About the Doggone Healthy Choices Pack

The story of Doggone Healthy Choices and our pack!


The original founders and creators of Doggone Healthy choices are pictured below. You can see Pam AKA the Dog Runner at the time, joined by Sandy as they together are practicing the Cobra Pose together in their DOGA practice.Skyler (directly behind Pam on the bed and Candycane to the left of the photo / right side of Pam are practicing their Cobra’s and shavasana poses respectively. Below you can also find Skyler and Pam in their mediation in the start of their daily practice.

This is the pack that started or stirred up Pam’s passion for Doggone Healthy Choices.

Sandy and I are in Cobra pose together with Skyler and Candycane in the background waiting their turn in the poses, as they meditate!
Skyler and myself mediating in the start of our practice!

The newest pack

The newest pack members to Doggone Healthy Choices are Scout, Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. You can find Pam AKA The All American Dog Runner Girl as she has adopted a new title for herself. And of course, Scout one of the 4 American Dogs.

Once you and your dog get to know the poses you will have these photo opps like this and do the poses TOGETHER!

The All American Dog Runner Girl

First let me introduce the human side of the pack, the Alpha if you will- Pam AKA the All American Dog Runner Girl. She calls herself this because she feels she has truly earned this title.First being born and raised and presently living in NY not to mention enlisting in the US Army to solely serve her country- she feels she has earned the titled as ALL AMERICAN! Dog Runner- okay as you can see she runs with her dogs……and has trouble not running with her dogs and has no true motivation to do so! People in her running club always ask her when her dogs are not by her side- where her dogs are because she always has her dogs by her side. She is known to travel outside NYS to find dog friendly running races to do with her dog or dogs! (Here you can find her running in Doylestown, PA where the pack also ran with cows, horses, deer, and of course groundhogs!!

Doggone Healthy Choices (DHC) pack members making some healthy choices.

Scout, the American Foxhound

(one of the 4 American Dogs)

Scout and Pam do a pose TOGETHER!

Scout, and Liberty, the two American Foxhounds started the American Dogs title. As Pam realized all her dogs were truly American as well. She is not sure how much more American a dog can be than an American Foxhound (the breed of our founding father George Washington). Or mixed breed shelter dogs having a mix of many in their blood being born in America!

Liberty, American Foxhound,

(one of the 4 American Dogs)

Liberty came to the pack via Kent Animal Shelter. Before that she came to Kent via  the Smithtown Hunting Club. She was at one time the dog who hid in the corner of the shelter and was to afraid to move from that corner.Today, she is a different dog and great pack member. Liberty girl has come along way in the time she’s been part of the DHC pack!

Liberty enjoy her Cobra pose

Freedom (an American Dog)

Freedom came to the pack via Petsmart Charities. Pam went all the way over to PA from Long Island to pick her up only to find the photo was a misrepresentation of her. But she immediately fell for Freedom and thankfully she did as Liberty adopted her as her own pup!

Freedom, in her morning stretch, AKA as Upward Dog. We will be blogging how to do the pose and teach your dog to perform it on command!
Liberty getting hugged by Freedom- I am thankful for the way my girls show me how to love and accept others on a dailybasis- and one day I’ll do the same!

Justice (an American Dog)

Doga- Yoga for Dogs
Justice looks for a treat as she goes into Cobra Pose during her practice.

She came to the pack via a shelter in NJ, after someone gave her up. Thankfully she was found by a dog hero named Debbie DeMichael. Debbie saved and continues to save dogs throughout NY and the surrounding areas and brings new friends together!

Waiting to train
waiting for promises to be kept- come on Pam, let’s shoot these videos and train!!

Okay so that is a wee bit about our pack here at Doggone Healthy Choices (DHC’s). Now we want to hear about you so go on over to the Facebook or Instagram page for Doggone Healthy Choices and share your story.

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Doggone Healthy Choices name

Doggone as in Doggone it, sounded like the signs entering and leaving Brooklyn, which is how you enter Long Island from the “main land” if you will. So Pam took hold and wants people to enter into her site/ blog as they would enter Long Island. It’s sweet to enter the site and doggone it she hopes you don’t forget it !

As a certified IIN health coach, she wants to help others primarily veterans and seniors as well as ALL Americans live the healthiest lives with their dogs (or any pets) by their side.  You too can find out how to become a certified health coach here on this site!

And Choices- we all have choices- especially in America, but the very basic of choices on whether to brush your teeth, get up in the morning at a specific time, eat an apple or cupcake, etc belong to ALL of us no matter where we live. Whether we chose to breathe consciously or not…..will our breathe control us or the other way around.

So that is a little bit about DHC’s and how it got its name……check out out blogs every week and all we have to offer here.

Until we meet again, have a happy and healthy tail waggin’ day,

The All American Dog Runner Girl and her 4 American Dogs

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