you will be able to find a brand new blog everyday.This is part of our 30 Days of blogging challenge here on this site. Now this can be a new blog from:

The All American Dog Runner Girl,

the Four American Dogs,

the Six Legged Companion Coach,

or just another blog

So be sure to go over to the right, right now and subscribe to our blog (s) to automatically get the updates sent directly to you. Topics we will discuss are our Service Dog Training, our physical training for our upcoming races on September 23 and October 8th, how our beach body challenges are going and our journey with them.

To begin this month, our pack here started our Service Dog Training using this book.

Service Dog

Imagine that- a guide to training your own service dog.

We will be posting onto her Facebook page as well, You can check that out here: www.facebook/groups/180613442286351  and if your interested in training your own Service dog I highly suggest getting a copy of this book and follow it right along. We hope to share videos with Lelah and the group here as to our progress during the month of September.

First day of Training

During our first day of training, we spent short little training sessions together as we associated the clicker. We  made sure that Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice all knew what the clicker meant. Which means “hey, I did something good and a behavior that is desirable- maybe I’ll learn it and look for my reward next time.”  We started out today with or having simple eye contact with Pam. We also added a name to the eye contact and prolonged the contact which we called “FOCUS”. A basis for communication, whether it be with you and your dog, or between two people. How many people today can say they look up from their mobile devices even while on line at the store to give their full attention to the person they are dealing with. Not many! So ok, this training was also a bit of training for Pam as well, to learn a basic simple rule of communication- and to give her attention to the other party- be in canine in this case or another human.

Challenge for our readers

Challenge: the next time your out and about or even at your own home and participating in some form of communication, look up and maintain eye contact with that other person, or hey, you can even practice this with your dog.  See how long you can hold onto that eye contact. Who looks away first? Make it a game. And everytime you and your dog maintain that eye contact reward you and or your dog for doing so.


Why is this so important to Pam? As a child, Pam would have a tendency to look at the ground while talking to others, her 8th grade teacher, got frustrated with her and took her out in the hallway to talk to her, while looking down, her teacher got onto the floor with two rooms of classmates looking out at her along with two other teachers, which made Pam even more self conscious about herself (making things worse by the way, at that point in her life). Anyway, her teacher got down on the floor in front of her to have a conversation and totally embarrassed Pam, and made Pam have even less eye contact that year, for fear of being embarrassed. It took years for Pam to get over this one, although admittedly the lesson was learned. And everyday she looked forward to being one more day closer to graduating from there and from those who made fun of her for her teachers actions as they did not all know and fully understand things. Kids can be cruel then and now!

Back to the challenge, we challenge you to practice making eye contact as well with your dog, or with others and hope you will comment at the end of this blog as to how it went along. We will be offering up challenges for you, your dog, and more during this month so that you to can follow along with our training.

Until tomorrow go to the right on this page and subscribe to our blog to get automatic updates sent to you, so you do not have to search through our blogs everyday. And you can stay on top of all we have to offer.

Tomorrow, you can read about our physical training for our upcoming 5k’s on September 23rd and October 8th and our fundraiser, you can do so at the All American Dog Runner Girl’s Blog.

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The 4 American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice


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Service Dog Training

By August 24, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Service Dog Training

Starting September 1 2017, starts National Service Dog Month. And with the start of a new month and the National Service Dog Month we will be starting to train to become service dog teams. No matter where each pack member is we will be training with Pam to help her though her tough times in life.

We will be using these guides:

Service dog guide 2

The next guide for October  that we will be using starting on October 1st!

Or guide for our training- the first 30 days starting September 1st through September 30. 












We will be following the guides to the letter, again no matter where the dog may be we will be taking each day and training each and everyday as if they are new to training or more advanced as if they are new to any trainings.


We will keep a log of our training here on this blog as well as on our Youtube channel: PamelaSchm2, Twitter @thedogrunner or @the4AmericanDogs, Instagram@thehealthydogrunner. Please follow us while we train to be a service dog TEAM!

Until tomorrow have a healthy and happy tail waggin’ day.


