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Start of Healthcoach Week!

By February 12, 2018 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Healthcoach Week is February 12- February 18

First I want to make mention that this is the beginning of health coaching week. And to continue on our journey through Doga and help others into their own practice we will continue with another pose. A pose called Cobra!

Cobra Pose

Okay first for people to get into this pose we first lie on our stomachs, and place your elbows under your shoulders with your hands out in front of your body. (you can extend the stretch by putting your hands next to your shoulders and extending the arms up and straight under your shoulders until they are holding you up.

Keep you head looking forward and slightly up at an angle.

Giving a stretch to your back, torso and neck. Not to much of an exagerated stretch though.

Pam does the Cobra pose here.


Doggie Version Cobra Pose

Scout does the canine version of the Cobra Pose! People can assist their dog in furthering their stretch too!

Your dog will automatically go into this pose, all you have to do is watch your dog in the morning or other times and have your clicker and treats ready. Once your dog is lying like this Click, say cobra pose, and treat!

To extend this pose and get a little more stretch in their neck and chest area, hold your hand as if you are offering a treat (or have a treat ready in your hand) and your dog will look up and follow the treat or your hand therefore extending the stretch.

As you can see your dog will go into alot of poses naturally you just have to name them and do that a few times before your dog will do them on command.

Eventually you will be doing the poses together. Be patient this process does take time. Some dogs it will take longer some will get it sooner. But remember it’s your practice not the neighbors, not your friends, do not compare your practice to anyone else’s.

Once you and your dog get to know the poses you will have these photo opps like this and do the poses TOGETHER!

As you can see poses can be varied as Pam and Scout turn their heads to face one another and say pawmaste to one another!

Ok, so that was today’s pose and introduction to this years Health coach week, what do we have in store for tomorrow? Check back to find out…..and check out our FB page to see a Live broadcast (or it’s replay later on). You will learn something new for you and your dog(s).

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The All American Dog Runner Girl

and her Four American Dogs


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First Doga pose/ move for 2018-

By February 5, 2018 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog
The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler

New Workout for your and your dog in 2018

In 2018, we will be taking a journey together into the world of DOGA. We hope that you will join us for this wonderful journey. Together we will learn all about the world of Doga and all it has to offer…..and by mid year we hope to have a nice daily practice that we can do and present to others at local shelters and dog groups! So if you live on Long Island or the surrounding area stay tuned for more info on that. By the end of the year, we hope to have a video that you can buy to have at home so you and your dog can follow along with a well thought out daily practice, so stay tuned and follow along. We will have a new pose- new recipe to compliment your Doga session- or something everyday in our blogs……In this blog- the All American Dog Runner Girl Blog- as well as the Six Legged Companion Coach Blog and the Four American Dogs Blog and a Novel Idea Blog- all located on this site…….so tune in daily for new stuff to help with your practice….we will try to have videos at some point as well, but at the very least we’ll have still photos to see our progress so you can join us. And we will talk you through things step by step as much as possible.



What is Doga?

Doga is Yoga that is practiced with your dog. And what are those who practice yoga called- YOGI’s! And while this is true your dog will be called a Dogi!!


How Do You Start?

So let’s talk about what you need to do to start. First, you will need a place to practice Doga. We use our DOGA mat, you may call it a Yoga mat. We happen to have the world’s largest Doga Mat which let’s all of us come to the mat together. Ok, so once you have chosen your place to practice set it up! If it is a Mat or surface like that, keep it out 24/7 and let your dog go to the spot on their own throughout the day, and night. You may even see your dog going to sleep on it at night. This is good as your good is associating it as a nice comfortable spot. If your dog doesn’t seem interested in the mat or spot, and you want to help your dog learn to go to it sooner you can help it by training him or her to “go to the mat or spot!”

How to train “Go to…..”


Scout respects the American Flag by standing for it!

With your mat out and visible or available to your dog, let your dog naturally check out the mat, now overtime your dog looks at or in the direction of the mat, use a clicker and a treat and click and treat. The next the more your dog motions towards the mat, click and treat. Once your dog is getting closer to the mat, stop rewarding just looking at the mat and only reward the closest  and more intimate motions with the mat, they have moved past the first steps and graduated those steps already. If you need to step backwards that’s ok, but encourage the later steps as much as possible with positive reinforcement- i.e. a click and treat. HINT: a lot of the time if your dog sees you using the mat, they will feel intrigued and investigate with you- time to reward!

