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Running for a Cause

By July 8, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Running for a Cause


Scout- Liberty and I running together! When all of the pack ran a race!!

In four days we officially start our training for our fundraiser. On July 10, 2017, we will take to our running schedule and start training for our month of 5k’s. Our training will consist of running, BEACHBODY workouts- to begin with the 21 Day Fix Program among others we will add into our days.  And of course we will do our Doga sessions to stretch and prevent injury for both the dog runner and the 4 american dogs. Along with our daily workouts we will be watching out nutrition, following the 21 Day fix vegan program along with Shakeology.  Everyday we will  bring updates of our training and new stories and all to you here at our blogs. We will try our best to have two blogs daily but at the very least we will have either one of the blogs updated for you. Please subscribe over to the right on this page to receive the updates automatically!

To donate and support such a great cause please click on the link below:

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!



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Training Thursday

By July 6, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Training Thursday

For training thursday, let’s talk about where we stand in our training and pre training. And what to expect in the coming week and possibly more. This means for the All American Dog Runner Girl as well as her 4 American Dogs.

The next four days

For the next four days, we will be continuing our training as we have been doing it. That is continuing to do the 21 Day Fix workouts and adding the Challenge workout of the day- a new beachbody workout to try everyday. This way we will get to see what workouts we would like to try over the next 2 weeks and which ones will keep us motivated the most. Yesterday we tried the Core de Force. Now I tried it without the agility ladder and substituted my yoga mat with it’s design on it for a ladder.  It wasn’t easy- and to get the moves down I stuck with the modifications- also since I truly believe I have two left feet.


The last 21 Days- I started out measuring my portion sizes because I was waiting for my containers to arrive, then when I got my containers for the 21 Day eating plan I started using them. At the end of the 21 Days- i.e. Sunday!

I will be using the containers FULLY! and sticking to my 6 Green containers , 2 Purple containers, 4 Red containers , 1-2 Yellow containers , 1 Blue container , 1 Orange container, 6 tsps of oils, and of course including my daily Vegan Shakeology. Of course this plan varies from person to person. There are ways of figuring out your specific plan. One question though, do you have to have ALL containers everyday? I ask this because I have definitely not been eating all the containers daily! I think I will be adding more Red containers into my daily eating as I’ve really only had one the last 17 days.

Plans for awhile

BUT I will be sticking to this until September and doing the 21 Day Fix Program all together, that is nutrition and workouts everyday. And training for our 5k’s every morning. Starting every morning around sun up- about 7 or 8 am. We will start our day with a cool morning run then come home to a Doga workout. Followed by a 21 Day Fix workout. I hope to work on making these workouts dog friendly as well. I will be also working on making PIYO workouts dog friendly as well. I will be adding other workouts into the daily mix to well MIX things up!

July 10

In four days from now on July 10th, we will start our training for our month of 5k’s ending actually on October 8th with a race in PA!

Basic Schedule

Training plan, schedule

Above is the schedule for our runs for the next 8 weeks, since temperatures will be up we will run in the early mornings around 7 or 8 am. Saturday runs will be moved to Wednesday as well. I will run with Scout on Mondays, Liberty on Tuesdays, Freedom on Wednesdays, and Justice on Thursdays. On Fridays I will either take Scout the first week, Liberty the second, and so fourth or take two dogs with me on any Friday, so basically Fridays are open as of yet!

 Other workouts

Starting Monday, I’m on to Round Two of the 21 Day fix- and will be taking it a bit more seriously or closely, mainly talking about the nutrition part of things. But I will be running in the morning, then coming home to the Doga session- followed by one of the 21 Day Fix workouts. My goal is to get through the rest of summer. Lord please help me get through July and August nicely!

My first big goal I want to meet

My first big goal I want to meet is losing a considerable amount of weight and toning up this body considerably by October 8th. During the month of September I hope to still be sculpting this body but I still hope to have lost some of these pounds by then. BUT by October 8th I hope to have lost anywhere from 25 to 50 pounds, I think I can do it……I have my chosen eating plan, I have my workouts in line. I have my work in line. I have things in line, in store for the next 2-3 months so let’s do this! Let’s get to our goals!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Testing out new program….

