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By March 17, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog


My pack by my side getting healthy!


Bikejoring is the sport of riding your bike with your dog.WAIT did I say biking with your dog. Yes I did! Ok, so your dog isn’t pedaling along with you but pulling you on your bike. But if you  just can’t walk or run because say your knees just don’t agree but you you can ride, take Fido along for the ride!

Safety FIRST though

There are some things to keep in mind before headed out for a ride through.

1-   Keep in mind your dog will be pulling you and your bike so make sure your dog can handle it.

2-   Now even though our dogs are born to run and can run at some great speeds, please if you are used to riding TOP SPEED, don’t go extremely fast. Allow your dog to determine the speed so you are not overdoing it for them. We are doing this for the health of all not to injure either of you!

3-   Keep your dog tethered to your bike so you have complete control of the situation and keep each of you safe. This also keeps others safe along trails, roads, and or paths. And avoids your dog from running after wildlife in the area.

4-   Even though you are on a bike, if your dog does poop- pick up the poop….have somewhere on your bike to hold the poop or be able to hold the bag until you can dispose of it properly!

You can check out and purchase a system to attach your dog with the leash setup for your bike and keep each of you safe and healthy.  Just click on the link below…….


With Spring on it’s way in a few short days, this is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather and get into great shape with your dog by your side, and burn those winter pounds.

Ok, so until tomorrow, have a happy, healthy, and safe tail waggin’ day,

The All American Six Legged Companion Coach

Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs



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Wooftrax App

By March 16, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Wooftrax App

Raising money for your favorite shelter or rescue has never been easier than with the Walk for a Dog App with Wooftrax.

I found this app years ago when Scout adopted me at Kent Animal Shelter. We’ve used the app ever since too!

Over time we found there are a few things you can opt to change and use and we want to be sure you are aware of them too!

So without further ado, let’s go through this app and familiarize you with the app to allow your favorite pets and activities to get healthy and help other animals at the same time. Who said you can’t do two things at once?

Opening Screen

Opening Screen

First this is the opening screen on the app… will show your dogs that you can add and choose to do your activities with.






Options can be many with this app! You have a choice of activities to get active with.

Just click on the activity on the first/ opening page and this screen will pop up and you can choose and change your activity.


You can now choose to walk, run or ride with your dog! And bonus your activity can help other dogs in shelters- every step you take can help raise money for those shelter dogs in your area or across the country. You can choose your own shelter and you are able to change your shelter as often as you want to!

Now biking with your dog needs to be done carefully as your dog still needs to be on leash and be safe, as well as you being safe. So we will discuss biking with your dog in another blog so stay tuned.

History….Looking back…..

You can look back to see your route , distance, time of activity, and speed traveled if training for an event or other.  Just click on or ha TOUCH, sorry about that……HISTORY on the bottom of the screen and a list of past activities of yours will come up, and if you run or walk with different pets all will come up and you can see it all……



We’ll call this the events area…..every so often Walk for a Dog or Wooftrax has contests where your walk can be chosen to win 1000, or 500 dollars for your chosen shelter or rescue. They are called challenges, and the more often you step out and get moving the more often you have the opportunity to win!


Ok, so having introduced you to the app a little more here, let’s all download the free app and get moving- our dogs need the exercise just as much as we do. And heck Spring is on it’s way and with April showers coming on- Let’s walk or run and SING in the rain while doing something good for your local shelter!  And let your dog stop and smell the flowers that rain will be bringing about- April showers bring May Flowers!!

Ok, To help you have a happy, healthy and safer walk or run and stretch those muscles out to avoid soreness, may I suggest picking up a copy of my book “Get Your Leash On” today, you can do so today by clicking on this link:


You can also subscribe to our newsletter here and receive a FREE guide…..

Until tomorrow have a happy, healthy, safe tail waggin’ day,

The All American Six Legged Companion Coach

Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs

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Yoga Flow Day

By March 16, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Yoga- Doga- Running and More


So today we’ll be enjoying our Doga practice flowing into my Day 4 of the Three Week Yoga Retreat Program from Beachbody- led by the Super trainer who really helps you LEARN each pose and let’s you get used to the poses so we can put it all together in today’s Yoga Flow class.  Adding my dogs is something that is just so much more beneficial to me!

So as we get ready to start our practice today, let me talk about our gadget of the day.

Once we finish our workouts above we’ll flow into some runs and walks with our new…….

