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The Saturday Post

By June 24, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

The Saturday Post

I’ve pretty much given up on doing races these days, especially since dogs are not technically allowed at them. But I think I found a loophole in this rule! We’ll talk more about this later on but after our training is more complete. I think I gave a huge hint to what I am speaking of but enough of that.

run today

Never Forget those who gave for our land!

Moving on to today, in a short bit of time I will head over to run this run. It’s a short 4 mile run.  Although I will be running the course not racing as I have basically given up on racing these days. Being careful to only support causes I can really get behind for one, only those I can run with my dog(s)- and I will speak more of this in another upcoming blog I promise. I want to look into my details first so as not to give false information like so many liberal reporters today.

As I said, I am RUNNING the course NOT RACING, and yes there is a difference! It is supposed to rain so it should be cool running. I will be joined by Justice today! There are a few reasons I chose to run with Justice as opposed to my other dogs.  Justice will run along side of me and check on me to be sure I am ok with a touch a of her nose. And honestly more people will accept a German Shepherd I feel as a Service Dog type as they are officially trained as such. Also I have worked more with Scout, Liberty and Freedom in training than Justice so I feel I owe Justice some time.

Okay, moving on I need to get ready to go show some support for Michael P Murphy and show him and his family his actions were not forgotten and even though I have my hangups with the military I do respect him for what he and others did for the land I LOVE!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Top 5 Ways to workout with your dog

By June 23, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Top 5 Dog Friendly Workouts

Today I thought we’d talk about the top 5 ways of working out with your dog. So here it goes:

  1. Of course we have to mention the good ole dog walk. You can actually accomplish two things at once during this time. You and your dog can get in your daily exercise and you can let your dog do it’s business- if you get my drift! While we’re talking about this I would like to mention some things before you head out. First when walking your dog,
    Walking with your dog

    Pam and Scout walk around

    unless you are in an area where there are no cars, no wildlife to chase, a place you can see your dog at ALL times so you can in fact clean up after your dog- PLEASE respect other animals, people and the environment and KEEP your dog on leash! If you really feel the need to let your dog off leash make sure you have GREAT NOT GOOD voice recall. And keep an eye on your dog to be sure you see where they are doing their business. I know stepping in the load left behind is not something you want to happen to you so don’t let anyone step in your dogs!

  2. Next we’ll discuss going to the DOGPARK! Yes this can be a great workout for both of you to. First when your at the dog park you should be playing with your dog (and most likely other dogs as well, and their owners too). But wait it’s not just a physical workout

    Pack of dogs at the dog park communicating with others.

    but a workout in communicating. It will force you and your dog to communicate with other dogs and people. NOTE: Be sure your dog is old enough, no puppies! And is not aggressive, but friendly! And fixed, as well as up to date on all their shots! Before entering any dog park. A simple time to engage incommunication is so important for us ALL! We can all use this type of workout.

  3. Now one of my favorite types of workouts. RUNNING WITH YOUR DOG. This is like walking but you take up the speed/ pace and move faster. Again keeping your dog on a controlled leash will ensure both your safety. This will ensure your dog will not run after that “SQUIRREL”. And I  don’t care if your the fastest runner in the world chasing after your dog, they will always be quicker, also remember they

    Scout- Liberty and I running together!

    will be able to get through spots you may not be able to! That “SQUIRREL” is going to be a lot more interesting than you! It will also ensure your dog will not run in front of cars, jump on other people, etc. And you will always be right there as your dog does it’s business.

  4. One of my other favorite types of workouts to do with my dog is DOGA, which is Yoga with your Dog! Honestly every morning as they first get up most if not all dogs do some doga without even knowing their doing it, unless you name these moves while free shaping them. That is the Downward and Upward Dog, and Cobra poses. We
    Doga- Yoga for Dogs

    Upward Dog


    Cobra pose

    should all take a lesson from our dogs and stretch as we wake up in the morning!


5. Finally another great way to workout with your dog is AGILITY!

Agility is great for you and your dog because you are first bonding together. You both have to think about which obstacle is next up, you have to work together to get to know and be okay with the obstacle at hand. Your always in motion and gaining confidence as you complete each obstacle! And speed counts in agility so the faster you and your dog move and communicate together the better you’ll do.