Let all interaction with the mat be as natural as possible and positive.

Our First exercise in the

Art of Doga

Doga time

Pam and Skyler started her Doga practice here years ago and Pam continues on today!


To start our journey we will first learn how to do a simple mediation. To do so, go to your Doga mat with your dog and have a sit (you can lie down if you choose as well- which ever is more comfortable for you).

This pose by the way is about you and your dog being more present and relaxing together. So basically ANYONE can do it, anytime and to be honest anywhere.

If you cannot get down to the mat, you have no excuses- sit on the couch, the bed, if your sitting in a chair that your dog can not join you in, you can still meditate!

Just have your dog close and have one hand on your pet and the other hand on your heart or relaxed on your lap.

Now close your eyes if you chose- closing your eyes will help you relax more! But if you chose you can leave your eyes open.

Petting your Dog will help you relax more to that is instead of just placing your hand on your dog. As every time you physically pet your dog it lowers your blood pressure.

Mediating with your dog can last a few seconds, a minute, 5 minutes, or however long you wish to practice and meditate. You can set a timer and just relax- let the timer worry about time.

Okay now that your in the position to make you and your dog most comfortable and relaxed. You will know concentrate on your breathing. You will take a deep breathe in through the nose, hold it a second or two, then exhale through the mouth. Breathe the good in, and the bad you are letting go of.


Breathing is something we do everyday without thinking I know but we do so much of it I think we take it for granted a lot of the time and we need to learn to breathe better and more consciously! I am going to suggest watching a video by Dr Andrew Weil to learn a new breathing technique which will help you relax and make more of your Doga Experience!


Ohm’ing with our pets!

Ohming with your dog, I want to share a video with you from my mentor and fellow Yogi and Dogi’s  Suzi Teitelman.

So let’s Ohm with our pets! Can we try this with our bunnies, horses, and even birds?!?!?! Why not they taught us this first so let’s bring it full circle now! I mean Downward Human no it’s called Dog! etc…….

Our Start to our daily Doga practice


Doga Time

Scout whispers sweet nothings into Pam’s ear to thank her for some quiet meditation time….Much needed in these stressful times…..On the world’s largest DOGA mat!

Okay so now we have begun our journey, every week this year keep coming back to learn one new exercise/ move/ pose in our journey and by mid year we should have a great foundation for a great practice, and by the end of the year we will have a great practice to last a lifetime. (We will keep everyone we can in mind, and account for those unable to sit on the floor to practice and all.)

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The All American Dog Runner Girl and her Four American Dogs



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Ornament Runs start today

By December 6, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Ornament Run Starts for the Month Ahead

Yesterday morning Scout and the All American Dog Runner set out to do the first run in our series of Ornament runs. This is a bunch of runs where we are decorating a designated spot along the chosen course of the day!  As you can see here, Scout had his ornament ready on our Charlie Brown christmas tree! He wanted to show everyone how Snoopy the beagle and himself look alike in the photo above.His former girlfriend Skyler, may she rest in peace, looked a lot like Scooby Doo! What is it with Pam and her cartoon characters?  Ok, so we went on over to FB LIVE and did a video which is on the Doggone Healthy Choices Facebook page for all to view. It is a little more “raw” than we have liked but bear with us as we perfect out capabilities on going live! So go on over to our FB page and check out the video on with our first and second now ornament run. You can see Scout’s and Liberty’s ornaments and all. And if you are in the area, you will have a greater chance to find the ornament and win a FREE Doga Mat! If your not in the area don’t worry you still have a chance to win a FREE Doga Mat!!

The Nesconset Gazebo and the park where the Christmas tree is being even more decorated by our pack this week!

Later Monday afternoon, our friend Josie and the All American Dog Runner Girl decorated a tree where she lives. As you can see Josies red ornament pops out among the green to give some added color to the area!

This Wednesday, I will be heading out with Freedom to hang our ornament on the tree. And Thursday I’ll head out with Justice to do the same. Starting Friday we will head on to another course to run….I may run the course of the Tough Cookie trail run in Kings Park where there will be a race going on. So everyone can run through a slightly decorated trail on Sunday!

Check out our past Ornament runs here on our Facebook page:

You can find more FB LIVE videos here as well…..Please comment on them- And understand that as time goes on we will be producing better videos and all….Thank You!

Don’t forget you can win a FREE DOGA or Yoga Matby visiting this link and following the steps to do so!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pyramid Plank Challenge starting up soon

On December 13th, along with our Ornament runs- we will be doing a Pyramid of Planks challenge….

