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3 Day Refresh coming up

By September 20, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

3 Day Refresh coming up

Since we are at the end of week one in this round of the 21 Day Fix today, I am planning on the next two weeks and then the three days that follow.

End of Week One

Ending week one today- yes Day 7, after today’s workout we will have gotten through Day 7 of this round of 21 Day Fix.

Having switched meal plans from plan C to plan A of the vegan meal plans Autumn has set up for us I have had no real problems with the amount of food allocated to us. Dividing it up can be better next week a bit though. Goal for meals has been set.

Workouts have been great. I feel I have been transforming my midsection- Bonus! Oh, I have been wearing a belt to avoid losing my pants!

This morning I had a weight check in……..I started at 169 pounds…..and today I was at 167.5 pounds.

 Plan for week two

Shakeology/ Three Day Refresh

mix it up

Since I had the last week, and kinda had extra pistachios (i.e. healthy fats). I will be taking the “extras” back down again for starters. And having a little more self control, no more  “cheating”!

Sticking with and not letting the kitchen ruin my hard work is of utmost success to following the plan. Autumn actually tells you that in the Dirty 30 workout video. “Don’t let the work in the kitchen ruin things for you!”, she states.

Having to really work on my writing and my blog for the two weeks that follow.  Will definitely take time away from going into the kitchen and stuffing my face and ruining my chances of a healthier life!

My sodium levels. I will be adding sodium to my meals. That is table salt or sea salt to speak of, as this can be a reason why I may have had my strokes before. In my research I found something called Cerebral Wasting Syndrome. I will have my drs order a blood test to test my sodium levels as well.

As far as my daily vitamins go, I will continue to take an aspirin a day, my Vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 supplements as told to do so by my nurse practioner.

During Week Two I will be getting my next shipment of my Vegan Shakeology and my order of three day refresh. My three day refresh will be in the planning stages during weeks 2 and 3 of this round of my 21 Day Fix.

My Hopes

My hopes for this round of 21 Day Fix are to lose several more pounds, I hope to be down to a good healthy weight with less belly fat by the end of this or the next round of my 21 Day Fix. Goals are important but one should be flexible as far as losing weight. WHY?  Losing weight takes time and so it should- fast weight loss is not healthy, but losing weight slow and surely by balancing your “diet” or in my terms my “lifestyle” and your workouts- sometimes a nice daily walk with your dogs is movement enough for some people. If I can lose 2-3 pounds per week I would be happy. Following the meal plan, and doing the 21 Day workout of the day, doing a daily run, and daily doga!

Beachbody request

Working Out

Part of my workouts of my daily routines!

My beachbody request. Yesterday I emailed beachbody to try to request working with the powers that be to come up with a workout and eating plan with them. This plan will be for people and their DOGS. Can you see people and their dogs hanging out on the beach together?  Or before that working out with their dogs- whether a walk, run, doga session, pilates or pupilates session, mix in some agility. Oh I can just see the workout program coming together already. Something new for you and your canine workout partner to participate in everyday. And you know your workout partner will be ready and willing everyday. You will have options to workout inside or outside everyday too!

Ok, there are some of my weekly updates for my 21 Day Fix round.

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Who am I?

By September 18, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Who am I?