Scout on top of the world, saying I’m king of it! Scout doing Agility!

6. Pupilates- Take pilates and add a dog to the mix. I’m just getting back into pilates so I need to find more moves in this and turn them into dog friendly moves for my dogs but pupates in actually done all over the world everyday.


Scout working out!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Training specifics

By June 22, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Training Specifics


Scout- Liberty and I ready to raise some money for a great cause- near and dear to our AMERICAN hearts!


Today we will talk about some specifics training facts.  First because today there is a special blogpawschat on Twitter it falls right in line with my goals this coming July, August, and September- and to be honest going into October. Hopefully my future dreams will come true as well.

Ok, the chat today is with Blue Buffalo and Service Dogs for Heroes! And as you know this is a topic near and dear to my heart. As a veteran, a dog trainer, and someone training her own dogs to be service dogs. And I owe my readers some updated videos as well. So stay tuned tomorrow or later this week for some new videos!

Did you know it costs approximately $35,000 to train one dog for one veteran! To help veteran be paired with their service dogs however BLUE BUFFALO,PETSMART, and PETSMART CHARITITES are working to raise $1,000,0000 to help this mission. Of course without your help they will have a harder time doing so.  And I as a veteran and dog runner/ trainer. Would like to start my own campaign to help raise money for this cause. On July 8th, my dogs and I start our training to complete a month of 10k’s in September 1st through to October 8th.

Why October 8th you ask?

Training specifics took a little bit of a change. I recently scraped my book and decided to start from scratch. WHY? Ok, First what I have will be used to making my outline and timeline in the next few weeks. But on September 2nd to the 4th, I will take part in a contest to write (and immerse) myself in writing my novel. And I mention this today because as a veteran and dog trainer/ runner. Who by the way is training her own service dogs presently of course the storyline will include something on dogs in particular SERVICE dogs for this veteran. Yes I said dogs! My dogs have always been service dogs to me yet not officially service dogs. So making them official service dogs is important to me! I will continue to blog about my experiences of course.

I do feel service dogs are best trained by the person who will be paired with them of course. The bond between them is the best part of the training. That dog and person will get to know the ins and outs of one another over time. Therefore allowing the dog to know when their assistance is needed. Now this is not to diminish the use of a professional trainer like myself. That is to say someone who studied dog training and graduated with a diploma in such a science! And yes it is a science and or and art!

Also being that I will be missing the 2nd to the 4th I will add October 1st to the 3rd to makeup the 30 days that make up September. BUT why to the 8th? I wanted to make a trip to PA to run with three of the four of my dogs in a 5k. It is a 3 hour trip but it will be a lot of fun, and I’d like to make this the end or finale of my training.

Future Training Specifics?!?!?

In the next 1-5 years my goal is to purchase the surrounding properties and start a school for service dogs for veterans. I have everything all planned out and ready to go, now to get things going on starting those plans.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Changes in Plans

By June 21, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Changes in Plans

There will be a slight change in my plans the beginning of and end of September going into October.

3 Day Novel Contest

Beginning of September contest!

First I realized a contest I wanted to take part in was to take place on September 2-4.  I will be taking those days to completely devote myself to writing my novel. In the meantime, I will be outlining and timelining my novel. The idea of the novel I was working will be in mind. BUT I feel I need to change it anyway and start new and fresh. I have my muse going BUT it will be taking me on a new course for my novel! So I will be preparing my novel in the up and coming weeks as well as my time for writing my novel on September  2-4, planning my whereabouts, my clothing, my food, etc everything before and after- scheduling things to fit everything I want to do in this time frame is of utmost importance because I want my novel to win and get published! Basically preparing for the contest. Recruiting others to help me and come over and let the dogs out a few times a day, etc. And yes, since it is Service Dog Month as well of course SERVICE DOGS- my service dogs and all will be mentioned and main characters. Writing a dedication may be allow beforehand as well so I may end up writing that as well.