By July 4, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Testing out something new

21 Day Fix

Some exercises from 21 Day Fix program!

Today I did my typical workout with my 21 Day Fix Day 15- Total Body Cardio Fix which is awesome- I’m modifying less every day- I think I modify for half of one exercise now! How awesome is that. Every day is one day closer to my goal. This also helps me get through SUMMER! I am not a hot humid loving person, I love my season but honestly could do without Summer- (hey Mother nature, if you want to have it snow tomorrow I wouldn’t complain!) Actually it’s more about the damn fireworks and loud music of the selfish stupid people that bother me. Ok, enough complaining. This is one reason I LOVE my coaches, with these workouts I can design my days to workout, run early in the morning when the temps are cooler, or in the evening hours. And get my work done in the day. While eating right and getting my nutrition on! Thank You Shakeology for helping me make this easy, tasty, and FUN! Testing out a new program coming in the Beachbody workouts was an honor and fun given to just the coaches. (He actually said it just in video as well). I even wore my reb and blue outfit paired with my dogtags to celebrate the fourth during my workouts today- I wore the colors without wearing the flag- ie legal!

New Workout

The new workout is called Shift Shop. To be honest I felt as if I was back in the military. The coach said to bring the workout outdoors so that’s what I did!. My dogs joined me outside as well. I do love being a beachbody coach so far because coaches were able to test out a new workout. And testing out something new gives more options of way to workout. Final thought- once the program comes out officially- I’ll be back. It’s tough but lets me push myself. Once a start a new workout I do use a lot of modifications  but that’s to get my form down then pick it up after a few days or so. But I do recommend this for all!

Ok so that was what I wanted to talk about today. I also wanted to mention the fact that I took my workout outdoors and did a little video of my workout for a contest for beachbody coaches! (My dogs even got into the video- I think I can safely say the video bombed my video!) You can check it out on my Instagram page here:@thehealthydogrunner.

I made it easy for you by attaching the link and all you need to do is click the link above.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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What to expect here…..

By July 2, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The Dog Runner's Blog

What to expect here

Since this is Sunday let me go over what to expect here on the Dog Runners Blog and on the 4 American Dogs Blog. For each of these blogs you can come back daily for updates and new blogs, whether we do an update or take advantage of Motivational Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Tongue Out Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Fit (FitDog) Friday, Sepia Saturday, B/W Sunday, or other daily days across the web. Or take part in a blog hop on any given day! We will have something to share with our readers/ viewers. As we get our home in order and work is finished we hope to have more videos and photos coming your way as well!

First what is the difference between the two blogs on this website.

Let me first tell you the difference between the two blogs here on this site. What you can expect from us here on this site is a way to live a happy and healthy life here in America as well as the rest of the world- WITH YOUR DOG BY YOUR SIDE!

Let’s start with the 4 American Dogs Blog- This is the blog of my pack- Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. They are in training to be my service dogs. As well as completing a 5k run in October.

That being said you will find updates from them on their progress. As well as information on different products they have used and want to tell you about. They will talk about about training notes and healthy topics from recipes to how to run safely and so much more.

They will include as many photos and videos as possible and literally bark at Pam to take more photos and videos of them to share with you.

Who are the 4 American Dogs?

The four American dogs are:


Scout listening

Scout smiles for the camera!

Scout is an American Foxhound (mix) but he carries himself so much like one that the mix was dropped when introducing him. After all most Americans are mixed with different influences or rather mutts, right?!?!?!

Liberty the American Foxhound

Liberty hams it up for the camera!

