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Tasty Tuesday

By July 19, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Tasty Tuesday

Charlee Bear!

After workout treat and Group Selfie! And looking at the Tasty treat waiting to pounce on it!

Since today is Tasty Tuesday, we’ll talk about how we’re getting ready for our series of the weeks of ahead.

Our Series

Our series for Tasty Tuesday will definitely be for people and dogs, as I prefer to feed not just myself but my dogs and share my meals. Therefore those “toxic” foods for either pets or people will not even cross the threshold once again in the house! The series will also be focused on health and fitness, as well combining all of our training into the mix! Now my dogs are technically vegetarian but they do also follow a vegan lifestyle so we will go into more detail about a vegan lifestyle for both people and pets.

What you can expect from the upcoming series

You can expect videos in our new kitchen- and plenty of info on living a vegan lifestyle in a safe and happy way for both pets and people. The pack will be on their blog as well talking about their favorite healthy recipes. You can expect myself to be speaking of the 21 Day Fix Program and my experiences with the program. Since I also am a Beachbody coach and health coach combined, I will be speaking of  Shakeology and breaking it down in a blog or two and speak of the ingredients and how they are good or bad for pets and people.

Why do we think this is important

Why do we think this is important to share? We here at Doggone Healthy Choices think it is important to share this information because being vegan is something that is near and dear to our hearts and it can be done safely by both dogs and people. There are also products out on the market that we will be reviewing  and how they are truly safe or not towards animals and or the environment! Education here is better than ignorance! And no a VEGAN lifestyle doe NOT mean TOFU all the time- in fact today alot of vegans are dismissing SOY from their lives! But we will discuss this too in another blog further. Being healthy, happy, and active is another thing when it comes to vegan lifestyle for us all as well. This is near and dear to our pack of runner as well!

Ok, so tune in every Tuesday for the next few weeks for TASTY Tuesday. We will try to do some live broadcasts as well in our kitchen and more discussing everything TASTY each week. So tune in to find out where and when you can catch us!

Until tomorrow have a happy, healthy, tasty tail waggin’ day!

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Second Week of training

By July 18, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Second Week of Training

One more week of stinking summer over- woo hoo!  I can’t wait for the END of summer for several reasons actually.

But moving on this is our second week of official training for our 5k training. So in our plan we are running 1-3 miles. Today Scout and Liberty joined me for our run. Tomorrow I will run with Scout and Liberty together again.

We actually started our day with a doga session.

Dog and Person workout

Working out together is so much better than alone, and so much FUN!

Then we went for our run, which we saw dozens of rabbits, squirrels, birds and more during.

Next we came home and I did my 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix. And rounded out my workouts with a easy mile walk with Benji. Then I came home and had to be there for my dogs as the work on the house continued. Videos and photos of the finished look with be posted soon, so hold tight!

Tomorrow I’ll be adding mowing the lawn to my workout- because YES, it can be a workout to do just that! You are using your muscles and all. And putting down some grass seed in some bear patches, etc.

This week we will be continuing our Service Dog Training, videos will be made as well, and some still photos.

We are another week closer to our goals. And to the end of the worst season that was ever created! Why can’t we go from WINTER, Spring, to Fall!??!?!?

Okay so our week is pretty much the same as last weeks training so…

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Keeping Promises

By July 15, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Keeping Promises

In keeping promises, this week I promised you I would bring a video of our service dog training  to you. Let’s just say I started with Scout and it was supposed to be Scout’s video. Alas Liberty and Justice had other plans. Ah, the pack that trains together…..stays together! During the week they were confined for their safety and for all to get used to others around as well- i.e. in and around the house.

Recap of weeks training

Recapping it all, we restarted our service dog training, and all the pack (Freedom not show in this video but still trained too). We started Associating the Clicker- Apparently they do associate it well already as Liberty and Justice well proved. Now, this is something anyone with a clicker and a handful of treats can do! Your turn now give it a try.

In continuing our recap, we started our 5k training for September and October. We set out and ran 3 miles locally each day of the week, while continuing with our DOGA sessions. Which stretched us out and helped to reduce risk of injuries.

We also started my 21 Day Fix program, we could say it was my second round, BUT I consider it a first round as I truly followed the nutrition faithfully!

In other recap news, I started on my novel outline/ time lining for my contest in September.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Friday Fit Day

By July 14, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Friday Fit Day

Since today is Friday Fit Day we will first talk about our early start to our day. I was woken up by the dogs really early first. Gotta get them new alarm clocks! Do you they sell doggie alarm clocks? Anyone? LOL!

How we started Friday Fit Day

We started Friday fit day with a good Cardio workout- the 21 Day Fix- Cardio Fix Workout. Immediately following that we stretched out with a session of DOGA for me and to keep the pack calm while the crew was here doing work on the house. Next week the work should be done and I should be posting photos.

Dog and Person workout

Working out together is so much better than alone, and so much FUN!

