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Recap and Review

By June 11, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

To recap and review

So today, we’ll recap and review things we’ve been talking about for sometime as of today. We are training today, but reviewing all our basic stuff learn to date, from the basic sit- stay- walking nicely on a loose leash and going to a spot. We’ll be working out today doing Doga session or sessions. Reviewing all our plans for the upcoming months ahead.

Training review

As always we will be armed with our training clicker and lots of treats for the pack. We will be reviewing:  1- associating the clicker 2- Getting and maintaining eye with one another 3- Keeping that eye contact for some FOCUS 4- The TOUCH game 5- The NAME game, to be sure each pack member knows when they are being called which will help in further training 6-We will be free shaping some natural behaviors and naming them as such- such as some Doga moves (i.e. downward dog, upward dog, etc) and 7- the Blanket game (or going to a specific spot, or in our case going to our safe happy place). Also being reviewed we will go over  basic commands of any training- SIT,  STAY, LIE or DOWN, WALKING ON A LOOSE LEASH. I will be spending time with each pack member and reviewing things separately. I will keep a list and know which we need to work more on with each pack member. Keeping notes is very important.



Upward dog


Cobra pose








As I mentioned above we will be reviewing our doga moves and free shaping each move as they naturally  go into their poses. I will be armed at all times with my clicker and treats. Can you imagine walking into a situation and having a pack member go into Downward Dog with me on command? Can you imagine the ooohhhs and aaahhhs? It will be a way of going to our safe happy place as well!


My plans for the upcoming months are to train to train for my 10k’s in September. The pack and I will be running shorter runs in June and part of July. In July we start our official training for September 10k’s. Then we  will be planning our fundraiser during June, July, and August and then run a 10k a day in September. Hopefully getting sponsors and partners to help this event go off and successful! And by September I hope to be a Service dog team with one or more of the pack members!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Emergency Kits for you and your pet…..

By May 24, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

It’s time to prepare yourself and stay safe

Ok, as we get further into the summer the closer we come to hurricane season, tornado season, and all. Just thinking of the past this time of year is really the time to prepare ourselves for such natural as well as other disasters.

What should you include in your kit:

Some basic stuff you should be including in your kits would include:

Comfort items for your pet such as a blanket and or toy (you know your dog or dogs)

Vet and pet care items as well as your pet’s feeding routine and any behavioral issues (if you are separated)

Harness (safety), leash, collar, poop bags, crate (collapsible)

Any medications/ supplements, etc

Copy of any medical records

Bottled Water for your pet and you.

Preferred food (in waterproof container) this should be for your pet and for you.

What else to being prepared

Other things we need to consider to being prepared are to have certain skills down in case you are separated or emergencies arise.

Coming when called- in case your dog and you are temporarily separated

Walk calmly on a leash, in an emergency- emotions can run high, the less stress you and your dog can make for one another the better off you’ll be overall

Being Comfortable in a crate

Not to fear strange noises

how to hide for safety

More things to put in your emergency kit

Some more things to have in your kit, which can be important to have include

a radio with fresh batteries, or work off solar power- so you can keep yourself informed if you lose power.

A Tarp


Paw protection in case you need to protect your dogs paws from the elements

A first aid kit for your dog and for your you- this can either be two separate kits or combined into one kit

For future reference

May 13th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day (NADP)



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Planning of a fundraiser for September and more…..

By May 4, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

My upcoming plans for a fundraiser and awareness for others.

Skyler and Myself- my first reason to keep moving, and to this day!

Scout, Skyler’s guy, and my new motivation to keep going, along with his pack!

For years, I have loved running and working out with my dogs. Due to my PTSD sometimes it’s harder to get motivated and go on with my “normal” workouts. So starting a challenge for myself to follow and get to a certain point is key and something to plan day to day and work towards. Having my dogs around helps me hold to that training- as they seriously want to go for that run and get out there.

No selfish reasons to run!

So anyway, one thing I like to do is have a reason to run and I have several! So yeah, I have the typical lose the gut goals, over the past few years I’ve gained this gut on me that I need to lose or my heart will simply just give out on me! I’m mentally scaring myself about this point everytime I look in the mirror or even any reflection- so I avoid my reflection- also it’s doubled in how I feel due to my PTSD and anxiety!

Health reasons and more.

So yeah losing those pounds is one reason I want to do this, I want to keep my dogs happy and tired (IE- as they say a tired dog is a happy dog), but we also want to bring awareness that a dog can be the best workout partner ever! (They will always be there anytime, anywhere- ready, willing and able to go for a walk, hike, or run, or even a doga or pupates session!) Or even if you workout indoors your dog will always try to get involved (Just ask my friend Ellen Bernstein Rand over on Facebook- also a Beachbody coach!) If you need a coach, and I hope to work with her on this as my coach.

