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Service Dogs Tasks

By November 26, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

26 November 2017-

Service Dog Tasks

Invisible box game

Scout and Pam start out with some training here.

Walking with your dog

Here Scout gets Pam to a safe a quiet place to regroup and go on with their day peacefully!

So today let’s talk about Service dog tasks- in training our own service dogs. It is to my understanding that our dogs need only to know one particular task to assist their handler. Of course a lot of tasks are paired with other tasks to complete the servicing of that disability of the handler. And your dog knowing more than one task is a definite plus. BUT at this point in our training in our first month of training one task per dog is what we will have under our belts before we head out into public places as a team in training!

What tasks to train for what symptoms?

Some tasks that are listed are for these symptoms: Anxiety,  aggressive driving, fear, insomnia, memory loss, among others. You can find a list of symptoms and tasks at

Work and Task List

Oh so many decisions, I am certain as we continue to follow along with Lelah Sullivan’s book- shown here we will be able to train and become a great team and help our handler, Pam lead the life she always wanted to lead with us by her side!

Book one of our training

Service dog guide 2

Book 2- for 2018 (and the end of 2017!)

Until next time have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The 4 American Dogs!

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Still Training for a Cause……

By November 16, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

November 16, 2017-

Service Dog Training

I have to give mention to a great manual/ guide here: a series of books written by Lelah Sullivan. You can order on as well. Could someone special benefit from this this holiday season?!?!?!?!?! It does provide step by step instruction. I may change some steps to accommodate our ways but most training is personal to me.

Guide for our training

Today we are more than half through Lelah Sullivans first book on how to train your own service dog……Today we worked on “Paws Up” we used a box at first- then we switched to a dumbbell. You can really use any object you want.

For instance in the picture below, Scout and I are using a box from Chewy!

Paws Up!

The idea is to get your dog interested in the box, you will first click and treat and motions to look at the box, then motions toward the box, then any interaction with the box (object of choice). Once again we are working on the basics of training our dogs, all these things we are working on now will be useful down the line in learning different tasks to be that Service Dog.

Yesterday we worked on my dogs scenting ability by playing the game- ” Which hand?” You can also use cups turned over on the floor and put the highly wanted treat under one cup and let your dog find it, once they do click and treat!

Getting into his Training.

As you can see Scout really gets into his training here!

Training Aids

I would like to mention some training with Justice- my GSD who loves to chase her tail……now there are several things to do to stop the tail chasing- now mind you it’s not just the tail chasing but the barking that goes along with it and the fact that as she chases it she spins around and I now have a worn out grass or what would have been grassy spot in my yard. You can constantly keep her busy and keep her mind going- BUT honestly as much time as I devote to her my other dogs need my attention to, and I cannot keep her busy 24-7. So I asked around and someone at a local training center mentioned using an e collar, when I found someone who was selling collars, I found an fairly inexpensive collar that I must admit seems to work to keep her guess if I’ll be there to correct her I guess. You can use a tone, vibration, or shock as a correction. I personally use the tone- a high pitch beep that she listens to and stops whatever unwanted behavior is. But for behaviors that may be tougher to work on, more may be needed.

An Easy E Collar Use!

It’s easy to use, first you  order it on it comes to your home. Once you open the box. It’s usually ready to go but charging it is easy to do.  


Ok, until next week with more on our training and how we are training our hooman, Have a happy and healthy tail waggin day!

The Four American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice

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November Service Dog Training Update

By November 9, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Training Update One of our new training plan for November!

November 9, 2017-  As of today every week, we’ll be bringing you updates of our service dog training and all……

We started our training all over again-Thanks to our human Pam AKA the All American Dog Runner Girl. We have been using the training guide or manual which is guiding us through the training over the next or first 60 days…..written by the awesome trainer Lelah Sullivan, “the title of the book is “How to train your own service dog”

Train your Own Service Dog


Or guide for our training

The guide is in two books actually, the first book covers all the basics…..which are things that are going to lead into the big stuff every SERVICE TEAM- and I want to emphasize TEAM because both dog and handler need to know and follow along with. Service Dogs do need to be trained as such, but to my knowledge service dogs are not “licensed” as such, and other dogs are too easily passed off for service dogs. Even though there are states cracking down on fake service dogs, the ADA protects those with the unseen disabilities to the extent where it is difficult for people to ask in the right way if the dog is a service dog And the animal does not need a vest or id- and I am not speaking of the ones you buy online for whatever amount of $$$.