I think the DOGA session truly helped keep the pack calm and quiet for hours today. As well as helping the pack with their training around others, and accepting others around.

Immediately following our DOGA the pack ran free in the backyard for a good half hour and enjoyed themselves.

I ordered some stuff for my kitchen to be here next week, which will be the final step in the work in the house!

This week I will be attempting to make two signs for decoration in the house.

Tomorrow I hope to have the training videos up for you!


Training around strangers- it helps the pack get used to others while in a safe zone!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Tough Thursday

By July 13, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Tough Thursday

Today was a tough thursday for all of us, here in our pack. We got up early once again and I ran with Justice on this hot humid morning, a mere 3 miles but nevertheless we can’t wait for the SUMMER TO BE OVER! Before we ran we did our doga session.

Why the switch?

We had a crew coming over to do some work in the house, and to keep the dogs safe I had crated them. To top it all off my Beachbody workout was put off for several hours and had to be done in the evening first because of the slow internet connection and not getting to connect to any servers until later which pissed me off. Also having work done on the house and helping out and having to keep my pack quiet I had other important things to take care of. BUT I got my workout done, I did get all my nutrition in BUT there was a delay between meal one and two because of the order of things and how things went along during the day!

I do need to pickup a few things tomorrow for the next week or two…..lots of veggies, and tempeh!

Keeping up with our first week of training has not failed to date, one day of summer gone- tomorrow it is supposed to rain. And bonus I had someone other than a meteorologist saying it will rain- and they too hope cooler temperatures come from it!

Waiting to train

Justice was ready to run and had plenty of energy during the day!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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A Day of Freedom

By July 13, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

A Day of Freedom

Today was Freedom’s day of training, so we got up once again and Freedom and I would head out for a early 3 mile run. It was hot an humid out but we carried on, we slowed down on several points to not overheat. And made it more of a speed session. This was where we ran all out for a short distance then either bring it down to a jog or a walk.

Other training for the day

In other training, when we returned home we did a session of Doga to stretch out and reduce the risk of injury.

Working Out

Part of my workouts of my daily routines!

As you can see my pack makes sure I am doing the poses correctly. If I am not they let me know! Downward Dog anyone? Try it. And as you do the pose think of how your dog wakes up and stretches in the morning. How they stretch back and forward- i.e. downward and upward dog. Once you get the poses down, try going from one to the other and doing a flow sequence between the two.

If you want to train your dog to do these on command. Here’s how to do it:

As they wake up in the morning, and they begin to stretch, take a clicker and a treat and click as they get into the first pose- I believe they go into Downward Dog first. And free shape the first part, then once you shape the behavior of the first pose, move onto the second pose and do the same. Now you have to do this ALL the time for as long as it takes, and you must be consistent. Keep that clicker on you at all times with a pocketful of treats or a toy or lots of praise and love to reward the behavior.

In other training of the day, I did my 21 Day Fix Day 3’s workout which was for the lower body- but instead of doing Lower Fix I did Barre Legs (Fix)- it’s from the workout program but it was just a little different workout. It was a nice change of pace BUT oh the burn. Let’s just say the next was hard to do.

After I finished the workout I took Benji next door out for a walk. And when it came time to walk up the hills, let’s just say my legs were still BURNING BUT BUT it was such a great burn, I really felt I earned the burn! We only walked for a 1/2 mile but did walk up two hills. Although if I didn’t  drink my Shakeology before my workout I know for a fact the burn would have been that much greater!


mix it up


A new recipe I tried for Shakeology










The added nuts in the shake helped with recovery, as did the shredded coconut! Love my Shakeology everyday- I’m hooked! Since I’ve been drinking it my muscles have not been a sore and I’ve been able to do my daily workouts with greater ease! OH YEAH!

Service Dog Training

The Service Dog training for the week for all of the pack is the same and once I upload the videos- I will share them with you. I promise the videos will come your way before Monday! This week we started from the very beginning of the book from author Lelah Sullivan.

Train your own Service Dog!

Or guide for our training

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

A early morning run with Freedom!

Hurry up Pam I want to get moving!


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A day of Liberty!!

By July 11, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

A day of Liberty

Today the chosen dog was Liberty, so we started out on our run early on at 6AM. She gave me a run for my money sorta speak. We ran 3 miles and turned around at the local waterpark.

Week of firsts

Out turnaround point for our first run back after a few weeks.

It was a very humid day compared to yesterday, but thankfully we are not going far these days. So we had fun. We were able to stay safe and healthy and cool off if needed at the waterpark or go to the dog park across the lot to have lots of water.

More we have done today

Outside our training as far as our running went, and our DOGA session. We also did Liberties service dog training for day one, we were joined by Scout, Freedom, and Justice as well. Tomorrow we will include a video of the day ones training for our service dog training. As we are taking things all over again. And instead of day by day we’ll be taking a lot of days into weeks. So our training will be extended quite a bit. It is time to slow things down and take things step by step, for being a Service dog team is a great responsibility to our dogs, ourselves, and the world around us.

