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Natural Tick Repellent!!

By March 10, 2018 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog, the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach blog

Natural Tick Repellent

Ok, so the other day in the “middle of winter” mind you……I went for a run with my dogs on the local trails. Everything was cool as we were running along, until I look down and see two ticks walking on the back of Scout’s neck. I fortunately was able to brush them off, but when we got home I found more ticks on my hound dogs. So, even in winter we need to protect our best friends from them these days- no longer can we forget about the “cooler months” we need to use tick repellent throughout the year! And of course, this brings up the idea of chemicals added to so many of the repellents out there…….I do use Vet’s Best repellent on my dogs and all and that’s great- it works well, once I apply it to my dogs. But I wanted to share another homemade repellent. We may already have the ingredients at home already as well. It has two ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil

 The first ingredient is the carrier oil- I used grapeseed oil, you can also use other oils

Lavender Oil

 The second ingredient is Lavender which is a NATURAL repellent of ticks, and bonus it is a calming agent for you and your dog


Everything you Need:

 This is all you need to make your own repellent to apply to your dog and yourself if needed

All you do is take a teaspoon of grapeseed oil and 5 drops of lavender oil and mix them together. As you can see I have a small bottle where I can put the mixture to spray weekly on my dogs, so I can make several mixes to put in the bottle at a time to use.

You do have to reapply weekly to your dog though.

If your dog and you are going into a densely wooded area I strongly urge you to reapply some to your dog prior to venturing into the woods, especially if there are deers in those woods.

Keep in mind the deer population is growing- I love the deers and love the growing population but hate the ticks! I want to breed opossums to eat those ticks before they get on the deers, dogs and foliage and all. As they opossum are safe from ticks and all.

Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The All American Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs

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Fetch your Free Guide Today!

By March 9, 2018 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Time to fetch your Free Guides which are released today…..

Downward Dog

Justice the Service Dog in training

Justice shows us how to sit nicely and wait for her next behavior before she moves on.












Free? Did someone say FREE? Oh no she didn’t, oh yes I did! FREE! These guides will guide you and your pet to living a better trained life together and maybe just a calmer, more in tuned with one another life together as well.

Here at Doggone Healthy Choices we put together some beginner guides to help guide you through some basic training with your pet. Both with some basic overall training and some Doga poses to start your practice with!

Why were they created?

They were created because the All American Dog Runner Girl feels so passionately about having a well trained dog, and wanted to bring her dog training skills to the masses and to really START to showcase her abilities to the world and how better to do that than bring some FREE training your way for FREE!  Continuing on with her love of Doga, and her daily practice with her pack, AKA the 4 American Dogs she wants to invite others to start their own practice with their dog or dogs everyday with some simple easy poses!

About our newsletter

All you have to do to get these FREE guides is to sign up here for Doggone Healthy Choices newsletter. In our newsletter we will be bringing you different exercises, recipes, and all healthy choices you can make to live with and do with your dog. We will also bring news of stuff going on with beachbody and new stuff you can look into, new items and where to get them. And so much more- oh and don’t forget those Six Legged Companion recipes we’ll be bringing your way!

The First of the guides:

The other free guide will be available on March 20th so you can start a new healthy lifestyle program with your pet for the Spring! So stay tuned!!


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