October 8th

Dog 5k in PA

Balance in changes

Since I plan on changing a few days of my September 10k’s I will continue my 10k’s  in October and end on October 8th running with three of my pack in Pennslyvania. So details will need to be made in the up and coming weeks to arrange for this to take place. I am able to run with more dog as long as they are friendly and I am a responsible poop picker upper! And they are up to date on their shots!

So giving up on my writing, training, and more is not an option for anything. In the meantime, concentrating on getting this blog up and running properly is KEY!

I do have a question is having a cover ready for the book already part of the writing or considered being my a muse for my getting started to write?

Cover for novel

Scouting Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all cover shot!?!?!?!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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Family training

By June 20, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

 Family Training

training, goals

As our training continues……

Invisible box game

The whole family out for training.








The family that trains together develops a strong bond and learns from one another. In the following videos, Liberty- Scout- and Freedom. All adopted me at different times by the way. Anyway, within minutes of meeting one another have taken on the roles of a their own family. No joke! Scout who came to me and first had his family with Skyler, Sandy, and Candycane eventually met Liberty. Liberty and Scout immediately took a liking to one another and became well like husband and wife. When Freedom came into the picture. Liberty took her in as her own pup and to this day feels as if she is. If I take Freedom away from her sight for 5 minutes- Liberty get upset and looks for her and then once Free returns becomes excited to see her again! No joke!

Where does Justice fit into all of this you may be asking yourself? Justice is the crazy aunt who lives in the basement (ok, that line was taken from the movie MUST LOVE DOGS!) Although she opts to lie on the floor at the end of the bed as the rest sleep on the bed!

Okay moving on. They do train together fairly well. Each giving the other time to do their training (most of the time at least). And they learn from one another, hey as the dog trainer- it makes my job a lot easier!

So here are some quick videos of three of the pack training together.

Justice (i.e. the crazy aunt is barking in the background- probably chasing her tail!)

The Name I think proved that they know their name and when it is I will be speaking to them.

So  that was a little bit of the family training together. Liberty believe it or not has come along way. She was the dog who laid in the corner of the kennel at the shelter and responded to no one. So just touching my hand is a big deal for her. Whereas Scout and Freedom are a bit more  out there and touch my hand with their paws. But within time I have no fear that Liberty will come around. Heck I already have her jumping up to kiss me and all. Thank You SCOUT!

In other training

I cannot share this with my dogs, sadly! But I received my FIRST shipment of VEGAN Shakeology yesterday. So today after my workout this morning I will see if it gives me the boost of energy, if I like it, and  be. on my journey with it. I will have two shakes or smoothies during the day and a sensible meal at “night” before 7pm. With no less then 1 gallon of water in between. My workout today is Upper Fix which is day 2 of the 21 Day fix in the beachbody collection. Can’t wait to get started this morning. Of course a nice Doga Session to include my dogs in everything I do!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Training updates for Monday

By June 19, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Training Updates for Monday

I titled this training updates for Monday because we are talking about the day before

Or guide for our training

accomplishments. I have three videos to share with you today, tomorrow I hope to have 4 or even 5.  Yesterday we started this training guide from day one.

We will be following the training for the next few weeks with ALL off our pack- yes, all four dogs! There will be some days we will have three videos or photos to share but hopefully we will be sharing the whole packs training here on this blog!

The first two days were working on first associating or charging the clicker. Basically letting your dog know what the clicker is all about and that it means they get a treat. Or at the very least they just performed well i.e. a behavior that is wanted and appreciated! And one that we will name appropriately!

Today I have included videos with Scout and Freedom, more videos coming tomorrow.  Freedom had a few distractions and as she started her training today- I feel she did fairly well.

Onto other training updates

So yesterday I doubled up on workouts and finished Shaun Week with everyone else. Personally I wasn’t thrilled with Day 6 but Day 7 got me excited again! So to not stop my workouts I have decided to continue my workouts in the comfort of my cool house for awhile with the 21 Day Fix which will bring me to July 8th, so it is the perfect workout to do to get me ready to start my 10k training. As the summer temps- UGH!- will still be around I will be keeping an eye on things and getting my dogs ready for hitting the roads safely for our training! Meaning protection their paws as well as my feet. Keeping ourselves hydrated, etc. So I will be sure I have paw protection for their paws and that I will be able to apply it or put boot on them! And I will be sure I will have a bottle of water for both my dog and I during our training. We are awaiting our order of Shakeology to complete our nutrition to round out our new workout routine.