Three Dog Coupler Leash

The three dog Coupler leash works really well to keep our run and walks safer for You and your pet! We tested it out for the first time yesterday…..check it out……

As you can see the leash allows the dogs to walk side by side allowing them to have their own space and not get

tangled among one another and the extended leash (black lead) allows the walker or runner to be a safe distance from the dogs to walk or run safely without fear of tripping on leash or over the dogs themselves.

I highly recommend this leash, to keep you and your pet safe . You can be walking or running with your pet safely on leash and following leash laws throughout this land and not worry about added things. (as if we need more things to worry about in life!)

To order this awesome three dog coupler leash you can click on the this link: ( I must tell you I am an amazon affiliate and I do make a % of from each sale made from my link below)


Bonus it has reflective strips on the leash!

OKay, we hope you will join us in our training and step out for a walk or run with your dog, and  Don’t forget to download the Walk for a Dog App and raise money for your favorite or chosen shelter with every step you and your pet take!  You can click on the link above to download the app! Why not make your walks or runs count more than ever?!?!? Oh you can walk, run, or ride to raise $$ as well! I will discuss this app more tomorrow for you to learn more about it!

Until tomorrow, have a happy, healthy and safe tail waggin day, we’re off to start our day!

The  All American Six Legged Companion Dog

Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs

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Running with my dogs

By March 14, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Running with my Dogs

Continuing on with my Journey to greater health for myself and my dogs.  I will talk about running with my best friends today. Due to the snowy day yesterday we decided to put our run day back a day for safety sake!

DHC pack members making some healthy choices.

Running Safely

Safety is a big issue with our team.  Keeping my dogs paws safe from not running on freshly put ice melt they put on the roads. And running on the correct side of the road for good communication.

Running a 5k race with my dogs!

We have decided to select a fall 5k race to run together and train for TOGETHER. Possibly a summer race in NH or Mass.  In which we will start training for 8 weeks prior to any of these races. And we have chosen a virtual 5k race on August 26th which we will be training for together. We will be following up with more of our race details in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned! So you can join us virtually on our Facebook page, Doggone Healthy choices. Or in personal the race!

Training today

To continue running today, I will run between 2 to 3 miles with three members of the pack- going out twice once with Scout, Liberty, and Freedom and once with Justice, Benji, and Monty.

Of course, I will be using my heart rate monitor and will attempt to stay in my target heart rate range.

And according to this chart, my heart rate should be between 120 and 150.

More on Safety

I cannot stress safety enough so a few things to consider with safety.

First with the winter lingering on the east coast, yes Mother Nature is bringing us snow filled days and March has come in as a LION, and we’ll see if it goes out like a lamb. Personally I do like the snow and prefer it to the Summer months but moving on. Thanks to BOD (Beachbody on Demand and my Doga Videos I can workout with my dogs inside and in my backyard to stay healthy together!

Ok, so paw and foot safety, first as you know we need to invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes to fit us properly- your local running store can help you with this- may I suggest your smaller shops as well, such as Runner’s Edge in Farmingdale, NY. Where they literally are knowledgable in fitting their customers rights! They will take the surfaces you chose to run on, shoe size, stride, gait, and more! Now on the our dogs paws, with cold icy pavement and the reverse HOT pavement we need to protect their paws from the elements. Using dog boots or better yet paw wax (most commonly used is Mushers Wax- mainly used for horses!) which will also protect their paws from the salts used on the road!

Running against oncoming traffic is wise and suggested- and if you check the NYS driving manual pedestrians should be doing this anyway. WHY?If you are running against traffic, the communication between you and the oncoming drivers is direct, you can make eye contact immediately as opposed to turning around and missing precious seconds.

If you need to use headphones keep volume low. And allow yourself to hear what is going on around you! I always allow myself to be able to hear someone talk next to me, and cars approaching me, and all. Listening is a HUGE part of communication! Just ask any health coach!

Safety and Running with my more than one dog

Ok, so today as we head out for our run we will be using our brand new three dog coupler, this avoids any leashes getting tangled. And allows your dog to run a safe distance from your feet without fear of any tripping and and such.

To order a safer way to run with your pack or walk…….check this leash coupler out…..It accommodates three dogs, but if you opt to run with one or two dogs it’s easy enough to detach one or two leashes here. Ok, so here is link to your safer walks or runs with your pack. Just click on the link below!