Running for……??!?!?!?

Anyway, moving on I want to do a fundraiser for one of the following organizations in September: American Vet Dogs, K9s for Warriors, or Paws of Wars. The idea is raise money for veterans and their canine service dogs. As we all probably know the state dog of NY is the SERVICE DOG! And as I train my own service dog, I want to bring attention to the details of service dogs and their training and all as well as the fact that service dogs are helping our veteran everyday more and more with the help of these organizations. I am leaning more  towards the latter of the two organizations as they work with shelter dogs over breeding their own dogs.

Goals in September

Which brings me to my September goal: I want to run a 10k a day in September starting around one chosen animal shelter or above organization, so in the long run all will have their individual fundraisers for a given day. I would love it if others will join us for a run that day or even to walk the course as well. This is where sponsors will come in to help with the costs involved- I would like to run with my dogs but on certain days take out shelter dogs to run a mile with me maybe taking a few dogs out for some exercise. They will lead at their pace! It could end up being a walk as well. But getting out there to get healthy and stay healthy is the goal.

I also hope to get others out there to adopt the local shelter dogs, Scouts friend and favorite volunteer Valerie Sanks who goes above and beyond for her four legged friends could help others find the right dog for them as she gets to know these dogs personally! We hope that she will come out and support us on the days we run at some of the selected shelters!

Could these be my sponsors?

Sponsors- I will be asking Nike,Walk for a Dog(Wooftrax), and possibly a few others to sponsor me in my endeavored task!

Working with these awesome people could help me meet my goals!

In my training, which will officially start in late/ mid July I hope to work with trainers locally and virtually to meet my goals. Including Ellen Bernstein Rand, Kyle Kittleson, Lelah Sullivan, Suzi Teitelman, Cassey Ho and Amy Stevens. This training will cover- toning and strengthening, dog training, doga training, doga, and pupilates, and pilates/ yoga.

Ok, until next time, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day. Tomorrow or even tonight I hope to work on some details of this endeavor!



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Daily Doga Pose- Warrior 2

By April 18, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Warrior 2 Pose

The pose is a flow from yesterday we did the Warrior 1 pose, today we move into Warrior 2….we’ll be mastering this and become great warriors for ourselves and lives.

Warrior 2 pose

the Warrior 2 Pose

For this pose we’ll go from Warrior 1 and turn our hind leg so that our foot is perpendicular to our front foot and lower our arms to shoulder height. As we go from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 this is a really graceful pose. Keeping your arms up and at your shoulder height will help you keep your balance at least it does me. This is my favorite warrior pose of the Warrior series of poses.

Our dogs involvement

If we want to include our dogs, we can use our dogs as extra support once again. Careful though we don’t want either of you getting hurt. They can just stand close to your legs and be like a third leg if you will. If you have a small dog you can pick them up and balance them as you would a weight or dumbbell. You can balance them on your front bent leg or you can raise them over your head, having them sit on your head. Once again my dogs are too large to balance them but they do become a third leg for me at times.

Just having your dog in the room is so much better than practicing alone, and helps you bond together better.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

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Daily Doga Pose- Warrior 1

By April 16, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Warrior 1 Pose conquering the week ahead

We’ll start the week with the Warrior 1 pose, and take on everything with vim and vigor. We’ll be strong and conquer it all!

Warrior One pose

For this pose we’ll start at the front of our mat standing tall. With our hands at our sides. Now take a deep breathe in and a wide step back. (I’ll suggest keeping your legs shoulder width apart as well, it will help with keeping your balance.) Bring your arms up to shoulder height parallel to the floor and you can either bring them in prayer in front of you. Or raise them straight up over your head, pointing your forefingers to the sky (ceiling). Watch out world your a Warrior now, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Including your dog in on this pose

As far as your dog is concerned, this is a pose that your dog just being present is a great thing. If you need the extra support, you can call your dog over and lean up again them for that added support. Yes, there are poses you will get that support from your dogs and then there are those that you will lend support to your dog. If your dog is small enough you can lift them over your head or balance them on your front thigh. My dogs are all to big for this so I’ll let them search around for some treats or do their own thing. And if needed call them over for support.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

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Daily Doga Pose- the Cat/ Dog Flowing Sequence

By April 15, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

The Cat/ Dog Flowing Sequence

Marking the canine version

Today, we decided to make our pose a flowing sequence pose and name it after the cartoon by the same name- I believe it was from Nickelodeon channel. But they are two well known poses in Yoga, made into Doga poses. To be honest our dogs will do these poses naturally so watch them and see when they do the poses and within time you can name the poses as they do them and use a click and treat  to help name the pose. It may take some time but it will be worth it. This is called Free Shaping  your dogs behaviors. Your just marking these behaviors  to tell the dog this is a pose you like and wish for them to do at a moments notice. But as we all know good things come to those who wait, i.e. patience is a virtue!. Ok enough cliches! You can usually find these poses being performed as your dog wakes and stretches and gets ready to run around. They know how to properly run!