So on Dec 13 we will be doing a minute worth of planks,

Dec 14- 2 min plank

Dec 15- 3 min

Dec 16- 4 min

Dec 17- 5 min

Dec 18- 6 min

Dec 19- 7 min

Dec 20- 8 min

Dec 21- 9min

Dec 22- 10 min

Dec 23- 11 min

Dec 24- 12 min

Dec 25-12 min

Dec 26- 11 min

Dec 27- 10 min

Dec 28- 9 min

Dec 29- 8 min

Dec 30- 7 min

Dec 31- 6 min

Jan 1- 5 min

Jan 2- 4 min

Jan 3- 3 min

Jan 4- 2 min

Jan 5- 1 min

As we climb the pyramid of planks, we need not do the full time of planks at once- but we shall try to hold the planks as long as possible on any given day and during the course of the day do the full time allotted for planks in the pyramid on that day! So have fun and don’t forget to enter our contest above to WIN a Doga Mat!

Here is to a happy and healthy day and challenge ahead…..Post pictures and stories of your runs and planks and Doga practices with your dogs on our Facebook page: Doggone Healthy choices!!

Ok, so as I start my day and get ready for my next Ornament Run have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

Pam the All American Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs

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What is on your Holiday Wish List?

By November 18, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

November 17,2017-

Holiday Wish List for the healthy minded!

Okay, so it’s that time of year again, when everyone thinks of going shopping for presents, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Presents are  the theme of the season it seems. So for the healthy minded people on your list may I suggest some mats: You call them Yoga mats, I call them Doga mats- tomato, to- ma- to, potato, po- ta-toe…’s all the same in the end. These simple mats can help you or that friend or family member on the way to better health.


First I will tell you about the WORLD’S LARGEST DOGA MAT!  It can accomodate that dog that or several dogs that are insistent on sharing your practice.

We just got our mat and Scout is already coming to practice his version of the Cobra Pose! He even invited Freedom and Liberty onto the mat later on. I promised them we will resume our daily doga practice on Sunday or Monday- to start off a new week right!…..

One of the Doga Mats I purchased was an American Flag  Doga Mat, there is only one problem, my dogs refuse to sit or lie down on the flag! Here Scout is taking a stand to protect and defend our flag and all it stands for! Freedom stands to the side saying freedom for the flag, let our flag forever wave! That’s why they are called the Four American Dogs- the care and respect they have for our country here!

To order one of these mats or another one, or a multiple assortment of exercise equipment you can check out the >> Yoga direct website. << Just click here! They have everything for your health conscious individuals this holiday season. So why not get them something from Yoga Direct and help them to an even healthier life!

Ok, so on that note….. as we are also finishing up the details of our Doga guide to start you out on your Doga journey, go ahead and order your mat today to have it ready for your free download. If you opt to use a carpet, rug, or blanket that’s ok, because you can signup to win a FREE Doga Mat here:

Click here to enter the contest runs from today until December 24th, so enter today for your chance to win!

Click Here for your chance to WIN a Free Doga Mat!!

Until next week have a happy, healthy, and lucky  tail waggin’ day! Good Luck!

The 4 American Dogs and the All American Dog Runner Girl

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Contest starting Monday!

By November 10, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

New Contest starts Monday!

DHC pack members making some healthy choices. We’re too excited to stay still, we just needed to run around to contain our excitement!!

Here at Doggone Healthy we are having our first contest to win a FREE Yoga or Doga Mat as we  call them! There will be five yoga/ DOGA mats given away just in time for Christmas! So get ready to enter for your chance to win!

More Contests will be coming in the coming year as well…..BUT for now we here at Doggone Healthy Choices are really excited to have our first contest ever. What is our mission with this contest?

Our mission

Cat pose where Scout literally joined Pam aka the All American Dog Runner Girl in her Doga practice…..

As we hold this contest, we will be offering up several free guides or manuals on living healthy alongside your dog. Our mission is to help more people get and or stay healthy and happy with their dogs throughout the day, week, month, and year, and years to come!! For our dogs suffer the same ailments as we do and we need to care for our extended family members as well as ourselves!

This weekend we will be putting the finishing touches on our guides and we will be putting them up for FREE download next week! So get ready to see what we have to offer you!