Ok, as you can see I am passionate about being safe.Until tomorrow have a happy, SAFE,  and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Six Legged Companion Coach

Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs

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More on the Journey…..

By March 13, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

More about the Journey

To continue about my “new” journey- let’s talk nutrition.

First let it be known that since 1992 I have been living a vegetarian lifestyle, and since 2000 I chose to live a Vegan lifestyle. WAIT- I chose this lifestyle not for health reasons BUT for respect for the animals and environment. My dogs also joined me in the lifestyle. And before you say anything YES it can be done, of course with anything it has to be done right!

Food and Marketing influences

Labels on food for people are so misleading today, and honestly that also goes for our pets food too. Remember that thing called marketing?!?!??! Yes, marketing makes us feel that Fat Free is the way to go but I can tell you that even Doctors are telling you today Fat Free is not the way to go. You can read  Dr Mark Hyman’s book, “Eat Fat- Get Thin!”  So, bottom lining it, don’t believe everything you read on those labels! Read the ingredients- and know your body, and educate yourself on what is needed and healthy by your body.

My  Nutrition Plan

My plan for the rest of 80 Day Obsession is to follow along with the Timed Nutrition plan that Autumn Calabrese has setup to accompany her workout program. But I need to make it more me friendly. Yes, I will stick to smaller meals, several times a day- that is more than the typical three times (ie breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I will eat my pre workout meal 30-90 minutes before my workout in the morning. I will have my minimum of 4-5 small meals a day. And mostly veggies, limited fruit, my protein, and limited carbs, and all. But somewhat adjusted to my Vegan lifestyle and the way I am accustom to living. My dogs on the other hand will continue with their Vegan lifestyles as well, they will continue with their bagels- HEY they are from NY! And hey when in NY- you must enjoy those NY bagels!!

Added Nutrition stuff

To boot, adding to my nutrition as per request from my Nurse Practioner- in my eyes more knowledgable that any doctor at that (also as per my blood work). I will continue to take my Vitamin B Complex Supplements and Vitamin D supplements, as well as an aspirin a day- this coming from my neurologist after my stroke, to act as my blood thinner and avoid clotting to avoid further strokes. In the morning before my workout for energy levels I will take a vegan version of beachbody’s Energizer that I have trusted for years and is somewhat cheaper to purchase- but not cheaper in quality- VEGA Energize!

After workouts I will take VEGA recover to aid in a quick recovery from my workouts, and Vega hydrate during my workouts as well as good old plain water.

New tool being used today

Steps for yesterday while wearing my new device!

My resting heart rate coming down…….

My new heart rate monitor, slim and easy to use- it’s checking my heart rate now!

Yesterday I received my new heart rate monitor from Amazon. The heart rate monitor I got also tracks my steps and walks, runs, and rides I do as well as my sleep. So it is comparable to the FitBit devices on the market at half the cost or even less. I’ve only had the watch for less than 24 hours and I love it. My first workout will be tracked this morning, I got this device to mainly keep an eye on my heart rate, so using my iPhone to track things is going to my main way of doing things I think.

But knowing if I’m hitting my target heart rate during workouts or if I’m “resting” to much is going to be a big plus in my workouts!

Doing Cardio Flow this morning I know now I could have put more into it, but honestly I was truly hoping for something different this phase- the routine got old weeks ago for me and I’m bored with it. And some of the exercises, unless I keep pressing pause or working on them later on there is no real time in the workout to work on correct form or such!  Besides the “duckwalk” move is not done correctly by the trainer to begin with- having done it in the military I needed to work on doing it correctly and watching it on the screen being done wrong doesn’t help me do it right! So honestly it’s her version of it! During the workout today, my heart rate got up to 120 BPM  which is close to my max but quite there, telling me I can work harder.

Once the snow stops falling I’ll head out for a quick run with my dogs and we’ll see how my heart rate measures up!

This device works with my iPhone app and stats get recorded on my phone for me to check out!

Basically if your looking to not spend alot and keep track of your heart rate and any workouts and such this is a great device to invest in. Once your ready to invest in a more expensive device/ watch that is!!

If you want to check it out and purchase one I’m providing a link for one here:


Now that we covered another new device I use as a tool, I hope you consider getting a heart rate monitor to help you with your fitness goals.

Until tomorrow with yet another review on a great new product, for your dogs as well as you, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The All American Six Legged Companion

Coach Dog Runner Girl and her  4  American Dogs

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The next Big Start has arrived…….