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler


Ok, I’m taking some prompts from a past Blogtember for some of my blogs for the rest of September, just to get me up and writing more and more.  I did feel like I need more of an introduction to here is  a real “introduction” post for all to get to know us. At times I think what can I write about, so I’m just gonna do a couple of lists. Everybody likes lists, right?
5 Names You Should Know About on this Site
1. Pamela Schmidlin- that’s me, my real name
2. The All American Dog Runner. All American because I have followed the American path, growing up going to school, with two great parents as my support system, then continuing in college, grad school, enlisting in the Army to solely defend her country.Dog Runner because I love running and for years would rather run and just love running with my dog.
3. The 4 American Dogs- First there was Candy, Sammy, Kelso, and Candycane. Then Candycane was joined by Skyler, Sandy, and Scout. Now Scout is joined by Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. American because they are true blue Americans. And because Scout and Liberty are mostly American Foxhounds I kept that in their overall title here!
4. Six Legged Companion Coach- As a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and a professional dog trainer and professional dogographer,  Pam wanted to combine all these into one title, and since she wants to include her dogs in her work she gives credit to them always. Her two legs and their four legs give you the six legs in 6 legged. Pam refuses to call her dogs her babies, furbabies, etc, she is not a pet parent, but a companion to her dogs. So you have the companion part of the title. Finally Coach, being a health coach- officially certified, and a dog trainer- trained as such. You have the Coach.
5 General Things You Should Know
1. I am a dog lover.
2. I love photography, computer graphics, videography, running(with my dogs), doga, and beach body, and writing.
3. I’m VEGAN and I have a high respect and treat animals with that high respect.
4. I love being outdoors but there are times I have a hard time leaving my house and it takes every cell in my body to leave the house and yard.
5. I have PTSD, and had suffered Strokes which the drs are puzzled as to why I did suffer them.
5 Strange Things About Me
1. I do go to bed early, and wake up early- usually as my dogs jump all over me!
2. I’m an introvert so I thrive on alone time. I’m not antisocial, but I need a little time to recover after social events.
3. I love classic black and white movies.
4. I’m a Disney fanatic.
5. I am a planner and need to plan my day and make my list of things to do every night, things can be added but carefully and they need to be things I really need to be doing!
5 of My Very Favorite Things
1. Doga
2. Animal and Nature Photography.
3. Writing lists and setting goals
4. Writing (blogs and my novel)
5. Calm days- overcast days in the morning when I run, then rainy days. I don’t mind running in the rain, as long as my phone is safe as I run with my apps! (I rarely use my headphones, if at all anymore)
5 of My Very LEAST Favorite Things
1. People
2. Not having control of things in my life
3. Clutter
4.  Mess
5. When people are jealous and put others down, particularly me!
5 Things on My Bucket List
1. Train my dogs to be Service Dogs
2. Build my blog and be a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER and offer up help to others and their dogs to live the happiest and healthiest tail waggin’ life ever!
3. Take at least one great professional photo everyday for a year
4. Buy 6 properties around my house and make it one property, etc!
5. Finish my novel and have it turn into a movie (also write the screenplay to go along with it), Oh and meet the First Family!
We want you to subscribe, once you subscribe we will have freebies that will come your way for you and your dog to live that happy and healthy lifestyle TOGETHER!!
Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

Pam the All American Dog Runner

and the 4 American Dogs

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By September 17, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

Healthcare today

Healthcare today

Okay, so the United States admittedly has some of the best healthcare around. Right? Ok, I will agree with this but at the same time it’s kinda sad. Years ago, I suffered strokes. And to this day, reading the same reports, MRI’s, CT’s, and using all the multiple test results taken back then I have a TEAM of neurologists that first told me I had TIA’s then it was one Stroke and TIA’s, now it’s several strokes! PLEASE!….And forget about what caused them, since all my test come back normal they cannot tell anything…..

Hypocritical oath?!?!?!

Is it hypocritical oath? or hippocratic oath?

I think it is a hypocritical oath! Why? What? I’ll bet you are asking why, right now. And yeah I have a good reason for thing so. When I first saw my first neurologist I asked him why things were happening and all. I mean I thought hey he’s a professional right, he’s the doctor. Right! His response was why don’t you tell me you’ve lived in your body all these years and you know your body better than anyone. (HIS actual words too!!)

Then after thinking and going over all my dietary journals, workout schedules, work schedules, yes, I keep journals of my life!……And a little research on TIA’s and Strokes. I went back as a follow up to see him, and I suggested things that I thought would help find a reason why things were happening to me! Hmmmm, my thoughts, my research, my words were dismissed! And I was told “I know what I’m doing I’ve been doing this for 20 plus years, etc.”  Ok, what happened to your original words, do you think I am forgetful, yes, I had strokes but I probably remember more than you!

Being Diagnosed

Being diagnosed in any situation in any doctors office takes so long. I’m still waiting to be diagnosed with PTSD. After doing so much research on the subject and talking to others in the field and that have a knowledge (either through their own research or otherwise) they have also come to the conclusion I suffer from PTSD. Watching others being diagnosed with such things that have less symptoms and all makes things worse for me.

Making things tough

Not being able to get anywhere with my health issues makes me think of these things even more and consumes every minute I am awake, I often sleep to escape my thoughts. I used to wake up in a cold sweat for months. I’ve now come full circle and wake up once again in a cold sweat, for the same yet other reasons.

Service/ Emotional Support Dogs

Having PTSD, makes it difficult to concentrate on certain tasks. Not being able to get anywhere with medical issues  and having to think about every detail every minute of my waking life consuming my life. Makes it difficult to train my dogs properly to be service dogs to go out with me. So first I have decided to make my dogs emotional support dogs to be here for me at home and on runs,  during doga sessions, etc. Within time I hope to train my pack to be my service dogs. Leaving the house for me is very difficult for me anyway. Hence the reason for wanting to make my blog here my full time profession, along with writing my books.

Okay, I wanted to open up to my readers about how the medical community in the US is the best but still has it’s problems here.