Service Dog Tasks and being called a Service Dog!

If the dog is well behaved and can do a task- A TASK to help that person they can be considered a service dog. What shall the task be for my dogs? Since Pam is a runner, and so are her dogs- her task is going to be unique to them all. She will have her dogs (one service dog at a time will be used of course), bring her to a safe place when she gets stressed and all…..This task may take time to train but will be worth it in the end.

Day 9 Today!

On Day 9 today of our training, we will be working with Pam on going to a spot- or going to our DOGA (most call it a Yoga mat!) mat!  Tomorrow in another blog on this site we will be talking about Doga and more training but physical training to better the body. So check out The All American Dog Runner Girl’s Blog on this site……and don’t forget if you want to train your own service dog check out Lelah Sullivans FB page here…..Train Your Own Service Dog!


Scout goes to and stays in his spot on the DOGA Mat!

Until next week, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day! And check in to our Doggone Healthy Choices Facebook page .  There you will see livestream hopefully daily videos talking about our daily training with the pack, training for service dog training, physical training, and more….and some great healthy recipes from time to time.

And don’t forget we have some great free guides coming up that you can download for FREE, just for subscribing to our mailing list. So have your dog fetch your FREE copies soon!

The Four American Dogs and their All American Dog Runner Girl signing off!

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5 Interesting facts about Doga

By November 3, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

5 Interesting Facts about Doga

We’ve all heard about Yoga right? And we may have hopped on board with this Yoga craze. But have you heard about DOGA? Are you ready to start the best practice of your life with your dog by your side? Here we’ll be mentioning 5 interesting facts about Doga that we hope will invite you to the practice for the health of both of you!

Okay, so if you answered YES to the last question there are some things you should know in advance. And I want to bring attention to some interesting things about Doga!

So without further ado……

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler

5 facts of Doga

  1. Some who practices YOGA is a Yogi, and a dog that practices DOGA is a dogi.

2.  Pawmaste– the four legged version of Namaste– what does it mean? And how come yogi’s     use the term? Namaste means “I bow to the divine in you, and you bow to the divine in me!” So in Doga we will be honoring the love and divine in both you and your dog!

3.   Doga has the benefits of Yoga of course as well as finding calmness with another being, bonding, trusting, and connecting with each other as well. When practicing Doga we will make each other feel harmony and peace!

4.   Doga and Yoga are both lifelong practices. And one has (or you and your dog in this case) need to make it your own practice- it’s personal!

5.     Anyone and any dog can do Doga- size, age, breed, etc doesn’t matter. It  is a practice for anyone, remember you make it your own!

Those are five facts about the practice of Doga, we here at Doggone Healthy Choices hope this invites you to want to give the practice a try. To help introduce you to the practice, we here are compiling a free quick guide to download and use to start your daily practice, which will be out by the end of November. There will be a Doga challenge coming up in January as well, where prizes will be awarded. So get your Yoga, I mean Doga on and get to the mat, and invite your dog to join you there.

Time to Get Your Doga On!

On that note, we here at Doggone Healthy Choices, are trying to get the eye of president and CEO of Beachbody- Carl Daikeler to try to get him to work with Doggone Healthy Choices to create a Healthy Companion program combining dog and people friendly workouts and nutrition because people and their pets need to live healthy, and they are great workout partners together!

Until next week have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Dog Runner Girl  and her Four American Dogs

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Leashed vs unleashed

By September 19, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

To leash or unleash your dog that is the question?

Scout and Liberty kept Pam running on this cool autumn morning September 1, 2017.