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Introduction to Justice

By August 18, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Introduction to Justice

Justice the Service Dog in training


Justice is a German Shepherd dog or to most a GSD. Why the letters because today people  are to lazy to say the whole name or title, so they must use letters. Or maybe some don’t even know for sure what the letters mean, anyway!

Her Story

Justice came from a shelter in NJ, and made her way to Long Island to Pam through a local rescue person. The person as Pam refers to her is the savior of German Shepherds- if there is a German Shepherd who needs help (actually any dog no any animal she will be there as soon as she can possibly get there). This wonderful lady has eight German Shepherds of her own. So basically don’t mess with her.


  • Personality: Smart, confident, courageous, and steady; a true dog lover’s dog
  • Energy Level: Very Active; These big guys were born to work; they require regular mental and physical exercise
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
  • Shedding: Frequent
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Eager To Please
  • Height: 24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)
  • Weight: 65-90 pounds (male), 50-70 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 7-10 years
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary


Justice happens to be vegan as well, and runs every week with Pam (the All American Dog Runner Girl/ Six Legged Companion Coach)

Ok, so that is a little bit about Justice, until tomorrow- we’ll go out and about and have a tail waggin’ day, and we hope you do the same with your four legged friends!


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Introduction to Freedom

By August 16, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Introduction to Freedom

training for all

Freedom sits and waits patiently for some training to begin for the day!

Mixed Breeds

Mixed Breed dogs are known to be healthier than pedigree dogs most of the time. Now this is open to the individual dog of course, but overall mixed breeds tend to be healthier due to there not being any chance of inbreeding, and the conditions and ailments that certain breeds are prone to.

Also mixed breeds are better to  adopt or be adopted by to clear shelters and save money at local government levels.


Freedom is Vegan as well. She loves her fellow animals and the environment and wants to protect them just like her other pack members.


Freedom came to Pam from the south, if Pam recalls correctly she came from Alabama. When Pam originally got her she changed her name to Sierra, later changing it one last time to Freedom. There is a reason that will be uncovered in the next few months on why she came to change her name one last time. So stay tuned to our blog/ site here to find out why! Pam found her through a search through PetSmart Charities. Of course, they said she was a 50 lb dog, but they were mistaken- as she was half that weight! And honestly wasn’t going to get much bigger! But when Pam met her she decided to look past the size, as she truly wanted a bigger dog. And thankfully  she did because Liberty and Freedom became the BEST FURRY FRIENDS FUREVER! She came from the south, but was first met by Pam in PA where PetSmart Charities brought the dogs up to.


Liberty getting hugged by Sierra- I am thankful for the way my girls show me how to love and accept others on a daily basis- and one day I’ll do the same!!

Liberty and Freedom have become inseparable from the second they met each other!


Freedom ran the last NYC Doggy Dash in 2016. The time you see in the photo below is not her time, it may not be the tri guys time either, as he may have been in a later wave and started later.

NYC AMC Doggy Dash

The past led to this and now we’re moving on…..

Freedom loves to run and has some speed in her.

Okay so all that being said that is a little bit of Freedom, she is one of the four American Dogs here at and wants to bring more information to everyone on living a happy and healthy tail waggin’ lifestyle.


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Introduction to Liberty

By August 15, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Introduction to Liberty

Today we have our introduction to Liberty. Liberty is an American Foxhound mix as well. She is also one of the 4 American Dogs here at




  • Personality: Sweet-tempered and easygoing, but also stubborn and independent
  • Energy Level: Very Active; They could be called “Springsteen hounds” because, baby, they were born to run; lots of exercise required
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: Yes
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Responds Well
  • Height: 22-25 inches (male), 21-24 inches (female)
  • Weight: 65-70 pounds (male), 60-65 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 11-13 years
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

So as Liberty meets most of these characteristics, we have decided to drop the mix as well when introducing her. She technically had no papers but hey let’s face it, ONLY PEOPLE need papers to prove something!

Our meeting

Liberty and Pam met by chance, Pam was in the area and decided to stop in and see the dogs at Kent Animal Shelter, with no thoughts of getting another dog. But when she first saw Liberty in the corner of the kennel she knew they had to be together. So Pam asked about adopting her. The next day Pam brought Scout to meet and greet Liberty. Pam ended up fostering Liberty and within in a few weeks they decided to adopt one another. You see Liberty saved Pam and vice versa.