Until my next blog, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The Six Legged Companion Coach

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Before and after’s

By September 12, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

Before and Afters

As promised I am posting my before and after photos today, a few hours later than I had planned but nevertheless I am sharing them.


Let’s start with the after photos of the end of our Three week yoga retreat journey.

We took 9 shots like we were supposed to for entering to get the free yoga bracelet. Apparently, I can only enter once a month so I need to enter this next month. So I will be entering the contest next month, personally I thought I was just sending in my before and after photos for the bracelet but now it’s the contest so anyway. Beachbody did however mislead themselves in this of course, unless there is a way to send in photos just for the bracelet first. I have lost a few more pounds over the last 21 days as well. I hope to be down a lot more in the next 30 days, or should I say by October 8th.

Here are the after photos from my Yoga retreat!


Warrior 2

Creasant Pose


Downward Dog


Forward Bend


Now ironically we’ll show the before photos for our new round of 21 day fix which includes the 3 day quick fix.

Front View

Side View

Back View

Side View

My goal is to lose that awful belly and reshape my midsection by October 8th. In order to do this I will be combining proper nutrition and some great workouts including the 21 Day Fix program, our daily Doga practice, and our daily weekday runs and two races. We have registered for the races this week,

Ok, so as promised I shared my before and after photos and will continue to do the same over time. Until our next share with you have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

the Six Legged Companion Coach

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In the days ahead……

By September 10, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

In the days ahead

First results from Beachbody and Shakeology, the last result photos- can we get even better results this time around?!?!?

In the days ahead, I will be following the 21 Day Program again, while following it faithfully again, I will be making a few little changes, but those changes will be following along with the 21 Day Vegan Plan and the workouts all lined up……

Changes being made…..

Since this is not my first round and I’ll be coming off the Three Week Yoga Retreat and PIYO programs, as well as continuing with our running program putting days 19, 20, and 21 first paired with the 3 day Quick Fix from 21 Day Fix (veganinizing it as well), and going directly into the original 21 Day Fix program/ vegan meal plan. I will be optimizing my metabolism by boosting my protein and use of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

Autumn swears by  extra virgin coconut oil, the benefits of it that is. And therefore it is a must have for the 3 day quick fix.

It contains medium chain triglycerides, which have shown to increase energy expenditure- that is it gives you a bit of extra energy for workouts while on the slim down plan. They also make you feel full. Also helping during the three days of the carbohydrate deficient plan.

My Starting Weight

Yes, I am one of the few females who will be disclosing their weight publicly on the web. Ok, So here it goes, my current weight is 169.5. I hope to be down to 140 by the end of the 24 days, ( that is the 3 plus 21 days……) So by October 5, 2017, I will be hopefully reporting some great results to you.

Plan for the 24 days

September 11, 12, and 13…..I will be following the 3 Day quick Fix (veganizing it- i.e. lots of beans and legume, so be forewarned) as well as doing the workouts for days 19, 20, and 21…..and running with my dogs.

On September 14 to October 5- I will be following the 21 Day Fix program and 21 Day Vegan meal plan very closely.  Hey, I  want results, yes it is about losing weight but losing weight for health not vanity. Although I will admit vanity reasons come into play as my belly fat starts to melt away.

Proof of melting belly fat

I have proof of a melting belly- that proof includes:

1- falling down pants (especially when I reach up for something), I started using my dog leashes for belts, instead of going out to buy new clothes yet, or a new belt! (It works!!)

2- in the shower as I wash myself as I run my hand down my belly it literally feels smaller, and I can pinch less and less !!

3- people actually asking have you lost weight, or saying you look great!!

Before photo for this round of 21 Day Fix, I refuse to have another stroke and am determined to lose the belly. Come join me for one of my groups in the beach body world! And start seeing results as you too become a coach!

Email me to get and invite to one of my groups! It’s free to join my group for the support!

Email me at put in the subject line Burn the Belly group!

Ok, until tomorrow when I reveal my before pictures for this round for me……have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

Pam the Six Legged Companion Coach


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21 Day Fix Results

By September 3, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

21 Day Fix Results

Before stats

I am finally posting ALL my results from my 21 Day Fix program, I ended up doing three rounds.

I started weighing in at 192 lbs

and my starting measurements were as follows:

Chest           46.5

Left Arm      12.5

Right Arm    12

Waist             42.5

Hips              46

Right Thigh   22

Left Thigh     21.5

My starting measurements and weight were actually taken on June 20th.

After Stats

On July 30th, I reweighed myself and took my measurements again

I weighed in at 175 lbs, so I was 17 lbs down, woo hoo,  a great start on getting back into shape.