A friend posted something on Facebook yesterday, so I thought I’d go with it today! And dwelve into the subject more, breaking it down and talking about all possibilities. The Pros and cons, the when to leash and when not to, etc. How to handle walks or runs with your dog. You get the idea!

My main subject today was being seen while out for a walk or run with your dog, so we will talk about both which go hand in hand as it goes.

Going for a walk or run with your dog.

While going for a walk with your dog, you should consider purchasing a reflective vest for your dog. I purchased my dogs vests through . If you go out at night I urge you to get one,  although day use is helpful too. The reflective vests I have allow my dogs to carry their own doggy poop bags empty and full! And my keys!

Week of firsts

Out turnaround point for our first run back after a few weeks.

Correct side of the road to walk or run on.

Walking or running on the side of the street opposite on coming traffic allows traffic and you to see each other without having to waste precious moments turning around.  Actually here in NYS, it is the correct way to walk on the street and is in the NYS driving manual!

Walking or running on the opposite side will allow you to see the oncoming traffic IMMEDIATELY and allow you to move over on to the curb, sidewalk (which I recommend you use in the first place if available), or just plain out of the way of a driver who lost control. Today there are drivers that still text and drive, etc so be forewarned!

If everyone is on the correct side you will not have to worry or worry less, about approaching unfamiliar dogs and risk any dogs becoming aggressive or wrapped in the leashes.

Get Your Leash On!

Getting your leash on will ensure the safety of your dog and you as well. First the obvious- your dog will not be able to run into traffic while chasing that “SQUIRREL!”.  It will also protect the wildlife from having to run away from your dog.  Even if you have perfect voice recall with your dog, if your dog sees something more attractive to them, they can be drawn to it and not care about coming back to you. So having a leash on your dog is protecting you, your dog, and all other animals around the two of you.

I would also like to mention, that leashes- although a safe way to walk your dog and something I am a fan of- can be a negative thing when meeting new dogs. Not all dogs will be friendly on leash, it can make a friendly dog lunge out at other dogs to get to them. Leashes can be inhibitors to being able to sniff another dog and be friends with a new dog. Not having their freedom to meet and greet a dog correctly can result in aggressive acts. So when walking or running with your dog please refrain from letting your dog meet new dogs. Also when your dog is attached to you they could go into a protective mode and any other dog or person who comes close to you could be in danger, and be a considered threat to the two of you. So PLEASE use caution when approaching other dogs- if on the road, walking or running in different directions. You should be ok, as you pass each other by being on opposite sides!

Lights, reflective gear

As I mentioned above lights and reflective gear will help be seen at night, you can buy clip on little lights for collars and clothing that you can place on each of you to help be seen. Reflective gear can work with those lights as well as oncoming cars lights. Reflective gear also help during the day time. I noticed years ago that UPS uses reflective vests for their employees and requires them to wear their vests at all times when they exit the truck to deliver a package to you! Day and night people will see that vest and look twice to avoid hitting you!

Ok, so bottom line, being seen by oncoming traffic is so important to the safety of you and your dog while out and about. Also when using a leash keep your dog safe from harm, use it wisely!

On that note, until next time, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The All American Dog Runner and the 4 American Dogs


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Who am I?

By September 18, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Who am I?

