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This Beachbody Coaches updates in her workouts.

Ok, so I have been working out with Autumn Celebrese and her 80 Day Obsession Program…….and let me tell you I’m getting stronger!. The exercises are coming along easier and my form is definitely improving…..Day 20 was just completed today. To be honest I think my daily session of DOGA before anything helps me in so many ways.

Doga Partners Ready Every Morning

Cobra Pose
Scout came to the mat to do some Cobra poses with me and support me in my endeavors!

80 Day Obsession Day 20

(are we already through week three- oh my gosh!!)

Crab walk- keep that BUTT lifted!!
Catepillars- in the middle when we come to plank!
GOOD MORNINGS- Hey I’m getting more balance these days!
Spider Pushups- DROP!
Duck Walk- GET LOW!

Ok, Cardio Flow is NOT my favorite workout BUT I got it done and moved on with my day…..


Oh the best thing about this program- and mind you you should never go hungry- is that I’m eating 5-6 times a day! And those small meals are the perfect size- although when you lift heavy you will be hungrier so BE FOREWARNED!!

I’m also finishing up the Chalean Extreme Program along with this- I have 30 days to go in that…..I’m lifting HEAVY in that program as well…..

Not to mention all the running I do with my dogs!

So if your looking to drop a few pounds, gain some muscle, or just get healthier drop me a line and I’ll help you and your pet get on a healthier lifestyle, as a beachbody coach and an IIN Healthcoach!

To follow along with our training you can follow the Six Legged Companion Coach blog, or one of our other blogs here!

And get ready we’ll be raffling off some free health coaching sessions in the next few weeks! Let’s give a session away for Valentines Day and healthy HEARTS!!

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