My measurements were as follows:

Chest           43.5

Left Arm      12

Right Arm    11.5

Waist            40.5

Hips             43.5

Right Thigh   20.5

Left Thigh     20.5

Final weigh in so far:

One last weigh/ measure in: on August 20, 2017 ( a nice birthday present for me!!)

Weight in lbs    171.5

Chest           43

Left Arm      11

Right Arm    11

Waist           39.5

Hips             43

Right Thigh   20

Left Thigh     20

I added up my total inches from before and after and I ended up losing 11 inches total. This I must admit impressed me more than the numbers on the scale.

First results from Beachbody and Shakeology

More Results

Other results are somewhat visual if you let them be. But I didn’t. I went into the store and stretched up to get something off a high shelve and I had to quickly hold onto my pants before they fell to the ground. Having almost lose your pants and need the belt to hold them up is  satisfying feeling. It’s funny as well, as one needs to hold up their pants or put a belt on. And if their pants fall it’s even funnier!

Shakeology and 21 Day Fix shake for total nutrition!

Oh bonus, I contribute this one to Shakeology too. For the last 1-2 years, maybe longer (give or take time) I was unable to give blood for low iron levels. On July 31, 2017 I was able to give blood in the first time in a long time. So Shakeology helped me get my nutrition in line and give back to others.

Finally able to give blood!

I’m finally able to give blood again

So I wanted to share on my blog here my first set of real results with Beachbody and Shakeology. I was following the 21 Day fix Vegan meal plan and doing the workouts everyday, faithfully! Oh I’ve also been doing Doga faithfully with my dogs and running at least 3 miles monday thru friday with my dogs.

Since I have moved on to doing the three week Yoga Retreat, and PIYO workouts coupled with Doga and our running with my dogs hence the “our”.

Dog and Person workout

Working out together is so much better than alone, and so much FUN! Some Doga photos of our practice!

So those are my first set of results now to send them in and get my 21 Day Fix tshirt to sport and promote a program I can actually stand behind and tell others I’ve had results with!

If you want to join the 21 Day Fix you can contact the Six Legged Companion Coach at and don’t forget to go to the right and subscribe to get updates automatically sent to your inbox everyday.

Until tomorrow have a happy and tail waggin’ day when the 4 American Dogs report on their training and what challenges they have to bring to you!


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Three Week Yoga Retreat

By August 25, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Three Week Yoga Retreat

This week was the start of the Three Week Yoga Retreat. This is one of the many many programs that Beachbody offers. The first week is all about getting to know how to properly do Yoga and some basic basic poses correctly and how to flow from one pose to the next. Upward to Downward Dog for instance. Now to watch my dogs closely as well as they wake and stretch and go from Upward to Downward Dog. It really is a beautiful movement. My goal is to look at beautiful and graceful as my dogs while doing these poses!


Upward dog

The three week journey (actually a lifetime journey with Yoga) you will find yourself getting stronger, more flexible, and improving your balance as you learn different poses and postures.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose Day 1


Plank Day 1

Tree Pose

Tree Pose Day 1

Creasant Pose

Cresant Pose Day 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 Pose Day 1

Forward Fold

Forward Fold Day 1

What Beachbody Coaches can earn while completing different programs and becoming better coaches to help others.

Posting these at Day 21 with new final pictures will help me earn a Free Yoga Bracelet. I’m excited, as I’m already on Day 5 on this Friday and things are going well.

Another reason I’m doing 3 week retreat

Another reason I’m doing the 3 week retreat is that I am trying to learn yoga poses well so I can properly bring my dogs into my practice. I can learn how to properly assist each other and train them to do the practice on my mat with me! I will be needing the worlds largest doga mat though as I plan on practicing with ALL 4 of my dogs each and every morning!

Ok, so that is a little about my three week yoga challenge if you check back or better yet subscribe over to the right to get automatic updates as I post them here. Until my next update have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!




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New Challenges

By August 24, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

New Challenges

Let’s talk about challenges that we are undertaking for awhile.

Challenge 1- Running

September Running. During the month of September, the 4 American Dogs and the All American Dog Runner Girl are running 5 days a week training for two races in on September 23 and October 8.

Challenge 2- PIYO

During the next 60 days starting last Monday- 8/20/ 17, we will start doing PIYO workouts everyday. Chalene Johnson has devised a program which combines Pilates and Yoga. Since holding poses for some time is not her thing, she goes into the poses and moves through them so one stays active and all! I would love to do a dog assisted PIYO session with her for all to do with their dogs. How fun would that be!


Scout working out! Is this Scout doing a crouching pushup?