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler


Ok, I’m taking some prompts from a past Blogtember for some of my blogs for the rest of September, just to get me up and writing more and more.  I did feel like I need more of an introduction to here is  a real “introduction” post for all to get to know us. At times I think what can I write about, so I’m just gonna do a couple of lists. Everybody likes lists, right?
5 Names You Should Know About on this Site
1. Pamela Schmidlin- that’s me, my real name
2. The All American Dog Runner. All American because I have followed the American path, growing up going to school, with two great parents as my support system, then continuing in college, grad school, enlisting in the Army to solely defend her country.Dog Runner because I love running and for years would rather run and just love running with my dog.
3. The 4 American Dogs- First there was Candy, Sammy, Kelso, and Candycane. Then Candycane was joined by Skyler, Sandy, and Scout. Now Scout is joined by Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. American because they are true blue Americans. And because Scout and Liberty are mostly American Foxhounds I kept that in their overall title here!
4. Six Legged Companion Coach- As a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and a professional dog trainer and professional dogographer,  Pam wanted to combine all these into one title, and since she wants to include her dogs in her work she gives credit to them always. Her two legs and their four legs give you the six legs in 6 legged. Pam refuses to call her dogs her babies, furbabies, etc, she is not a pet parent, but a companion to her dogs. So you have the companion part of the title. Finally Coach, being a health coach- officially certified, and a dog trainer- trained as such. You have the Coach.
5 General Things You Should Know
1. I am a dog lover.
2. I love photography, computer graphics, videography, running(with my dogs), doga, and beach body, and writing.
3. I’m VEGAN and I have a high respect and treat animals with that high respect.
4. I love being outdoors but there are times I have a hard time leaving my house and it takes every cell in my body to leave the house and yard.
5. I have PTSD, and had suffered Strokes which the drs are puzzled as to why I did suffer them.
5 Strange Things About Me
1. I do go to bed early, and wake up early- usually as my dogs jump all over me!
2. I’m an introvert so I thrive on alone time. I’m not antisocial, but I need a little time to recover after social events.
3. I love classic black and white movies.
4. I’m a Disney fanatic.
5. I am a planner and need to plan my day and make my list of things to do every night, things can be added but carefully and they need to be things I really need to be doing!
5 of My Very Favorite Things
1. Doga
2. Animal and Nature Photography.
3. Writing lists and setting goals
4. Writing (blogs and my novel)
5. Calm days- overcast days in the morning when I run, then rainy days. I don’t mind running in the rain, as long as my phone is safe as I run with my apps! (I rarely use my headphones, if at all anymore)
5 of My Very LEAST Favorite Things
1. People
2. Not having control of things in my life
3. Clutter
4.  Mess
5. When people are jealous and put others down, particularly me!
5 Things on My Bucket List
1. Train my dogs to be Service Dogs
2. Build my blog and be a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER and offer up help to others and their dogs to live the happiest and healthiest tail waggin’ life ever!
3. Take at least one great professional photo everyday for a year
4. Buy 6 properties around my house and make it one property, etc!
5. Finish my novel and have it turn into a movie (also write the screenplay to go along with it), Oh and meet the First Family!
We want you to subscribe, once you subscribe we will have freebies that will come your way for you and your dog to live that happy and healthy lifestyle TOGETHER!!
Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

Pam the All American Dog Runner

and the 4 American Dogs

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Canicross vs Running with your dog

By September 13, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Running with Your Dog

Vegan Dogs and People

Fats and Vitamins can provide alot for a healthy dog and human to move and be alive!

Running with your dog is simple and easy to do. Right? You can do it whenever you want, your dog will always be ready to go. All you have to do is put your running shoes and clothes on, and your get your dog’s collar and leash on them and head out the door. OK, you may need to grab those doggy bags, water, any reflective gear or lights, paw protection, but within an easy 10-15 minutes maximum you can be heading our the door with your dog!



Canicross is basically going for a run with your dog. With the exception of the fact that is all done on soft trails- not paved trails but actual trails. By the way, this is nicer for your dogs because pavement can be tough on your dogs paws. Have you ever tried to run barefoot on pavement before? I have – it’s not pretty…….Imagine what your dog’s paws go through as you run together down the road. My feet were only able to take so much, so if you opt to run with your dog do so with shorter distances and switch to canicross for your dog’s paws! Another thing canicross differs with is the fact the leash is usually a stretchy leash like a bungee cord type leash to absorb the pulling your dog will be doing.

Other than what is mentioned above the two activities are fairly similar, and in the colder months, we intend on taking to the trails and participating in canicross again, until then we will stay safe and keep our distance down.

Ok, so we just had to talk about both activities because our first race is a run with your dog race with us, and our second is on trails and can be treated more like a canicross event.

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The 4 American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice

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September races and more…..

By September 9, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

September Races and more…..