Liberty is an American Foxhound (mix) as well. Before Pam and her met at the animal shelter she came to the shelter through the Smithtown Hunting Club. And as we know they use American Foxhounds for the great hunt due to their in born hunting skills. So being that she came from the club- the (mix) was dropped as well when introducing her.


one the 4 American Dogs


Freedom is a shepherd/ lab mix, and possibly a Black Mouthed Cur. She came from the south. Freedom now lives with her new family of hounds so took on their traits and thinks she is an American Foxhound- so when introduced she is sometimes introduced as an “honorary” American Foxhound.

Justice the Service Dog in training

Justice poses for the camera here!

Justice is a German shepherd or GSD. This girl is the final member of the 4 American Dogs team. Thankfully is a friendly dog, who looks out for her pack, and is very smart. Proof of this is the fact she can open a locked door in the house when she wants to get out of the room she’s in.


Who is the Dog Runner?


Skyler and the Dog Runner the one who truly started it all

The Dog Runner or most recently more exact- the All American Dog Runner Girl. Her name is Pamela Schmidlin. Having gone to school to be a photographer, videographer, writer, health coach, and dog trainer she is well versed in many areas. Pam claimed this title of “the All American Dog Runner Girl” for herself because she loves to run BUT she for years prefers and doesn’t like running without her dog or dogs. As a veteran of the US Army she is a proud American and loves the land she once volunteered to defend.  Being true that she is an ALL American girl next door in a matter of words. She grew up in her suburban home with her family all around her, she had her animals, and loved school. She followed the American pathway going from nursery school all the way through to graduate school. She tries her best to work hard and do her best and then some at whatever she does. And truly wants to be the change in America and do her share to help fellow veterans and the world around her.

What can you expect from her blog?

As someone who is a photographer, writer/ blogger, videographer, dog trainer, health coach, and now beachbody coach. You can expect alot of updates on her training and her journey to lose weight and improve her health.  You can also expect her to talk about new products , training techniques and more in her life and her dogs life, from a walk to health issues.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day from the All American Dog Runner Girl and her 4 All American Dogs.


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Saturday Post

By July 1, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Saturday Post

Here’s my update on my plan with beachbody and stuff.

The next week , that is this Sunday to next Sunday- I will be continuing the 21 Day Fix workouts while watching what I eat carefully. After that I will be using the 21 Day Fix Containers and preparing as much of my food as possible. And sticking closely to Autumn’s recommendations as possible.

Time to get FIT!

My Challenge Pack kit

As you can see I received my containers they are labeled and awaiting the the next week to be over so that we can start the 21 Day Fix program just as Autumn wants it or designed it- We will be following the Vegan Eating Plan. I have my Quinoa ready for the next few weeks actually as well as some other staples. I will be cutting down on the amount of fruits I believe. As I do in fact eat a lot of veggies as of now. Honestly fruits are great but they are natural sugars and as we all know sugars are carbs that are stored as fat, which could be a cause of my belly fat! My veggies will be slightly increased but not by much- the fiber in the veggies is filling. My proteins will mainly come from quinoa and grains, although my veggies are also loaded with protein.  I will break things down further during the week. And include videos of myself working out. I will include my photos before and as I progress through the program to show how things are working or not. I will also include my measurements and although hate the numbers on the scale will share those as well.

One more thing

On July 31, our local running club is having a blood drive in which I would like to donate at. Now this is something I need to watch my nutrition and workouts with as well. As the last several drives I was not able to donate due to low iron levels. So I will be doing my best the next 30 days to up my iron and get my body running strong on that note.

A last note

I will be developing some new videos with my dogs in our training ventures to become Service Dogs! So stay tuned for all we have to update and share with you.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Fit Friday

By June 30, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Fit Friday

As far as the theme for Friday goes it’s FIT FRIDAY! So we’ll talk about Fitness and nutrition. Or rather start our weekly friday topic today.

As you may have read in past blogs, a lot if not all/ most of our goals are fitness related. WHY? Alright, let’s face it- FITness is the key to be healthy, happy, productive. When we are at our best physically we are at our best in every way possible!