Challenge 3- Three week Yoga Retreat

During the next three weeks, once again we started 8/20/ 17. We will be doing the beach body three week yoga retreat. Why am I doing this? You may be asking, ok, as a runner one can become tight and all and we need to help our bodys with proper stretching. Also for balance, yes to work on balance. Balance is really important in life- physically, mentally, and emotionally and yoga will help me with this.

Most importantly learning the poses more and how to properly do them. Will help me in my studies to become a certified DOGA instructor and understand more on how to help me include my dogs in my YOGA or Doga Practice. Studying under‘s Suzi Teitelman.

So those are a few important challenges I have taken on here at Doggone Healthy Choices. As the days go on we will talk more about how they are going and other challenges in our lives! So please check back frequently- if you choose you can go over to the right on this page and subscribe to get the updates automatically!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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By August 24, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

Results from my Beachbody Workouts

When I started and what I did:

On June 20th until the present day (August 20th) is the time frame I am speaking about in this post! Two months of time, which is not a long time but being summer- literally the worst season of them all, which last the longest for me!

I started my journey, with workouts and watching what I was eating using a measuring cup and awaiting my shipment of my containers and Shakeology. I started doing the 21 Day Fix program using the VEGAN meal plan, but measuring portions with suggested portions on the label, or a measuring cup or eyeballing it. After the first round of not totally doing things 100%. I then started my second round and had my containers (which helped a lot, my shakeology which tasted good and gave me a dose of FULL nutrition).

Before Shot taken on May 24th! Frontal

Before Side shot taken May 24th!


Tomorrow I will take NEW shots like this to show any transformations that have taken place. So please check back.


Note on Shakeology:

After taking my Shakeology for a few weeks, I have to mention one fact. Let me mention first that for over a year, I tried to give blood on several occasions, but my iron level was too low by 1-3 points so was unable to give blood. On July 31, 2017- I was able to give blood, I am attributing this to the daily dose of FULL nutrition from my VEGAN Shakeology.

I would also like to mention the added energy I have had from Shakeology. Now I admit by 3-4 pm I am spent and need to take it slow from that point on- and sit down to work, take a nap, etc. But my dogs tend to like to get up early to beat the heat on our runs in the morning. As we are in training.

Back to routine since beginning of the journey

So since June 20th, I have started the 21 Day Fix Program, and completed three rounds of it. The first round I measured things a bit differently  than using the containers of course. The second round where I saw the greatest results I did everything according to plan. The third round I measured using the containers and did the workouts, but must admit kinda of eyeballed the oils (olive oil, primarily) I consumed.


During this time I consumed from 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons of water a day. Water is very important, we are made up of 70% water. We need to keep hydrated. And water fills us up.

My journey is just started

My journey has only just begun! I have seen some great results. People say they see a change and I look good but I am not sure or can never be 100% sure if they are just talking or if they truly mean it!

So since June 20th I lost 20.5 lbs and 14.5 inches total. Now once again this is just the beginning but it’s a great start and as each day goes by each pound will too!

How I got the results I got so far:

So far to obtain the results I got so far, I kept with my plan/ schedule. My schedule is getting up with my dogs and practicing Doga (Dog assisted Yoga), I’ve also run with my dogs usually no less that 3 miles 5 times a week, I’ve done the 21 Day Fix Workout for the day. And finally not wanting to undo those workouts, I got my nutrition in line once again. As a vegan my foods did not change much but portion sizes did and the amount of times I eat a day did. I admit in the past I went to eating 2 times a day with huge meals to satisfy myself. Once Beachbody came along they had me watching my portion sizes and still do. And have me eating 4-5 times a day. And WOW balanced meals throughout the day- Carbs, protein, fruit, veggies, fats, etc.

Ok, so that is it for today, check back tomorrow for more and until then let’s ALL have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!



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A New Month approaching

By August 23, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

A New Month Approaching

In a few days we will be into the month of September. With the new month comes a few things I want to make completely sure of.  As far as our September event which now ends in October, we will be training Monday thru Friday together. That is Scout, Liberty, Freedom, Justice and myself. In September we will continue with our weekly training. Our fundraisers will be our two chosen races- They are one local race that technically doesn’t allow dogs but the race officials do not tell us to go away, as long as we take caution and respect other runner’s safety on the course. The second race is for the teams of people and their dogs and is a mere 3 hours from our house. We hope to see as many people out there to run to a happy and healthy lifestyle with their dogs TOGETHER.

Running of the Bull Sept 28th- Our first chosen race we will use for our fundraiser.


Dog Day 5k, in PA on October 8- our second final race we have chosen!

Where to donate:

You can click on the link below to donate to help veterans and service dogs come together to help one another!

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