Group Selfie!

Liberty and myself Our first Group Selfie!


Group Selfie

Second Group Selfie

Running with Liberty

Ever since Liberty joined Scout and Pam on our running endeavors. Both of them giving Pam a run for her money sorta speak!

Vegan Dogs and People

Running with the big dogs!


Liberty happens to be a Vegan dog as well. As we all know dogs are not carnivores but omnivores and like humans can sustain themselves on a plant based diet/ lifestyle. We will discuss a vegan lifestyle further as our blogs continue both for dogs and humans as well.

Tomorrow, we will introduce Freedom, of course having to include more on Liberty, so until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!






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Introduction to Scout

By August 14, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

All About Scout

Ok, so let’s do an introduction to all of our pack members here at Doggone Healthy

First we have Scout, Yes, today it’s all about Scout…..


He is an American Foxhound mix! The American Foxhound is the breed of George Washington. So we tend to want to drop the mix when introducing him. He has the musical bay of the American Foxhound, the look, and the independence of them.

The American Foxhound was first brought about and bred by George Washington himself. The American Foxhound is known to have originated in the states of Maryland and Virginia, and is the state dog of Virginia.

Dog Structure

Scout would like to help by showing you the structure of a dog!


Scout as we mentioned is an American Foxhound Mix. He came to Pam aka the Dog Runner via Kent Animal Shelter. When she saw the profile on their website that said “Ready to Run” she knew it was a match from that point on! And ever since it has been.

He trained to run his first marathon (26.2 miles) with Pam in May 2015 to raise money for Kent Animal Shelter. In December 2016- He was joined by Pam as well as Liberty in their marathon- which ran from Smithtown to Calverton, Long Island.

This year in 2017, Scout will be joined by Liberty, Freedom, Justice, as well as the Dog Runner in running a months worth of 5k’s ending on October 8th in PA with an organized dog friendly race. This time raising money for Paws for War in Nesconset, NY! An organization that trains and helps veterans and shelter dogs help one another through the obstacles of life.  Providing service dogs to Veterans of the USA! A near and dear topic to the dog runner and her 4 American Dogs!

We will talk more about Scout, as well as his pack on this blog as time goes on. Scout just wants to bring information to his fellow canines and their humans on living a happy and healthy tail waggin’ life! So he wants you to subscribe to the right on this page to receive more updates and goodies in your email everyday we have new blogs added to our site.


Scout happens to be a Vegan dog as well. As we all know dogs are not carnivores but omnivores and like humans can sustain themselves on a plant based diet/ lifestyle. We will discuss a vegan lifestyle further as our blogs continue both for dogs and humans as well.

Until tomorrow when we introduce another pack member, we will go out and have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day, and we hope you do the same!


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Requirements for dogs and humans food wise!

By August 2, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Nutritional Requirements for All!

NYC AMC Doggy Dash

nutritional requirements


We all require different things during different stages of life, and here we will try to break it down for humans as well as canines alike!

First stage of life

To start off with mother’s milk provides colostrum. This is important since puppies do not develop their own for the first 6-12 weeks. Note: if the mother is VEGAN the puppies will only want to eat vegan foods. After 3-4 weeks of age, begin to substitute mother’s milk with solid foods a more of a mushy, gruel like form! At 7 weeks their requirements are about twice as much as that of adults. A high energy food will promote faster growth, and is not recommended which is not good for their skeletal structure. Protein should between 25 to 29% of metabolbolizable energy and fat should be at about 17%.


Maintenance- Protein should be around 18% to 30% of metabolbolizable energy.And fat between 10-20%.


Protein should be between 25 and 35% of metabolizable energy and fat between 20- 30% for very active dogs.Performance means high levels of intense activity. Feed to maintain proper body conditions. Endurance sports should increase fat content slightly. Ensure the diet is energy dense so the dog is able to get the calories required in an amount that is reasonable to consume. Corn Oil and Soybeans, tofu, or soy protein isolate are good for increasing energy density. Dogs should be fed 1.5 to 2 hours before the dog exercises and fed a carbohydrate containing supplement immediately following endurance exercise to replenish glucose levels.