People version of the flow

For our pose, let’s start out on all fours, and we’ll go into cat pose by arching our back, toes curdled under. Next you’ll push back so your arms are slightly bent but pushing your body upwards, while pushing your legs upwards so your butt is up in the air, your toes should be close to the ground but not touching the floor. You will hold the cat pose for several seconds ( I like 20-30 seconds) then hold the downward dog pose for several seconds as well. Come back to all fours and do the sequence over as many times as you like, then come back to all fours and lean back into childs pose. Check the video that follows.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

Start off on all four

Next you lift your back and curl under tucking your head like a cat- i.e. cat part of the flow!







Finally lift up, pushing through your arms and legs, butt in the air into the downward dog- i.e. the dog part of the flow.

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Daily Doga Pose Day 14- Pigeon Pose

By April 15, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

The Pigeon Pose- Day 14

Today our pose is the pigeon pose. This is a stretch that is great for runners. And I must admit it feels GREAT to go into this pose. For this pose we will start out on all four. Then we’ll tuck one of our legs in front of us, while stretching out our our leg behind us. Then you come to lean forward on our forearms, holding the pose for 20-30 seconds. Come back to all four and do the same thing on the other side. Now that was easy right? If you can’t stretch all the way don’t worry do your best stretch to an uncomfortable comfortable point and work your way up to a greater stretch.

Pam in Pigeon Pose (first side)

Pam in Pigeon Pose (other side)

For our dogs pose, we’ll be working and stretching our dogs. Basically you will have them sit in front of you and then lie down on their side. Ok, now work your way down to their hind leg and gently pull their hind leg toward you or toward their head, giving them a nice stretch, don’t pull to hard but gently. And if your dog wants to get out of the pose let them. Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds. Ok, now release  the pose and gently roll your dog over on their other side and repeat what you just did on their other leg!

Ok, so that was the pose for today. I think soon we’re going to be putting all these poses though for a great total DOGA workout. Can you see it now a full 30-40 minute video coming up for a great workout with your dog?  Ok, so go try this pose out and tell us how you like this and the other videos in the comments below.

And until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Daily Doga Pose Mountain Pose

By April 13, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Daily Doga Pose- Mountain Pose

Today we’ll be doing the Mountain Poses an active pose that helps improve posture, balance, and calm focus. This fundamental pose is easy to do. Basically you’ll stand up tall and proud. You can either hold your hands down by your sides or you can bring your hands together at heart center. In the photos below I made this pose a joint pose between you and your dog (or in this case my dog and myself!) My hands are held in front of me and at my heart center that is my dog!  Scout and Justice were both prompted by treats to jump up and be with me in the pose.

Justice in Mountain pose with Pam

Justice in Mountain Pose with Pam

Scout in Mountain Pose with Pam

Scout in Mountain Pose with Pam

Scout in getting ready to go into Mountain Pose with Pam

As you can see you can do any yoga pose and make it a DOGA pose. If you do the pose, just let the dogs be around you, you can involve them anyway you find possible. Just remember you and your dog move differently and some poses are only meant for either your dog or you! We can try to emulate them, and within time they may do the same. DOGA is not about stressing out about your practice, It’s about Peace and tranquility.

Until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.


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Daily Doga Pose- Dead Man/ Dog Pose

By April 12, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Dead Man or Dead Dog Pose ( active stretch)

Ok, todays pose is the Dead Man/ Dog Pose AKA Shavasana. Here you just lie on your back and stretch your arms and legs long, while breathing in and out. In through our nose and out through your mouth. While your dog will also be lying on their back, you will gently stretch their front legs toward you- pulling them AGAIN gently!! If your dog wants to get out of the pose let them, keeping the practice a positive experience for them and you!

So that’s a simple pose, yet feels so good. You can add a little belly rub for your dog as well. And as you lie there you can look up at your dog that will look at you and wonder are you really dead? LOL!

Ok until tomorrow, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Daily Doga Pose….Rest Day!

By April 11, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog

Well deserved Rest Day!

Today, after a long day of training (running and service dog training) and now blogging- we are calling this a rest day from the Daily Doga Pose. But no fears we have our pose chosen for tomorrow.

Liberty and I ran 5. 75 miles mostly all hills then we came home to a doga practice- had a hard time choosing a pose of the day, so opted to take a rest day there. Hey everyone needs a REST day, right? Our suggestion is to use the past 10 days poses and put them together for  doga session with your dog!

Liberty and Freedom truly resting!

Scout doing his Service Dog training. You can check out the 4 American Dogs Blog for more on that.

To find out tomorrows pose check back tomorrow, until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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