Walking with your dog

They all were out and about for some training, the pack that trains together remains together.



Invisible box game

The whole family out for training.








Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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First day……

By July 10, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

First Day

Scout the Service Dog in training

Scout’s leads us in our training efforts for our September event to raise money for a great cause!

Our First day of training is finally here. So once my dogs wake me up really early in the morning to go out. They come back in and eat. I check my email, get ready for our run, put on my sneakers, running clothes, armband- my dogs vest and leash(es)- ok I’m a paranoid dog lover and do want my smart dogs to slip out of their leash- collar- harness! And then we started out for our first day of training. To be honest this week is a whole week of first days. Does that make sense? Let me explain. Today was Scout and myself had our first day of training for our 5k training today. Tomorrow is Liberty’s first day. Wednesday is Freedom’s first day, and Thursday is Justice’s first day.  In a way, it’ll be my first day of training with each and everyone of them. Another thing that helps and easier time to going for a run is keeping my other pack members in their crate. This so the DOG of theDAY and I can get out of the house easily and return without being doted on!

Schedule and more

Doga- Yoga for Dogs

Wag the Tail pose

Our schedule will be starting at 6am in the morning for our runs during the training period. As we get home we will engage in a session of DOGA. Then our 21 Day Fix workout. I am counting this round of 21 Day Fix  as my First day of training with this program. Why? Last time was to get used to the workouts and start to build up with them, getting form down as I want to perfect my form as much as possible.

First days

Talk about firsts- Liberty kicked Scout out of her crate- “It is my space she told him- you have your own!

In other news

In other news, following the 21 Day Fix program includes the awesome workout yes but also a great bit of nutrition-  It’ll be my first day once again going back to smaller meals more regularly throughout the day. I’m shooting for 6 small meals each day. And drinking my shakeology after my workouts.

A nice snack to hold me over until my next meal!!



Shakeology and 21 Day Fix


Don’t forget to keep following our blog and all of our progress, not perfection but timing for it! You can subscribe over to the right on this page and get daily updates sent directly to you as they become available- and we hope you’ll follow along and join us in our workouts and eating right!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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When things don’t work out as planned…..

By July 10, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog
Oh No!

Oh No!
The ball we were playing with is missing but it’s ok, I found another- PLAY BALL!

Oh No……

Oh no things haven’t gone right, something happened to make the day go off plan. Has this happened to you? Lately? Ok, your not alone. Today I got up early enough, everything was running smoothly but I was running late to go cheer on fellow runners at a very local race- literally 1 mile from my doorstep, the start line was 1.5 miles away. So I walked to the finish line after parking at the corner and cheered on a few runners as they approached the finish line.  What was I too, right….. I guess I had some choices- one I could have forgotten about going to cheer on the runners, or I could have done what I did. I was happy with that decision though, it was nice to see some running friends at the finish line and I was able to run a few feet/ meters with the colors right next to me.

What happens when things go wrong?

When things go wrong, Oh no…..Do you stress out and yell and scream and give up on everything? I suppose this is an option.Or do you take a deep breathe and clean it up and get back to normal and go on?

Training interruptions

Whenever you get into a training program, you seem to be going along without a hitch. When all of a sudden there is a hurricane, or temporary injury that prevents your training. What do you do? Options- are to shake it off and continue after the event preventing training. Train anyway. Sit and stew and forget the whole thing, one day is going to ruin your training schedule. As with anything, things happen. And one has to learn to take the speedbumps along the way, for it’s those speed bumps that actually make us STRONGER. Believe it or not!

Until tomorrow, Have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Getting Ready…..

By July 8, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Getting ready

Getting ready!

Scout goes through the box to get things ready to go!

Getting ready for Monday is the plan for this weekend. This includes so much.  Oh where to start. As you already know we are starting our 5k training for our event on Monday- woo hoo, the time is hours away. We have planned our runs and where we will start running and when  BUT to start any new routines, other things need to be in place, This is so other things will not get in the way of the completion of the task at hand. Such as cleaning the house, having everything together to run- that is leashes, harnesses, sneakers, doggy bags, etc. Having everything one place all together so that we do not have to waste precious time is mandatory. It also helps not stress out either of us as we head out for a nice run!

More things to prepare for

Other than running, we will be starting the 21 Day Fix Program over and doing it better this time nutrition wise that is- we will be eating 6 times a day- small meals but we will have our proper mix of fruits, veggies, carbs, fats ,etc

Properly planning meals this week for the upcoming week is going to help to stick to things a lot easier and to not skip over that serving of protein or carbs, etc.

Things to do

Things to do this weekend are to clean things up and get more organized- needless to say, there are a few things I may be getting rid of- Thanks to the motivation of Maryann Harkins as she cleaned her basement and all the toys this week!! Organizing the kitchen area. Getting things ready for the possibility of work to be started on the house in remodeling! I am awaiting  the call in the next few days or weeks!

Until tomorrow have a healthy and happy tail waggin’ day!

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