So becoming a beachbody coach this week has evolved into much more than one would think. Except maybe beachbody. I think I would like to work with the wonderful 21 Day Fix Instructor/ Coach/ Creator Autumn Calabrese one of these days to make a dog friendly version of the 21 Day Fix Program. So I invite Autumn to speak with me about doing so!

Dog and Person workout

Working out together is so much better than alone, and so much FUN!

I also invite Chalene Johnson, the Instructor/ Coach/ and Creator  as well as fellow dog owner to speak to me about doing the same with her awesome PIYO Program. I fell in love with the PIYO program and in a few short weeks I will be back into the program to help myself better my health.

Eating healthy is also as important as working out, even if it’s as simple as taking a short walk everyday, or every other day.  Running  is something dogs were born to do. And on July 10, every weekday, my pack and I will be taking to our training again. To complete a month of non stop 5k’s everyday and perform them at our very best, ending with a 5k race in PA! Our hopes are to raise money for the animals in local shelters and for Service Dogs for Heroes!

Part of our eating right is having one Shakeology shake a day. I opt for the Vegan version of Shakeology as I am VEGAN! And have chosen this lifestyle for other than health reasons.

Black Forest Shskeology

Ingredients in my favorite Shakeology shake so far!

Ok, Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Throwback Thursday and New Goals

By June 29, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Throwback Thursday


Skyler and the Dog Runner the one who truly started it all


my first Doga partner

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler


Meeting our marathon goal!

NYC AMC Doggy Dash

The past led to this and now we’re moving on…..

Our last throwback of the day


Scout- Liberty and I running together! When all of the pack ran a race!!

Ok, I wanted to first do a Throwback Thursday to segway into the new goals planned. And show how our past can positively reflect our present and future. So without further ado.

New Goals to Speak of

As time is moving quickly and training needs to continue and be beefed up a lot. Getting sponsors is not something I am going to try to do, until next year! So I have decided to work with individual shelters and all and do individual fundraisers on my own and possibly work with shelters to run with shelter dogs as well. I have decided to train for a month long of 5k’s as well. BUT wait there is a big finish. Since I need to take off from Sept 2nd to 4th I will be


Overall goal running with my dogs for fellow veterans and their service dogs.

extending my venture into the month of October. With my BIG fundraiser for Service Dogs for Heroes. In the next day or two I will be making my one personal fundraising pages for all the local shelters and organizations. I will be making my full list this Thursday and posting it here.    I will be using and to do fundraising for the events. The big overall finish will be running a 5k in PA on October 8th.

 In other training

In other training, I will be continuing my Beachbody training with my coaches, even though I recently became a coach myself.  I am and will continue to do the 21 Day Fix (I’m on day 10) at the end, July 9th- I will start Challenge de Jour for the next week as my 5k training starts for


Meeting a past goal!

the next 8 weeks. On July 18th to August 16th I will try a new workout plan called Core de Force with a few Country Heat workouts mixed into my training. Oh let’s not forget my doga training with my dogs to stretch the pack and myself out to reduce any risk of injury. Doga will be a continuing practice from now until December and beyond. On August 17th I will then try another workout called PIYO- until October 17th. I have decided to go past October 8th to totally assure myself my health will improve and reduce risk of stress.

Our training will hopefully show the results- TOTAL results by December 26- a Merry Merry Christmas for us all! Total Health. And A chance to get things planned for 2018! Yes, here at Doggone Healthy Choices we like to plan ahead and have plan b and c at the ready just in case!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

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Wordless Wednesday

By June 28, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Wordless Wednesday

We’ll start with our Wordless Wednesday post today….

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday- Don’t forget to subscribe over to the right! for more updates!

Which brings me to more about what is going with me. Over the last few weeks I came to really love the beachbody workouts and the Shakeology shake (as well as Scout above) that I called them yesterday to change my order to the challenge package and became a beachbody coach- which entitles me to more of a discount- that is 25% off my orders. I mean hello!