During this month and the week following we will be training for the two races we mentioned before, the local Running of the Bull in Smithtown on September 23

Running of the Bull Sept 28th- Our first chosen race we will use for our fundraiser.

and on October 8 the Dog Day 5k in PA!

Dog Day 5k, in PA on October 8- our second final race we have chosen!

First race/ course

We are presently training Mon thru Friday on the Running of the Bull course. The next 10 weekdays we will be running the course getting to know every little bit of the course and all the resident houses with dogs and where the cats are and all, so we know where the dogs may be

Justice the Service Dog in training


tempted to gravitate towards. Knowing such things will help Pam keep control during the race. It was decided this week that Justice will run the first race.

Second race/ course

Scout, Liberty, and Freedom

Since it is not truly an option to run beforehand, we will run a course that will be more challenging in case  the course is more challenging, so for the next 10 weekdays we will be

running a safe, more challenging course. Scout, Liberty, and Freedom will run the second race in PA.



On weekends we will be practicing our daily DOGA!

Dog and Person workout

Working out together is so much better than alone, and so much FUN! Practicing Doga everyday can strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

Where you can donate and support us and who we are running for!

As we mentioned before we are running to raise money for Paws of War, you can support our efforts here:

Paws of War

Again this is a charity near and dear and close to our hearts here at Doggone Healthy Choices.


Now that we updated you on our plans for the next month, until our next blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The Four American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice

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For our followers…..

By September 6, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

For Our Followers

For our followers we are working on a Free Doggy Bootcamp Training guide to get you started training with your dog. It’s easy to follow and it’s the first step to bonding with your dog. Training with this guide will help you have a well behaved dog. This will be available here on starting tomorrow.

Justice the Service Dog in training

Justice shows us how to sit nicely and wait for her next behavior before she moves on.

Just in time for Back to School week, you can have your dog go back to school with you, BUT guess what your the teacher! You get strep by step instructions. And it will/ can last a week to several weeks, several times a day!

So tune back in tomorrow and see how you can get this FREE training guide and send your dog back to school soon too!

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The Four American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom and Justice




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We’re in training mode!!

By September 4, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

We’re in training mode!!

Yes, during the month of September we’re taking each day serious for our Service Dog Training, as long as Pam keeps up with our running and Doga time. We will not let her slip either.

She had a contest this weekend for writing a novel but her muse is not letting the contest tell it to write and finish the novel in three days SO we changed our writing around a bit. During the month of September we will be writing our novel each day the way we need to. NOT the way, the contest wants us to do it! So we have our plan, it may take longer but we will be getting it done. We may use a new blog to work on ideas for our book. Also the publisher that will publish the winners book, is a Canadian publisher and since I have an American undertone to my novel- heck it’s an ALL AMERICAN novel. They may just bypass it for that right away with the state of things in the world today!

Once again we are using the series of books from trainer Lelah Sullivan. Starting with this book, during the month of September.

Or guide for our training

Today is day three and we’ll be working on the basic touch. Using the clicker we associated with good positive treats and praise the last two days. Pam uses these great treats we all love, and bonus we can keep training for treats for longer because they are low in calories and good for us. We also do our Doga poses very well for these treats as well.

Cat pose


Charlee Bear Treats

We used Charlee Bear treats to entice our pack into poses. Such as the Cobra pose, Butterfly pose, Cat Pose, and more

This coming week we will have Pam shoot some videos of our training at some point it could be our service dog training, our running, or our doga session. BUT we will post at least one video and include it to our blog…..maybe even do a live video on periscope or Facebook live! Woohoo!  Come on Pam or we’ll chase you and we will make you run a 3 min mile- fight or flight mode will set in.

As far as our novel goes our new deadline is September 30th, no October 8th just like our final race in PA! Look for our new blog on our site here entitled Novel Ideas! and follow along with our journey in writing our second book or FIRST NOVEL! Yeah……We’ll set that up now!

Until tomorrow, when we write our first Novel update blog have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day. When we will be laboring away and working on our first novel and sharing our journey with you!

The Four American Dogs- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice



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