Training Update on course and Writing

We started reading and answering some questions that were posed in the course to get a feel for why we want to be blogging and all. We put time aside to write everyday and follow along the course and really answer questions to get to know myself and how I see things unfolding and going on. I think this week I will start to introduce some of my characters in my novel here on this blog as well. And discuss what the novel is about and why I am writing it! Oh and the chosen title and why I chose the title as of now.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!

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Training Update

By June 18, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Training Update

Since today is Sunday I thought I’d do an update on training and all. First- whether we get sponsors or not in September my dogs and I will be running our 10k’s- in any weather. So here  goes our last interrupted pre-training schedule! The next three weeks we will be training at home in the AC. Thanks to our two wonderful beachbody coaches who led me on to a great new workouts. This week I will become (supposedly) addicted to a new product called Shakeology. Shakeology is a well balanced shake that will help aid me in reaching some of my goals. Until July 8th- I will be doing my indoor workouts. This will include a daily Doga Session this is thanks to my Doga coaches/ instructors. I feel the need to mention my coaches by name: Beachbody: Ellen Rand and Maryann Harkins. And Doga Coaches Suzi Teitelman and Amy Stevens. So that you have that part of our training. I wanted to be honest and tell you that June running has become a bust. To be honest, our friend Kari will be helping us on June 24th to come back into the running scene. She has a big job ahead of her. And I hope she won’t mind running with the US Flag. Or  we’ll be running with it the whole 4 miles!  I need to talk further with her about plans on running with it I have two plans do not fear. One with her and one without her taking the pole! I’m training my stomach to go on smaller portions these next three weeks as well. Continuing to drink a gallon of water a day. A gallon is equal to 4 of my water bottles- if only it would refill automatically right away!

Training Update on Service Dog training

Okay our training was kinda interrupted here as well. So the pack and I will all be training

separately the next three weeks  (10-15 minute sessions each) throughout the day 2-3 times a day. We will all be following this guide  the next three weeks. Our coach or instructor here is Lelah Sullivan. We will cover the basics the first three weeks. As I mentioned before the basics are the foundation to any and all future training. One can never know the basics enough. Making sure we have the basics down pat first will ensure a great experience as a Service Dog team. It will also allow me to do further research on the details of having a service dog in the State of New York!

Starting today, we will be working on days 1 and 2 and each day we will cover two days of the book/ guides training.  Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice can handle it all. Living with each of them all this time I find they are able to handle such training. At first we will take the training into quiet separate areas then we will work on training around each other.

Training Update on Writing and Blogging

Yes, even this is part of my training. As I need to train myself to write everyday. And cover so much. Bringing more information and updates to my readers is very important to me. Working on getting my blog one of the TOP blogs around is of utmost importance to me! So I will be working on blogging everyday whether it be an update, or info on something new. Maybe an excerpt from my novel one day! Maybe I’ll talk about my main characters and all. But writing everyday to get my novel done is important to me! Along with this I will be working and following along with the course by Jenny Sansouci. So if you will Jenny is my coach with my blogging!  I will also be working with the Blogpaws training that is provided to Blogpaw members. As well as reading articles posted on to grow my blog here and make it a MUST read! A dream among dreams of bloggers today!

Jenny Sansouci’s Blogging Course- click here to sign up for it today!

As well I will be shooting videos and photos as well as writing for my blog on a daily basis.

Training Update on more

During the next few weeks I will also be studying to take the NYS Notary Public Exam. Reading and learning a minimum of 5 pages a day o

f my study guide. And in August or Septem

ber I hope to take the test. I will post when I hope to take the exam as time goes on. Once I am aware of test dates and all!

All that being said I have a lot ahead of me in the coming weeks, so I need to get started.

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

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Saturday Post

By June 17, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog

Saturday Post

Ok, so lets talk about our training today. Today we will continue with the pack training. We will play the box game. This is a fun game for your dog. It’s all about interaction with the box. Most dogs will get right into it.

Here are our steps:

First we will need: a box, our clicker, treats, and our dog.