At about 5-7 years of age, possibly more due to the dogs activity, if active dogs may not require geriatric adjustments until they are 9 or 10. At this time geriatric dogs are energy requirements reduced by about 30-40%. And of course geriatric dogs may have medical problems requiring different nutritional needs.

Body Condition Scale










Of course both humans and canines alike have requirements for protein, fat, carbohydrates, and water.


Okay so you have a basic understanding of nutritional needs. One should also work with your doctors and veterinarians and have regular blood tests and test to be sure yourself and your dog are getting what they need to support the life stages.

Until tomorrow when we continue to learn about different important facts.Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.



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Canine Touch

By August 2, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Canine Touch


Touching can be a two way means of communication.

Finally we get to touch! the last of the senses we’ll be talking about. Let’s look at how a dog reacts to being touched and how a dog uses touch to get to know their environment.


Let’s start talking about our dogs whiskers or vibrissae. They are long stiff and straight, and are modifications of sinus hairs. They have a blood supply and nerve endings. When agitated dogs flare their whiskers. Whisker position is a good detail to observe when trying to read to situation your dog is going through- are we happy, sad, mad, etc.

We use our whiskers in the dark, you may have heard of our whiskers being called “curb feelers”. They help us find our way around in the dark. In some cases it was thought they help us funnel scents to the nose.


Our paws are also sensitive and are used in exploring things to close for us to focus in on. Touching is a another way we dogs focus in on things in our environment.

** Being that our paws are so sensitive, they can burn easily on hot pavement, or bruised or cut easily (like shells on the beach, etc) so PLEASE I implore you to PROTECT YOUR DOGS PAWS with doggy boots or a paw wax such as Musher’s Wax or some other product!**


Our skin which resembles that of your human skin, also helps in a dogs touch. Yes, the skin is the largest organ in both canines and humans. Our hair/ fur is also considered part of our skin.

Types of Touch

We love to be touched, there is no doubt about that! Think about it, puppies sleep in a pile very close to one another. When your dog sleeps, they are either perched up against another dog butt to butt, or spoon you late at night! They keep in touch with whoever they can. If they do not sleep on the bed (we’ll discuss sleeping in bed with your dog in another blog post soon!) , they sleep at the foot of the bed or right next to to keep closely in touch as possible, and expect a pet in the morning. We use nudges, nibbles, body slams, and biting as part of their communication.

How can people use touch to benefit their training and all

You can use touch as a reward, to rev up your dog, or to calm it down. BUT you do have to know where and when to touch, which we shall cover later as well.


Some pressure points of our dogs we should all be aware of

**Keep in mind stroking a dogs fur in the direction of the fur, head to tail- is relaxing for most dogs.**

**While rubbing your dog against the direction of the fur gets them worked up!**

Ok, now that we have a basic understanding of touch go and bond with your dog today, lower your blood pressures and relax one another and have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!



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Canine Taste

By August 1, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Canine Taste


Benji tastes his sweet nice cream!

In the last few days we’ve discussed our dogs senses. And we will conclude today discussing our dogs sense of taste. They have the ability to taste food of course but to a lesser degree than us.

A few points about a dogs taste

Our saliva is just a lubricant, unlike a humans saliva. It is 99% water. This is important because as you humans chew your food and it mixes with your saliva to aid in digestion. It is where the process begins for humans. Dogs are known to swallow their food in larger chunks, with no problem.

Many dogs like fruits. For both dogs and humans, to get the most energy out of the fruit it should be eaten at peak ripeness (i.e. spotted Bananas, NOT green or solid yellow bananas!).

Being omnivores and not carnivores dogs have the ability to taste the sugars. Dogs also react to the taste of salt.

Overall it is found that a sweet taste is preferred by most dogs over a bitter taste.

Social Facilitation

Being a pack animal, dogs tend to hunt and eat in packs and prefer to eat when not alone. This can be a reason for begging at the table.

If a dog is fed a vegetarian or vegan diet they may be willing to try new grains but refuse any meat of any sort.  Remember dogs are omnivores and can safely live as vegetarians or vegans!

Ok, now that we covered a little bit about canine tastes, we’ll continue tomorrow with the touch sense!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!



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