So I am now a beachbody coach, I am starting to feel the results a little from the 21 Day Fix workouts, and watching what I eat. My coach kept speaking of the containers which will be

Working Out

Part of my workouts of my daily routines!

coming my way as well. So I’ll be getting the containers again as part of the package which will be helpful in following the plan, although I’ve been measuring my food with a measuring cup to assure proper portion sizes.

I’ve also been using the Chronometer app to keep track of my caloric intake, which also keeps tracks of all my nutrients, and everything and calories burned when I put in my exercise done for the day! I’ve also been using the Beachbody My Challenge app which I had an invite from my coach with to keep me motivated and on track.

I think one of my first challenges I put out there as a coach will be something to accompany my workouts- a PLANK challenge…..I’m working on that now.

That’s my big news of the day…..

So until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

From the pack and I…..

Group Selfie

Group Selfie time!

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Our Tasty Training Tuesday

By June 27, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Tasty Training Tuesday

As I said before today is going to be tasty tuesday or training tuesday for hopefully awhile. So we’re combining them today actually. Enough T’s in the title for you?  Now try saying that title ten times fast! HA!

Ok, So we started our morning with a nice workout- I did my 21 Day Fix Upper Fix workout while the pack waited patiently for our Doga Workout. Once we got into our Doga workout, they had some tasty treats as they worked out.

Check these out.

Charlee Bear Treats

We used Charlee Bear treats to entice our pack into poses. Such as the Cobra pose, Butterfly pose, and more

Being that these treats are only 3 calories per treat, they were able to have several and burn the calories off as they worked out with me.

Charlee Bear

Justice does her Cobra Pose for the camera, she can’t wait for her Charlee Bear treat!

After our Doga workout, we posed for a “selfie” although I’m not sure it can be considered a selfie if its a group shot. Group Selfie, Maybe?

Okay anyway, check this one out…..

Charlee Bear!

After workout treat and Group Selfie!

As  I started my journey with Beachbody, they have a shake called shakeology which I have everyday. They have VEGAN flavors as well. Well Scout discovered that I wasn’t sharing and decided to try to claim it for himself today,  of course being chocolate flavored I had to say NO,  but once I get my next flavor I will be sharing with my pack I think….maybe making some shakeology doggie ice cream ( non dairy) treats! That would be so cool! Especially during the hot summer months!

Check this tasty Shakeology shot out!


Why aren’t you sharing Pam?


Mine, I will partake in a shake with you soon !










Okay so that’s our tasty training tuesday, until tomorrow with wordless wednesday post, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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New Blog Schedule…..

By June 25, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

New Blogging Schedule

Blogging/ Blog Hops

Blogging and Blog Hops for awhile to follow here!

Today I have decided to start a new schedule of blogging for awhile. And I wanted to share a rundown with you today.

For awhile, Sunday will be Black and White Sunday- so basically I will be microblogging Black and White photos and possibly a written story attached to them. This will also be part of a blog hop.

Then on Monday the topic will be Mischief Monday ( which will be part of a blog hop). Or simply a Motivational Monday to start off a great week ahead.

Tuesday’s topic will be Tasty Tuesday, which will hopefully lead to bigger tasty blogs in weeks to follow, with videos- live and or recorded and edited. Or Training Tuesday where we will share out training for the day or week.

Wednesday- We will take place in Wordless Wednesday (part of yet another blog hop). Or Workout Wednesday where we will share our daily workouts for the day or week.

Thursday will be Throwback Thursday ( yes another blog hop).

Friday will be Fit Dog Friday (which is part of a blog hop). Or Funny Friday- which will be part of a microblog as well.

and Saturday will be Sepia (a blog hop too) or Saturation Saturday. Mostly to be microblogged but also here on the written or main blog.

So that is some new changes we will be trying to hold on to this week to see how it goes and we’ll see how long we decide to keep these topics going here on this blog!

Ok,  I hope you will come back everyday to check out what’s new and see all the new blogs, and  feel free to go over to the right and subscribe to get updates sent directly to you as they become available or published!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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