Now we will put the box on the floor. And we will let our dogs investigate it. Any movements towards the box at first will deserve a click and treat. This will encourage our dog to go up to the box. This can take sometime so be patient- BONUS: we are being taught patience again! We will end up being patient people- rare in this fast paced world we live in today.

Once the dog feels comfortable and goes up to the box on their own- You will free shape most of this behavior by the way.  So WATCH your dog!

Paws Up!

Scout with his “PAWS UP” on the box!!

**The idea is to get your dog to put their paws up on the box. So that he or she will learn that when you say “PAWS UP!” it means to put they’re paws up on the object you want them to.**

Once your dog gets up to the box and puts a paw on the box click and say “paw up” and give them a treat.

Have your dog do this activity a few times before saying game over!

Then take a break and do something else, let your dog wander. And come back to the game later. As time goes on you will change the box to another box, a chair, bed, etc. and eventually combine this with other activities.

So this is the pack training for the day.

Workout wise, it may or may not rain today. It will at least be cloudy so this is a great game to play on a rainy day.

September Post- Other daily training

In other workout news, we will be doing our Shawn T workouts Day 5. Followed by a session of Doga with the pack, and some situps and all. We will  plan out September event as well.  We will be house cleaning and getting things ready for work to start on the house soon!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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By June 16, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog


Waiting to train

waiting for promises to be kept- come on Pam, let’s shoot these videos and train!!

As promised I made some videos of our training. or part of our training. I did not get Justice on video- wait, she video bombed a little I believe! But today we’ll get her on video.

So here you go, Scout and I (with a guest appearance by Freedom)worked on going to the Doga mat, SIT and DOWN! Once the camera was off Freedom ended up doing the same.

Later we went outside- we finally have a little cooler weather hoping for cooler still but…..

Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and I worked on walking on a leash- on my left, and loose. I actually rolled the leash up in my hand while walking with Scout and Liberty as it was getting in my way.

As you can see Scout seems to be focused on me as we’re walking and all. Which is a bonus and something I want from him!

Ok so I just wanted to show you what we’re working on. I am trying to take our time and really get things right and correct. Everything right now is a journey and/ or a work in progress.

Remember my dogs are used to running with me and at this point they run ahead of me as I slow them down- we do run on leash!

So PROMISE kept! Right?!?!?

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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thankful and throwback thursday

By June 15, 2017 The Dog Runner's Blog


When  I wake up in the morning or when anyone does for that matter, they should be thankful for one thing to start the day. We should all be thankful for another day to live our lives and make a difference in the world the way we want to. And we all have that chance no matter how easy or hard it may seem to each of us. We should also be thankful for a brand new day, or as I like to think of it- a brand new slate.

Mess up the day before- it’s ok, tomorrow is a new day- THANKFULLY! In an effort to keep with throwback thursday, I’ll include some that I am thankful for everyday of my life!


"Get Your Leash On Today!"

the new America!

I’m thankful to have Skyler in my life for so many years!


I’m thankful to have Scout in life now! And that I can be with Skyler’s guy now!











I am thankful to have had Candycane in my life all those many years!


I am thankful to have had Sandy in my life all those many years!


I am thankful to have the opportunity to have written my book “Get Your Leash On!”


Liberty getting hugged by Sierra- I am thankful for the way my girls show me how to love and accept others on a daily basis- and one day I’ll do the same!!

Training for the day

I’ll be working on getting some videos finished, up,  and loaded  to share with you tomorrow! This is my goal for my blog and training today and tomorrow.

I am going to train myself to follow some new schedules for the days ahead. I hope to have a minimum of 5 pages a week written for my novel. So that by October 31, I will have a minimum of 100 more pages written! By August I hope to be speaking about some characters on my blog here! (Either the 4 American Dogs or the Dog Runner’s Blog).

Today we will also continue training (BASIC TRAINING) with the “which hand? game”. I will continue to do my situp challenge and my Week of Shaun T via Beachbody. I am anxiously awaiting my order of Shakeology. I will also workout with my dogs as we gave up on running this week due to the heat, even though it seems cooler yesterday and today, so a Doga session is in the cards for us today!

Until tomorrow have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day!


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