Upcoming January Challenge

We will be having a challenge where you will be able to win prizes throughout the month with the challenge, and connect with others doing the challenge on social media. It will be a healthy lifestyle challenge- a new challenge for the month of January. Details are being worked on now for everyday of January.

Until next week, subscribe to our blog today to be the first to enter our contest to win one of five Doga/ Yoga Mats!  And have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Dog Runner Girl and her Four American Dogs

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5 Interesting facts about Doga

By November 3, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

5 Interesting Facts about Doga

We’ve all heard about Yoga right? And we may have hopped on board with this Yoga craze. But have you heard about DOGA? Are you ready to start the best practice of your life with your dog by your side? Here we’ll be mentioning 5 interesting facts about Doga that we hope will invite you to the practice for the health of both of you!

Okay, so if you answered YES to the last question there are some things you should know in advance. And I want to bring attention to some interesting things about Doga!

So without further ado……

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler

5 facts of Doga

  1. Some who practices YOGA is a Yogi, and a dog that practices DOGA is a dogi.

2.  Pawmaste– the four legged version of Namaste– what does it mean? And how come yogi’s     use the term? Namaste means “I bow to the divine in you, and you bow to the divine in me!” So in Doga we will be honoring the love and divine in both you and your dog!

3.   Doga has the benefits of Yoga of course as well as finding calmness with another being, bonding, trusting, and connecting with each other as well. When practicing Doga we will make each other feel harmony and peace!

4.   Doga and Yoga are both lifelong practices. And one has (or you and your dog in this case) need to make it your own practice- it’s personal!

5.     Anyone and any dog can do Doga- size, age, breed, etc doesn’t matter. It  is a practice for anyone, remember you make it your own!

Those are five facts about the practice of Doga, we here at Doggone Healthy Choices hope this invites you to want to give the practice a try. To help introduce you to the practice, we here are compiling a free quick guide to download and use to start your daily practice, which will be out by the end of November. There will be a Doga challenge coming up in January as well, where prizes will be awarded. So get your Yoga, I mean Doga on and get to the mat, and invite your dog to join you there.

Time to Get Your Doga On!

On that note, we here at Doggone Healthy Choices, are trying to get the eye of president and CEO of Beachbody- Carl Daikeler to try to get him to work with Doggone Healthy Choices to create a Healthy Companion program combining dog and people friendly workouts and nutrition because people and their pets need to live healthy, and they are great workout partners together!

Until next week have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Dog Runner Girl  and her Four American Dogs

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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your dog during the Holidays!

By October 27, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Healthy is as healthy does!Click To TweetThe holidays will soon be upon us…..a time of lots of celebrations, food, cakes, cookies, and not much time to exercise. There are a few things you can do to make sure you and your dog stick to a healthy lifestyle! Ya ready? Ok, here we go:

  1. Make a date or two a day with your dog to go for a walk. Make that walk a minimum of say 30 minutes, or 1 to 2 miles. And have that walk or walks take place everyday at the same time in the morning and/ or evening.

    DHC pack members making some healthy choices.

  2. When going food shopping- stick to getting those healthy foods. Forget the candy- think pet friendly foods- you know those you can share with your dog. For instance chocolate is toxic for your dog- so opt for carob instead. That way if you do make treats, you will share them with your dog and friends dogs and you and your dog will eat less of those sweet treats, which end up around your waistline!

    Nice Cream

    I scream for Nice Cream!

  3. You’ll most likely be inviting friends over during the holidays, now that we have a few weeks- start training your dog now to sit, lie DOWN, go to their spot (preferably their own bed not far from company), and not to jump up on people. This will make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone. Oh- while others are at your house, involve your dog whenever you can…. (we’ll go over some training in the next week or two so you can work on these things before company arrives)….
    Justice the Service Dog in training

    Justice shows us how to sit nicely and wait for her next behavior before she moves on.

    These are the top three things to consider doing to get ready to live a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season. Everything you do with your dog is related to a healthy lifestyle. From the basic sit to a nice run, how you run, where you run. Doing your DOGA practice etc. In November we will be offering up a few guides for free here on Doggone Healthy Choices for basic training, Doga poses, and more….so check back weekly for those guides and challenges ahead…..prizes will be awarded to some of you!

Ok, so subscribe over to the right on this page to get automatic updates. And hold tight for those free guides and challenges.

Until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

The All American Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs


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21 Days of healthy choices!

By October 20, 2017 The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

21 Days of Healthy Choices

DHC pack members making some healthy choices.