By March 12, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

The Next Big Start has arrived


So with the start of another program comes new photos to show the starting point to be followed by ending photos (and possibly mid point photos during any given program) this program calls for photos of poses. In order to show the improved flexibility and range one has  acquired. Keep in mind I have been practicing Doga with my dogs for sometime now. But coming back to the basics in any program is a great idea to improve form, function, strength, and flexibility at any given time.You need to listen to your body to tell you what it needs. So let’s see my starting photos, shall we?

Forward Fold

Basic Plank

Downward Dog

Tree Pose

Triangle Pose

Cresent Pose


Warrior Two

Kneeling Rockstar


So now that I can track my poses with these photos, let’s see some other stats.

My measurements are as follows:

Chest 42 inches

Right Arm 11

Left Arm 11

Waist  36.5

Hips 41

R Thigh  20

L Thigh 20

For total inches being 181.5

My Bodyfat as measured by my Omron body fat analyzer is 31.6%  and my BMI is at 25.6, I’ll put a link to where you find the Omron body fat analyzer…….Just click the link below!

  • I think I am the first female to freely put this info out to the public, hahaha…….

Come and join me on my journey and make your own journey as we work side by side together! Contact me to start today! I’d love to have others joining me even if virtually! I’d love to motivate and coach you every step of the way, we’ll talk regularly and I will not stop t signing you up for the beachbody program!

As I go start my workouts for the day, and then wait for my next gadget to arrive so I can share it with you.

I want to wish you and your pet a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

Tomorrow: more on our Yoga/ Doga and running schedules and all……

The All American Six Legged Companion

 Coach and Dog Runner Girl

and her 4 American  Dogs

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I’m starting a new journey, i invite you to join me!

By March 11, 2018 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog

My latest Journey

DHC pack members making some healthy choices.

Ok, so as a beachbody coach and IIN Healthcoach…..I have tried and tested different lifestyle choices and chose a Vegan lifestyle over any other and different workouts through Beachbody On Demand (BOD). In the next 175 days I will be taking myself through another short journey to improve myself. This Monday I will be starting Phase Three of the 80 day Obsession where I will be taking my workouts up a notch. While maintaining my DOGA practice as well as continue to keep running and walking with my dogs! I will also be taking on the Three Week Yoga Retreat Program, basically combining this program with my Doga Practice- which will add to the program because my dogs will be by my side. I will try my best to post pictures of us on our Instagram page. As well as tweet them to share our progress and ways you can join us. Tomorrow I will speak more about our running program and what we’ll be training for.

Three Week Yoga Retreat

As I start the program tomorrow- Monday I will start by posting starting photos of several poses here and in 3 weeks I will take after photos and we will see how my flexibility and strength has improved! And if any weight loss has taken place. I will be keeping track of my Bodyfat & BMI and measurements as well. Yoga is a fairly easy workout program to start your transition into a new way of life of working out everyday. It could take a not so flexible person, and make them into a more flexible person allowing more movement into your workout routines. I suggest starting with this program as the workouts are short each day and they will help you prepare for further workout programs that follow in your lifetime. I am combining this with the last phase of 80 day obsession and my running with my dogs which I will be discussing tomorrow here on this blog. Along with posting about our running plans the next few months, I will be posting the before photos of several different poses in the Three Week Yoga Retreat. By the end of week three I hope to show better flexibility and all.

Instruments being used

During the next 175 days I will be using some tools or instruments to aid me in my progress. Being that I will be doing the last phase of 80 day Obsession starting tomorrow, watching my body fat/ BMI and tracking my weight and measurements is something I will be doing.

To start with the introduction of these instruments, today I will start with the Omron Bodyfat Analyzer, years ago a personal trainer had introduced me to this gadget and swore by it. Then it was priced at $70 or more. Today through Amazon you can get it under $30. How awesome  is that! It’s the same tool to use and is pretty reliable to aid you in knowing where you stand in your healthy journey to the YOU that you always wanted!

If your interested you can pick up this tool here: Just click on the link below and order through amazon- I am an amazon affiliate and do get a % of each sale that goes through my DoggoneHealthy amazon store. Without further ado, here’s the link:


Ok, Until tomorrow when I start my tracking and share my first of my photos for the Three Week Retreat, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Six Legged Companion Dog Runner Coach Girl and her 4 American Dogs


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