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About the Four American Dogs and the Dog Runner

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About the 4 American Dogs and the Dog Runner….

The host, producer, writer, author and owner of this site/ blog is Pam AKA the American dog runner and can also be found on these social medias:

My muse, my motivation and my love before all others

Skyler and the Dog Runner

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About our hopes/ dreams of our blog/ site for America:

We hope to revolutionize the health and happiness of people and their pets in America and beyond. Choosing healthier ways to live from what they eat to how they live their daily lives. Things like working out together, sleeping, eating, chilling and more. Pam  wants to explore every aspect deeply here on her blog and through her furry friends blogs here. whether it’s her or her best friends exploring these topics we hope that together we can change the world for the better! Pam, a Vegan hopes more people choose plant based lifestyles for the animals sake as well as the wellness of the environment. Of course your own health and your pets. All this will be explored here on the blogs and soon on Periscope. Follow us @the dog runner to learn more about this and more, our scopes will be saved and shared on youtube and through out blogs!)……

The Ones that started it all and continue to add content for all……

Her best friends Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Candy, Sammy, Kelso, Scout and Liberty, Freedom AKA Sierra, and Justice!  are the reasons for her passions and love of what she does and why she wants to share all she does…..learning more and more everyday as life goes on is key as everyday something new is learned in the world of nutrition! (YES, we know so very little today, oddly enough!) Her present crew are also known as the four American Dogs! In 2017, you can tune into Periscope and Facebook live and yes, Youtube to see live and permanent videos of the crew and the dog runner and what they’re up to and learn about different healthy options in life! Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Candy, Sammy and Kelso who helped Pam start this site will be mentioned and in past videos and new blogs that look back at lessons I learned from them!