Over the next 21 days we here at DHC’s we will be going live on Facebook and Periscope hoping that others will join our lead, we will be doing a round of 21 Day Fix and doing some of the workouts live across the web, we will be here at DHC to help you become a member of Beachbody on Demand (a workout you can take with you and do whenever you chose) I mean you don’t have to get to the gym during open hours, you can workout at 1 am or at noon time, , you can workout at home, the beach, or if you belong to a gym you can bring your own trainers and coach along with you! what can be better? And I will be here coach you every step of the way for FREE after becoming that member. I will be providing all the motivational support you will need, I have been at the starting point. I have started seeing results and continuing to workout hope to see more.

They say it takes 21 days create new healthy habits in your life, will you be the next one to create a healthy lifestyle?

21 Day Fix Program and more

Besides participating in the 21 Day Fix, I will be participating in a lot more physical activities to get me to my goal. They will not be to time consuming. And they will not only help burn calories but calm the mind, body, and soul!

Other activates we will be bringing you along with are our doga practice, our dog runs or even walks. We will blog as well at least every Friday for #FitFriday. We want you to be in great health and make those healthy choices Doggone it! But we also want your dogs- your canine friends and pals to be making those healthy choices right alongside you. Remember our dogs are prone to health issues just as we are- obesity, diabetes, heart disease, to name a few.

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler

December challenge being planned

In the month of December I will be offering up a challenge for you and your dog. The challenge will be meant to bring us into a calmer, more peaceful, healthier, more flexible lifestyle with your dog by your side. Doga style.

Where else to find us:

To watch us live you can go to Periscope, or Facebook and follow us to be able to find us live or catch the replays when you can’t catch us live. In the meantime get ready for the challenge- I hope to release the challenge the last week of November! Here and on our Facebook page.


Facebook business page link:
Instagram page link:
Periscope or Twitter handle to follow along with:


Until next time, have a happy and healthy tail waggin day,

The All American Dog Runner Girl and her Four American Dogs


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Leashed vs unleashed

By September 19, 2017 The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

To leash or unleash your dog that is the question?

Scout and Liberty kept Pam running on this cool autumn morning September 1, 2017.

A friend posted something on Facebook yesterday, so I thought I’d go with it today! And dwelve into the subject more, breaking it down and talking about all possibilities. The Pros and cons, the when to leash and when not to, etc. How to handle walks or runs with your dog. You get the idea!

My main subject today was being seen while out for a walk or run with your dog, so we will talk about both which go hand in hand as it goes.

Going for a walk or run with your dog.

While going for a walk with your dog, you should consider purchasing a reflective vest for your dog. I purchased my dogs vests through . If you go out at night I urge you to get one,  although day use is helpful too. The reflective vests I have allow my dogs to carry their own doggy poop bags empty and full! And my keys!

Week of firsts

Out turnaround point for our first run back after a few weeks.

Correct side of the road to walk or run on.

Walking or running on the side of the street opposite on coming traffic allows traffic and you to see each other without having to waste precious moments turning around.  Actually here in NYS, it is the correct way to walk on the street and is in the NYS driving manual!

Walking or running on the opposite side will allow you to see the oncoming traffic IMMEDIATELY and allow you to move over on to the curb, sidewalk (which I recommend you use in the first place if available), or just plain out of the way of a driver who lost control. Today there are drivers that still text and drive, etc so be forewarned!

If everyone is on the correct side you will not have to worry or worry less, about approaching unfamiliar dogs and risk any dogs becoming aggressive or wrapped in the leashes.

Get Your Leash On!

Getting your leash on will ensure the safety of your dog and you as well. First the obvious- your dog will not be able to run into traffic while chasing that “SQUIRREL!”.  It will also protect the wildlife from having to run away from your dog.  Even if you have perfect voice recall with your dog, if your dog sees something more attractive to them, they can be drawn to it and not care about coming back to you. So having a leash on your dog is protecting you, your dog, and all other animals around the two of you.

I would also like to mention, that leashes- although a safe way to walk your dog and something I am a fan of- can be a negative thing when meeting new dogs. Not all dogs will be friendly on leash, it can make a friendly dog lunge out at other dogs to get to them. Leashes can be inhibitors to being able to sniff another dog and be friends with a new dog. Not having their freedom to meet and greet a dog correctly can result in aggressive acts. So when walking or running with your dog please refrain from letting your dog meet new dogs. Also when your dog is attached to you they could go into a protective mode and any other dog or person who comes close to you could be in danger, and be a considered threat to the two of you. So PLEASE use caution when approaching other dogs- if on the road, walking or running in different directions. You should be ok, as you pass each other by being on opposite sides!

