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The upcoming event is happening in 1 month now, the pack and the dog runner are training everyday to complete the event. Here’s what it is and why they are doing the event!

To begin, since the beginning of July the pack and their alpha have been training to run a 5k everyday for the month of September. Why September? September is National Service Dog Month. And along with our training to do the month of 5k’s the team will be training to become their own Service Dog Team!

A break in the event but….

There is one thing on Labor Day Weekend, the 5k’s will not be run due to a prior commitment and scheduling of the Dog Runners time. But never fear they have decided to keep the running going for this little break until October 8th, and end with a 5k race in PA! Woo Hoo!

What is the purpose of the event?

Why are they running this event? They are in fact running this event to help Paws for War in Nesconset, NY- an organization that trains service dogs for veterans! As a veteran herself, the Dog Runner feels this is a cause near and dear to her heart! This organization also trains shelter dogs as opposed to breeding their own dogs for this as well. Being a dog companion, friend, and vegan she can totally get behind this practice!

We think this is something our veterans deserve and want to do whatever we can to help fellow veterans.

In our daily blogs we will update everyone on how our training is going, we plan on running to and from local shelters each day to complete a 5k and bring support to each shelter and hopefully  help the shelters and Paws for War work together more often! As well as to bring attention to the many shelter dogs up for adoption who could help others to a happier and healthier life together- in a sense they can rescue one another!

Who is running the event?

The originiators

My three first workout doga and running partners that started me on a road to health Sandy, Candycane, and Skyler

First we have the All American Dog Runner Girl who will be running each and every 5k of the event. Her name is Pam and she is Veteran herself. As well as a dog trainer- trained dog trainer. And as she trains to run everyday with her dogs, she will be training her dogs to be her OFFICIAL SERVICE DOGS! Most recently Pam is also a Beachbody coach.







Scout will also be running in the 5k’s of September. He is the male of the pack and loves to run with his girls. Scout is an American Foxhound (they say a mix but his bay proves otherwise, and the fact he came into a veterans life just makes it only right to drop the mix!) He found Pam because they said he was ready to run at the shelter and boy were they right!



Liberty- Service dog in training




Liberty will be running as well, she is also an American Foxhound, when Pam found her at the shelter she was the dog hiding in the corner, as she came home she still wanted to hide in the corner. But now watch out she wants to take charge and be the one to say what goes on. She wants to be the boss and lead the way!






Freedom will also be running during the event, she is a shepherd/ lab mix. She came to Pam through PetSmart Charities. Pam went all the way to Pennslyvania to pick her up. When Pam applied for her they said she was 50 pounds- then Pam met her and she was obviously not 50 lbs- but her heart thankfully couldn’t say NO to her, so Pam took her and gave her some Freedom from the South! She also came home to her BEST and I mean BEST FRIEND EVER and FUREVER LIBERTY!!


Liberty getting hugged by Sierra- I am thankful for the way my girls show me how to love and accept others on a daily basis- and one day I’ll do the same!!



Justice the Service Dog in training


and finally our final runner, Justice will be running during the event. Justice is a GSD who came from NJ and is ready to protect Pam from any danger that comes her way. She always checks back on Pam to be sure if she slows down that she is still with her and not in pain or hurt in anyway.







Where you can catch up on things

You can keep up with our training here on the Dog Runners blog and on Twitter @thedogrunner or @the4AmericanDogs. Or on Instagram @thehealthydogrunner.

Where can I donate?

You can donate and support your veterans and help them get back some of the independence they fought for by going to this link:

or click on the picture below:

**Update- a few changes to our schedule for September event:**

A New Month approaching

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