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More about our Doga journey….

By February 8, 2018 A Novel Idea Blog

Our Doga Journey


As we talk more about our Doga journey today……let’s fully define and write about Doga.

Where did we learn about Doga?

Okay, we learned about Doga years ago from two individuals. One being Suzi Teitelman of and the other is Amy Stevens who made her DVD Yoga for Dogs! We read about Doga in a local magazine- Runners’ World?!?!? was it…….or some similar publications and we had to know more. Years ago my dog was suffering from Degenerative myelopathy which is a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs. The disease has an insidious onset typically between 8 and 14 years of age. It begins with a loss of coordination (ataxia) in the hind limbs. The affected dog will wobble when walking, knuckle over or drag the feet. So her running career if you will was cut short, and being my BFF I wanted to continue to workout with her! We found Doga and never looked back.


Skyler and myself mediating in the start of our practice!

My other dogs also got into the practice as well…..


Sandy and I are in Cobra pose together with Skyler and Candycane in the background waiting their turn in the poses, as they meditate!

Ok so what are the terms in Doga and what do they mean?

There are a few terms that are used freely in Doga (and yoga- okay slightly different in yoga) but you’ll get the idea. We just thought knowing some terms and all will help you really get into the full experience- it did us!

DOGA- of course, is dog assisted yoga or yoga with your dog. There are some poses for you, some for your dog- where you assist your dog or vice versa. And then there are some exercises/ poses that you will do together. And in our blogs here this year our goal is to help you break down these poses/ exercises so you can build your practice.


the Doga version of Namaste- meaning “I bow to the divine in you and you bow to the divine in me!”


Scout says Pawmaste and Bows to the divine in both of us!

NAYmaste- Horse assisted Yoga!

Even our new friend Corlando gets into the Yoga state of mind- and I guess he calls it NAYmaste!! LOL!


Ommmm….is a chant that they do in Yoga- and we carry it through to Doga- our Dogs can become accustomed to this and even start chanting along with us! It’s used as a cue to start our practice- every morning when I wake I Omm and call my dogs to the mat! And they get up and do their first Downward and Upward Dogs….only to get ahead of me!

Downward Dog

Upward Dog











So these are the first of many terms yet to come at you this year, but it’s enough to start you off with a great DOGA practice or bonus HOGA or Nay OGA practice with your horse!!

Remember to come back here real soon to check out our next pose/ exercise and see how we break it down so you can do it with ease!

Tomorrow we will see you on the Rescued Dog Companion Beachbody Coach Blog here on this site, so stay tuned and until then have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

The All American Dog Runner Girl

and her Four American Dogs


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Novel Plans

By September 15, 2017 A Novel Idea Blog

My Novel Planning

My novel plans have changed a little, although I am writing this month, I’m not trying to rush the writing of my novel, which is in my head and heart.  I am trying to to write it all out and make it a story for all to enjoy and follow along with, one that all can understand. I am also thinking about my title and cover- so far I am sticking with my title, as it fits my the subject of my book. My cover photo I think is one that I was taking in the past and displays the title well I feel.


My title as of now and probably overall is “Scouting Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all”. Why you may ask is this a good title? Well this is a great title because it’s is my story while on my journey Scouting out my own liberties, freedoms, and justices in this crazy world we live in. While uncovering the nation/ countries search for it’s  own liberties, freedoms, and justices for it’s people and all.

Time line- September

During the month of September, I am writing as much as I can from the very start, I am setting the tone for the story and starting our journey. While slowly introducing the first main characters and their meeting and all.

October thru November

Continuing in October thru November 4th, I will be continuing the story and ending with a surprise character “change” if you will-

Why November 4th you ask? November 4th there is a conference in PA where publishers will be  meeting with writers/ authors to find their next best sellers. A friend is speaking at the conference and got her start at it years ago. This will at the very least give me experience approaching publishers to work with.

In the meantime, I want to polish as much as I can so I can avoid going back and making too many changes.

The Story

The story is about a girl from Long Island, that is an All American Girl who loves to run and loves doing so with her dogs.

The country is first brought into the story by a “blast from the past” if you will… find out how this is possible you have to wait for the book to come out, I promise it will be worth your wait.

Ok, as the next few weeks past by we will be talking more about our journey and our novel, so stay tuned and see what our future published book has to offer.

Until our next update/ blog, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.



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Journey to a Novel

By September 5, 2017 A Novel Idea Blog

My Journey to a Novel

As I continue on my journey to my novel this month, I hope you will come along. If you were ever hoping to write a novel yourself, let’s do it together. Comment below or shoot me an email and we can help each other out. To begin in writing my novel, I have made a board with important points to include in my book, and the journey within the book I want to take my readers through.

Idea board

My idea/ outline board!


Choosing a title is not always something a writer/ author needs to do right off the bat. In fact, as I understand it to be most write their story and then choose a title as a last move! I personally think my title will help me focus on my journey, if I need to change it later it can be changed but   it helps me to title it. It will lead me into my story.

Beginning my story

As I begin my story, I stepped back in the morning of my story and told my readers how we ended up in the beginning of our true journey. Which will lead to introducing our main characters. The introduction of our first two main characters take place in the first few pages of my story, then as they meet up with new characters we introduce them to our readers.

About this weekends contest

This weekend, I set out to and signed up to do a three day novel writing contest. It didn’t pan out, as I planned. As it turns out my muse cannot be told when to write or when to be creative on paper. It cannot be rushed.

Also to top it off my novel is an American novel, and the chosen publisher that will be publishing the winners book is from Canada. And to be honest although the subject matter is not political enough to sway anyone away, the subject matter may stop the judging in my favor. Bottomline, I started out at midnight Saturday morning and started writing but couldn’t get my flow going. I prepared- or maybe over prepared for things, to allow my muse to be it’s best. So I made the command decision to take this month and write everyday and complete my novel. Also writing my novel in three days is not exactly enough time to write it all, as it would only truly allow anyone to write a short novel.


My new goal is to finish writing my novel by September 30th and by October 8, 2017. Each day I will be writing a new portion of my book, today I am writing the very beginning which will get me to my first part of my journey. And introduce my first two characters.

Today we will be writing about the first steps in our day that will lead to the beginning of our journey. We will be introducing our first two characters to our readers which will lead to our true journey and our next two main characters.


Calendar for goals

To be honest, when we go out for a run, or do our doga or yoga sessions I have my muse very active and the ideas and all want to keep flowing. So as I head out for a run I will continue to run this week, but I will be using my headphones and dictating as we continue to run while I use my Dragon App.


Dragon dictation app used on mobile devices


So simple and easy to use

Dragon allows one to work while on the go…

It’s easy to use and one can multi- task through their day and let their muse run wild.







Ok, so that is the beginning of our journey, we hope you will join us as we bring you more updates throughout the month and as we edit and look to get published and more.

Until our next update, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day.

Pamela, Author and writer




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