Lights, reflective gear

As I mentioned above lights and reflective gear will help be seen at night, you can buy clip on little lights for collars and clothing that you can place on each of you to help be seen. Reflective gear can work with those lights as well as oncoming cars lights. Reflective gear also help during the day time. I noticed years ago that UPS uses reflective vests for their employees and requires them to wear their vests at all times when they exit the truck to deliver a package to you! Day and night people will see that vest and look twice to avoid hitting you!

Ok, so bottom line, being seen by oncoming traffic is so important to the safety of you and your dog while out and about. Also when using a leash keep your dog safe from harm, use it wisely!

On that note, until next time, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The All American Dog Runner and the 4 American Dogs


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Who am I?

By September 18, 2017 Six Legged Companion Coach Blog, The 4 American Dogs Blog, The All American Dog Runner Girl's Blog

Who am I?

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler


Ok, I’m taking some prompts from a past Blogtember for some of my blogs for the rest of September, just to get me up and writing more and more.  I did feel like I need more of an introduction to here is  a real “introduction” post for all to get to know us. At times I think what can I write about, so I’m just gonna do a couple of lists. Everybody likes lists, right?
5 Names You Should Know About on this Site
1. Pamela Schmidlin- that’s me, my real name
2. The All American Dog Runner. All American because I have followed the American path, growing up going to school, with two great parents as my support system, then continuing in college, grad school, enlisting in the Army to solely defend her country.Dog Runner because I love running and for years would rather run and just love running with my dog.
3. The 4 American Dogs- First there was Candy, Sammy, Kelso, and Candycane. Then Candycane was joined by Skyler, Sandy, and Scout. Now Scout is joined by Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. American because they are true blue Americans. And because Scout and Liberty are mostly American Foxhounds I kept that in their overall title here!
4. Six Legged Companion Coach- As a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and a professional dog trainer and professional dogographer,  Pam wanted to combine all these into one title, and since she wants to include her dogs in her work she gives credit to them always. Her two legs and their four legs give you the six legs in 6 legged. Pam refuses to call her dogs her babies, furbabies, etc, she is not a pet parent, but a companion to her dogs. So you have the companion part of the title. Finally Coach, being a health coach- officially certified, and a dog trainer- trained as such. You have the Coach.
5 General Things You Should Know
1. I am a dog lover.
2. I love photography, computer graphics, videography, running(with my dogs), doga, and beach body, and writing.
3. I’m VEGAN and I have a high respect and treat animals with that high respect.
4. I love being outdoors but there are times I have a hard time leaving my house and it takes every cell in my body to leave the house and yard.
5. I have PTSD, and had suffered Strokes which the drs are puzzled as to why I did suffer them.
5 Strange Things About Me
1. I do go to bed early, and wake up early- usually as my dogs jump all over me!
2. I’m an introvert so I thrive on alone time. I’m not antisocial, but I need a little time to recover after social events.
3. I love classic black and white movies.
4. I’m a Disney fanatic.
5. I am a planner and need to plan my day and make my list of things to do every night, things can be added but carefully and they need to be things I really need to be doing!
5 of My Very Favorite Things
1. Doga
2. Animal and Nature Photography.
3. Writing lists and setting goals
4. Writing (blogs and my novel)
5. Calm days- overcast days in the morning when I run, then rainy days. I don’t mind running in the rain, as long as my phone is safe as I run with my apps! (I rarely use my headphones, if at all anymore)
5 of My Very LEAST Favorite Things
1. People
2. Not having control of things in my life
3. Clutter
4.  Mess
5. When people are jealous and put others down, particularly me!
5 Things on My Bucket List
1. Train my dogs to be Service Dogs
2. Build my blog and be a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER and offer up help to others and their dogs to live the happiest and healthiest tail waggin’ life ever!
3. Take at least one great professional photo everyday for a year
4. Buy 6 properties around my house and make it one property, etc!
5. Finish my novel and have it turn into a movie (also write the screenplay to go along with it), Oh and meet the First Family!
We want you to subscribe, once you subscribe we will have freebies that will come your way for you and your dog to live that happy and healthy lifestyle TOGETHER!!
Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

Pam the All American Dog Runner

and the 4 American Dogs

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